Wheeler, Arthur

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Among the brave lads who so gallantly gave
their lives for their country in the great naval
battle of Jutland is Arthur Wheeler, first-class
stoker on H.M.S. Warrior, who was killed in
action on Wednesday last week. According
to the official report the Warrior was disabled
during the battle, and after being towed for
some time had to be abandoned by her crew.
It was during the time this cruiser was in
action that Stoker Wheeler was killed, and his
name is added to the local roll of honour of
those who have laid down their lives in the
country's cause. Stoker Wheeler, who was the
youngest son of Mr. F. Wheeler, of 6, Rodden
Lake, was a bright typically happy sailor
lad of 21 summers, and came home on furlough
as late as the 12tj April last. On leaving
school he started life at the Standard Office,
and at the time the war broke out he was em-
ployed as a cleaner at the G.W.R. engine-
sheds, and was most popular among his mates.
He responded to the call of his country on the
24th June last year, when his training in the
engine-sheds qualified him for the position of
stoker, and he soon became a first-class stoker.
Now he has joined the band of heroes, and
much sympathy is felt for his bereaved
parents, who have received a formal letter
from MR. A.J Balfour, in which he states:
"The King commands me to assure you of the
true sympathy of his Majesty and the Queen
in you sorrow."
Somerset Standard
9 June 1916
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