Trayhurn, George Henry

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Mrs. A. E. Havill, 13 Grosvenor-road, Hanwell, has been officially informed by the Admiralty that her son, Stoker Petty Officer George Henry Trayhurn, was on board H.M.S. Black Prince in the recent naval battle, and that his death must be presumed. He was born and educated at Exmouth, and, coming to live at Ealing with his mother, he found employment at the Hanger Hill Golf Club for a time. Seven years ago he joined the Navy, and soon gained promotion. He was twenty-four years of age, and was a fine young officer. He was looking forward to spending Whitsuntide at Ealing. Mrs. Havill has two other sons serving in the Forces, one in the Navy and the other with the Army in France. The deceased officer was unmarried.
Middlesex County Times 17 June 1916 via Spike Sheldon