Third Supplement To The London Gazette of Friday, the 28th of September, 1917

From Battle of Jutland Crew Lists Project
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This work is a transcription of the original document located here

The following Decorations have been conferred by the Allied Powers on Officers of the British Naval Forces for distinguished services rendered during the war: —


The following decorations were conferred by the Russian Government on officers of the Grand Fleet for distinguished services rendered in the Battle of Jutland : —

Name Ship
Order of St. Anne, 2nd Class (with Swords). -
Capt. Frederic C. Dreyer, C.B.- -
Capt. George P. Ross, C.B. -
Fit. Payr. VictorH. T. Weekes, C.B. -
Order of St. Stanislas, 2nd Class (with Swords). -
Cdr. Claude F. Allsup. -
Cdr. Hugh D. Colville. -
Cdr. Charles G. Ramsey. -
Cdr. Charles G. C. Sumner. -
Order of St. Anne 3rd Class (with Swords). -
Cdr. John C. Tovey. -
Eng. Lieut.-Cdr. Percy D. Fulford. -
Payr. (act. Staff Payr..) Leslie N. Sampson. -
Order of St. Stanislas, 3rd Class (with Swords). -
Lieut. Edward R. B. Kemble. -
Lieut. Loben E. H. Maund. -
Lieut, Irvine G. Glennie. -
Medal of the Order of St. Anne. -
Ch. Gnr. William B. Fuller. -
Ch. iGnr. Wilfred J. Curtain. -
Ch. Gnr. Frederick Blackwell. -
Ch. Gnr. Frederick S. Gidley. -
Ch. Gnr. Samuel A. Williamson. -
Ch. Gnr. Edward Fox. -
Ch. Gnr. George Roberts. -
Ch. Gnr. William J. E. Nightingale. -
Ch. Gnr. Arthur C. Burgess -
Ch. Gnr. Joseph M. Cater. -
Ch. Gnr. Jesse H. Mack. -
Ch. Onr. William J. Cann. -
Ch. Gnr; Thomas Sandover. -
Ch. Gnr. Charles R. Ponton -
Ch. Gnr. Hugh C. Pook. -
Ch. Gnr. Thomas Sampson. -
Ch. Gnr. Charles Bartlett. -
Ch. Gnr. Leonard Slight. -
Ch. Gnr. Thomas F. Britton. -
Ch. Bosn. (now Lieut.) George E. Turner. -
Ch. Bosn. John M. Piper. -
Ch. Bosn. Samuel J. Staples. -
Ch. Bosn. William E. Beabey. -
Ch. Bosn. Henry V. Roberts. -
Ch. Bosh. William J. H. Westacott. -
Ch. Bosn. Albert A. J. Armitage. -
Ch. Bosn. Edwin Stark. -
Ch. Bosn. William Staples. -
Ch. Carp. Roger Cadogan. -
Ch. Carp. James W. Dodds. -
Ch. Carp. Albert E. Scarlett. -
Ch. Carp. Alfred E. Lamb. -
Ch. Carp. Frederick E. Dailey, D.S.C. -
Ch. Carp. John C. Barber. -
Ch. Carp. William J. S. Morrell. -
Ch. Carp. Samuel Bounsall. - -
Ch. Carp. Thomas Longridge. -
Ch. Carp. Robert G. Loney.. -
Ch. Carp. Henry Ham. j -
Ch. Art. Eng. Howard Douglas. -
Ch. Art. Eng. Thomas R. I. Crabb. -
Ch. Art. Eng. Walter Dunn. -
Ch. Art. Eng. Henry Davis. -
Ch. Art. Eng. William A. Hook. -
Ch. Art. Eng. John R. Whittaker. -
Ch. Art. Eng. Thomas Lowrey. -
Ch. Art. Eng. Walter W. E. Wakely. -
Comm. Teleg. Perceval Carter. -
Gnr. (now Ch. Gnr.) James Dennis. -
Gnr. (now Ch. Gnr.) William H. Wildbore. -
Gnr. George E. Freeme. -
Gnr. Albert E. Seymour. -
Gnr. Dennis M. Sullivan. -
Gnr. (T) George Lewin. -
Gnr. (T) Arthur H. Cruft. -
Gnr. (T) George Jarvis. ', -
Gnr. (T) Michael H. Deeney. " . -
Gnr. (T) Robert F. B. Cooper. -
Gnr. (T) Alfred F. Peake. -
Gnr. (T) William M. Denton. -
Gnr. (T) John H. Morgans. -
Gnr. (T) James H. Payton. -
Gnr. (T) Constantine Doherty. -
Gnr. (T) Harry Browning. -
Gnr. (T) Harry Renyard. -
Gnr. (T) Frederick J. Coulton. -
Gnr. (T) William McLoughlin. -
Gnr. (T) Alfred E. Hicks. -
Bosn. (now Ch. Bosn.) William Davey. -
Bosn. (now Ch. Bosn.) Albert E..Warren. -
Sig. Bosn. (now Ch. Sig. Bosn.) Charles R. Gibbs. -
Sig. Bosn. William H. Clarke. -
Sig. Bosn. John .Combs. -
Carp. Herbert E. Skeens. -
Art. Eng. John Mitchell; -
Art. Eng. Robert J. Craddock. -
R.M. Gnr. Sidney T. Washburn. -
His Majesty The KING has given unrestricted
permission to the officers named to wear
the Decorations in question.