The diary of Lt AP Bush of HMS Spitfire

From Battle of Jutland Crew Lists Project

The Background

Ok! To set the scene - the 4th Destroyer Flotilla [1] has been transferred to Scapa 01/03/15. The diary is my grandfather’s Lt AP Bush, his ship HMS Spitfire. The transcription is by Alan Bush.

HMS Spitfire
Lieutenant A P Bush

28th February 1915

We got under way at 3.30 pm with the Hecla [2], Swift & the 3rd division & ourselves for Scapa Flow, lovely weather again but a bit cold.

1st March 1915

Arrived Scapa Flow at 8.30 am & oiled & then anchored it doesn't seem such a bad place, but it appears there will be a lot of patrolling. In the evening took all the men away ashore to play soccer, on a snipe marsh! Whaler was rigged up for sailing, quite amusing. The Sub got promoted.

2nd March 1915

Went out at 8.30 am for the Hota Sound patrol - this seems to be rather hard work, in the Pentland Firth most of the time, where there is always wind and sea. At night the Acasta joined up with us, & patrolled all night in the W. end of Pentlands

3rd March 1915

Still at Pentland Firth patrol - quite rough & a lot of wind. Joined up as one division at night because it came on to blow & very dark -

4th March 1915

1 Hours Notice

Returned to harbour at about 10.0 am & oiled & then anchored - then went alongside Hecla for provisions & finished up the day by anchoring again in our billet at 5.0 pm

5th March 1915

4 hours notice

At four hours notice, so in the afternoon, in spite of rain, the Capt, Chief[3], Sub[4], Dr.[5]& Self took the dingy & went exploring. Took a golf club & knocked about with the Captain while the others pistol shot - Saw two seals, unluckily we had no guns with us - onboard at 4.30 pm for a huge tea & three eggs each!!

6th March 1915

at Sea

Got underway at 8.30 am for the Hoxa Sound patrol - it wasnt so bad this time, as our billet was more or less under the lee of Swona Island - at night went as a division & patrolled well out to sea to the Eastward of the Skerries. Some excitement in the middle by losing the division, eventually found them after an hours wander to & fro!!

7th March 1915

at Sea

We came in at 9.0am & oiled, & stayed alongside oiler. 3.30pm the whole flotilla went to sea. Very heavy sea running & were knocked about a good bit.

8th March 1915

at Sea

As it was impossible to do tactics with the fleets at high speeds, we went in & anchored at Lerwick (Shetland Is) at noon - after lunch Dr, Chief & self went ashore for half hours walk. Got under way at 4.30pm to shift billet. 8.30pm all the flotilla got under way again to meet the fleet.

9th March 1915

at Sea

Still a filthy big sea running, but managed to have quite an exciting battle at full speed. In the forenoon it was screening the battle fleet to the last possible moment & then deploying at full speed to get clear, without making any smoke. In the afternoon the Swift & her half flotilla, attacked us & the battle fleet, & we had to keep them off. Finally proceeded for Scapa at 5.0pm. All very wet, as 30 knots through a big sea, moves some!!

10th March 1915

1 hours notice

Got in at 6.45am after a series of mess-ups & mishaps oiled & anchored by noon. Dr & self went over to Borodino [6], the J.A&N floating shop, & bought any amount of gear. Capt of Garland [7] dined & wined! In fact we all did!! Quite a decent sized mail. Molly sent me the painted black cat.

11th March 1915

At Sea

We went out at 5.30am to fire a torpedo & then do aiming rifle practice. Went quite close to the dummy ships they are really jolly good - you can't tell the difference until you are quite close. Then went on patrolling afterwards - as usual Hoxa Sound patrol.

12th March 1915

at sea (?)

Came in at the usual time and after we had anchored at 11.30am after oiling Capt.D.[8] popped onboard & told us we had to go out on patrol till the Lynx had got steam to relieve which ought to be by 1.0pm!! - This should read. at 6.30am got a signal for all of us to return to harbour with the utmost dispatch - getting in at 7.30am. We expected to be off for a stunt but it was cancelled & the Faulkner & six destroyers left at 9.0am to hunt submarines in the Irish Sea. We were not relieved by Lynx till 5.30pm & then had to anchor.

13th March 1915

4 hours notice

Got under way at 6.0am to oil (daylight) then anchored. It blew most fearfully hard all day & so all idea of the shore was all over. No communication with Hecla & so no mail.

14th March 1915

at Sea

Went out on patrol at the usual time. No mail has arrived for us. As usual Hoxa Sound patrol.

15th March 1915

at Sea (half day)

Returned to harbour & oiled & anchored by 11.0am. Got orders that we were to go to sea from 3.0pm - 7.0pm & sweep roll Eastward of Pentlands. I presume the fleet are going out. Blowing very hard & periodical snow showers. Returned to harbour & anchored by 7.30pm.

16th March 1915

at Sea (half day)

Got under way at 5.30am & oiled. Then anchored again & got orders that we were to do the same as yesterday evening. All getting rather fed up with this. Frewen's relief appointed - Reed [9]from a T.B. [10]Went out at 3.00pm & returned as usual at 7.0pm.

17th March 1915

at Sea

Got under way again at 5.30am & oiled & then went out at 7.00am to relieve Acasta early. As usual every early work the Spitfire to the fore!! Hoxa Sound patrol. Then at noon we went & closed Royal Arthur & they gave us a wire & small target to tow for the shore batteries. After that (5.00pm) returned to our patrol line & then joined up with division for the night patrol to E. of Pentland Firth.

18th March 1915

at sea

Returned to our patrol area & when the relieving boats came out our mail arrived at last. Got quite a few letters, also my tights from Gamages for our acrobat stunt. Went on to Kirkwall patrol at noon & relieved Acasta. Our job escorting merchant ships in & out of Kirkwall. Kept first dog [11] & doctor came & shot at birds from the fxle [12]. Anchored at 7.0pm, but being in open anchorage keeping watch as usual -

19th March 1915

at sea (half day)

Surgeon Probationer Colin R Mackenzie joined HMS Spitfire on 24/9/1914

Returned to harbour, oiled & we anchored by 1.0pm - but had to shift billet as we were foul. Sub Lieut Reed joined the ship in place of Frewen. We were all asked to dine in the Hecla, but it blew too hard to have any boats down - Doc & I gave a stunt in our new tights!! On our way in off patrol this morning, while we were quite close to the boom & had got permission to enter, one of the 30 knotters fires two guns at us - Fearful Sickness - the Captain is writing a service letter about it.

20th March 1915

[ ]

Harry John Aitchison White - On HMS Spitfire from June 1913 to 20 December 1915

Frewen left to join the Topaz at Portland at 7.0am. A lovely day & for a wonder the wind had dropped by lunch time. Went over to Hecla in the morning. In the afternoon the Sub took all the men ashore & we (Capt, Doc, Chief & self) went for a walk - having a huge tea in the Shooting Lodge & then helped the Hecla officers build their stone pier. Back onboard by 5.0pm, very tired. Came on to blow at night as usual.

21st March 1915

at sea

Went out on patrol at 8.30am Hoxa Sound & blowing very hard. We were more or less under the Lee of Ronaldsay during the night. We were [south of southwest of weather skerries].

22nd March 1915

at sea

We were relieved very punctually & then got our mails from our relief. Went on up to Kirkwall for the Kirkwall Patrol. A simply glorious day. Chilly, but little wind. During my afternoon watch [13] amused myself by shooting cormorants & duck with the Dr. I killed three of the former & a duck - but it’s a pity we can’t pick them up. Went in as usual (Ingarsole Bay) and anchored, keeping watch all night.

23rd March 1915

at sea (half day)

We weighed at 5.0am & went on patrol - a very heavy sea running. In by Holm Sound - oiled - alongside collier & coaled & anchored finally at 3.0pm - a very tiring day.

24th March 1915

4 hours notice

Harry White (Eng Lt Cdr ) on the left and Philip White (Gunner T).

Our day in harbour, but as per usual when we are in harbour it blows all day & not worth going ashore. The Gunner [14] went on leave in the early morning, as his wife has been very ill.

25th March 1915

At Sea

[went] weighed & carried out Battle Practice at 7.0am - it was rotten bad shooting as everything was so upside down having no gunner etc!! I had to control both guns. Carried on, on patrol afterwards. The sub and self are in watch & watch now the gunner is away. Forenoon [15],first dog & first [16] rather [shoke] me!! Remained in the Pentlands all night, as it was moonlight . The St Vincent came out - we could have got in a lovely shot with our mouldies, about 8000 yds - she never saw us till we challenged her -

26th March 1915

1 hours notice

We came in in the forenoon; during my morning watch [17] we had [ ] blizzards - which made things rather rotten. Our relief didn’t arrive till 10.0am, late as usual. Oiled, rather an exciting time, as the port telegraph [gainched] just as we were going alongside & we almost bumped. In the evening after we had anchored a trawler (the [brief] boat) took it into her head to ram us astern, but only a dent made. The monkey arrived in the Borodino - & the Doc fetched her, a mandrail (?mandrill). Tremendous argument where she should sleep - Capt’s cabin eventually.

27th March 1915

4 hours notice

A lovely day - I stayed onboard & hectographed & made myself in a beastly mess!! Then when the sub came off with the men, I took the dinghy & went ashore for half hours quiet walk. Doctor & self dined with the Hecla’s cheery brigade - a most amusing evening. And had great fun.

28th March 1915

4 hours notice

A lovely forenoon & so we all went ashore & took about 40 of the men for a walk. Wrote letters & slacked the remainder of the day.

29th March 1915

at sea

We went out on patrol, and at noon we all got an ‘urgent’ signal to return to harbour & fill up with oil. Some stunt on apparently. A gunner [18]from the Hecla was lent to us for the trip. We anchored after oiling. At 5.0pm we all went out, all the cruisers & light cruisers. I couldn’t see if the Battle Fleet came out too - they may have come later, in the dark. The course was SE, which is a good course if it’s going to be a real stunt, as it’s more or less in the Heligoland direction…

30th March 1915

At Sea (half day)

...but I’m sorry to say that we apparently turned round at midnight & started for home again. I believe the stunt was ‘they’ came out, but some of our ships spoilt the show, but making high power wireless & so frightened them in again. Returned harbour & anchored by noon. In the evening a very sad affair happened. The Coxn [19] being drunk onboard, the Capt had him put under [open] arrest. The Hecla’s gunner went back to the Hecla worse luck!

31st March 1915

At Sea

We went out on patrol. Blowing very hard all day, & the wind against the tide caused the very devil of a sea. In watch & watch as the Gunner is still on leave.

1st April 1915

At Sea

The gunner rejoined us in the morning - the Garland bringing him out when she came to relieve us. Went on to Kirkwall - there was the devil of a race by the Pentland Skerries & we had to give orders that nobody was to be on deck at all. Usual Kirkwall patrol, seems quite a relief to be in these watches again - but the Capt has been very good as regards looking out. Went right into Kirkwall bay & anchored; a lovely evening.

2nd April 1915

At Sea (half day)

Got in in the forenoon & oiled and anchored after dinner. The 1st Lieut of Porpoise [20] asked me to dine, but it came on to blow & we had to hoist all boats, so couldn’t get away.

3rd April 1915

4 hrs notice

Went over to the Hecla in the afternoon, re the Coxn case. And asked most of the cheery ones over to dine. Then back to ship. Capt of Hardy[21] lunched, and did nothing all evening. After tea went over to the Borodino & bought a few things. Then to the Acasta & Shark with Capt, Fulford, Kershaw, Peplar & Vickery to dine - Capt dining out. After a very noisy dinner we all went over to the Hecla, all dressed up & gave them a stunt. Usually cricket & rugger matches. Back to ship by midnight.

4th April 1915

4 hours notice

In harbour all day. We were to have gone out for the big P.Z. stunt with the fleet, but it blew too hard.

5th April 1915

4 hours notice

It seems quite funny to be in harbour for so long. In harbour all day; and on account of a very heavy wind blowing we had the P.Z. stunt put off again. In the evening [Ratherer] & the Doc of the Porpoise came over to see me & then stayed to dinner. Played Ascot race game. We got a target for towing tomorrow.

6th April 1915

At Sea

Got under way at 5.45am with the Gunnery Lieutenant to tow target for Qwl’s firing. Except for the wiring parting once, was quite a successful morning. Returned and anchored off Hecla at 7.45am. Got under weigh again at 8.30am for patrolling. In the afternoon it came on to blow like hell!! I logged it as 7 to 8. Wind dropped in the evening. So we were able to patrol E. of Pentlands after dark.

7th April 1915

no entry...

8th April 1915

In harbour - 4 hours notice

Went ashore with the men to play soccer & then walked to the place with Mann & had tea. Then onboard as a hurried dinner & then Doc & self went to Hecla’s concert - a very cheery evening - especially as there were four destroyers alongside her - it meant a bit of ship visiting - we didn’t eventually get back til 2.00am.

9th April 1915

in harbour 4 hours notice

During the day nothing much happened. In the evening there was some stunt on, as we were put to short notice - order of going out etc etc - but it never came to anything - & to make matters worse the patrol was reorganised & we having escaped in the last signal, were told off for tomorrow!!

10th April 1915

on patrol

Went out at the usual time, and on our way out passed the Sparrowhawk coming in. All very glad to see her. A lovely day’s patrolling, hardly any wind.

11th April 1915

at 1 hours notice(?)

Got in from patrol a bit late, having escorted dummy ships. Got orders to raise steam at short notice - there is evidently something doing now. Did not go out during the night. Went over to the Acasta after dinner, and met all the Sparrowhawks.

12th April 1915

At Sea

Had a tremendous rag about my keeping standing watches, of course I got my own way. We got under way at 12.30am & it seemed as if we were in for a stunt. Went out, quite fine weather, any wind being behind us. I’m keeping standing both dogs, & morning, which is quite a relief.

13th April 1915

at Sea

Rendez-vous’ed with the fleet at 4.0am, a lovely morning, I having the morning watch. All the fleet there, including the Orient liner, Orvieto, as a huge mine layer. At about 7.0am saw our nine battle cruisers & the L’s & M’s coming down from the Northard. Did the usual screening. Then we & Sp’hawk we’re detached to screen Orvieto. At 7.15pm we & 2nd Flotilla all rushed back to Scapa (100 miles) to fill up with oil & come back at once. We got off there at 11.30pm - pitch dark & so it was a very slow ‘ dangerous process getting in (40 destroyers and innumerable light cruisers).

14th April 1915

We eventually anchored at 2.30am. I was doing all as I sent the Gunner & Sub to bed. Weighed again at 4.0am, oiled & were anchored again by 6.30pm. Rather tired. We all got under way again at 10.30am, but it was only to screen the battlefleet in - we got back at 6.0pm oiled & then were anchored by 7.30pm. The Warspite has joined up with the fleet. Heard a buzz that three German cruisers sunk & also three of our destroyers. Also, the papers are full of a naval battle off the Norwegian coast.

15th April 1915

In Harbour at various degrees of Short Notice etc!

In harbour all day, but couldn’t settle down to do anything. We commenced painting a bow wave but Capt. D made a signal to say it was all to be washed out. Some of the Porpoises came over after tea - not a bit glad to see them. Allen came and dined with me, & the Doc of the S’hawk with our doctor.

16th April 1915

In Harbour

This ought to be on the page before. Nothing happened all day, although we were at short notice during the day. Went over to see Shelley in the Acasta in the evening & then dined with Knight in the Shark. Quite a cheery dinner - onboard via Acasta - and finally back by 1.0am!!

17th April 1915

in harbour

Nothing much doing in the morning. In the afternoon the Capt, Doc, & all went ashore. At 5.30pm we all got the order to raise steam by 7.0pm. I suppose there is some more stunts on. We eventually went out at 7.30pm - quite calm outside, any sea there is, is behind us. I find these new watches I keep (standing dogs & morning) quite a good show although they are a bit boring at times.

18th April 1915

At Sea

A very busy morning watch - getting into position to submarine screen the fleet etc. Evidently something is in the wind, as we are steaming with the fleet at 21 knots. During the afternoon we altered course from SE to NW’W. So apparently it’s all over. Met the 3rd B.S. & the 1st Flotilla at 6.0pm. Wind & sea getting up a bit.

19th April 1915

At Sea

We did not get in till 10.0am & then oiled & then our division went out on patrol again - arriving there at about 4.0pm. Very boring having to go out again!!

20th April 1915

At Sea

We were relieved by some of the Second Flotilla at 9.0am & when we got into harbour, instead of oiling (had a slight bump with the Borodino. Not much damage) we anchored & got under way again at 10.30am, apparently to screen the fleet in. We remained out till dusk & met the fleet off Colonsay at 7.0pm. We finally anchored at midnight - all very tired, as there was a biting cold wind blowing all day at se & very heavy snow squalls.

21st April 1915

In harbour

We got under way at 3.45am having had 2 1/2 hours sleep. Finished oiling at 5.0am & then closed Hecla to ask if we could go alongside. Finally anchored by 6.30am & put in another 1 hours sleep. Had a bad morning altogether - fought with all hands!! All of a sudden we got orders to raise steam for full speed by 9.0pm. I was with Knight paying a call on the Second Flotilla. So we came back. All the flotillas & the fleet went to sea at 9.0pm.

22nd April 1915

at sea

A glorious day, but the usually busy morning watch with plenty of submarine screening etc. Met the battle fleet at 4.0am. We are steaming S50oE 15 knots - which is straight for the Skagerrak. Nothing much happened all day. We all thought we might see something this time; so one can imagine how sick we were when at 6.0pm we all turned round. The 3rd B.S. returning to their Base.

23rd April 1915

At Sea (half day)

A bit of a wind & sea sprung up on my morning watch. Usual stunt wondering when we will get in, & as usual 1st Division were the last to oil. Finally got in about 12.40pm & anchored. Weighed at 2.30 and went alongside an awful oiler, who spent all her time spouting oil all over us. Made me quite wild. Anchored at 6.0pm & had to shift billet again. Doc & self sculled over in the dinghy & dined with the Sparrowhawks. Back by 11.30pm.

24th April 1915

In harbour 1 hours notice

Nothing much happened all day. Doc & captain went ashore on Risa - but being at one hours notice I stayed onboard & did some work. Sculled over in the dinghy with Allen to the Hecla - a hell of a pull. Back by the Shark & Acasta. All the capts of the 1st div had been celebrating & all dined in Sp’hawk. Myself and Allen dined with Shelley in the Acasta. After dinner & at 11.30pm we sculled back to Sp’hawk. A huge race self & Allen - V - Coombes & Dr. We won. Eventually Doc & self pulled Barron back to Acasta at 1.0am.

25th April 1915

4 hours notice

Allen & self went ashore on Risa Is. at 7.0am for an hours exercise. Sunday routine. He & I went for a walk and got back to tea at the house at A lovely day. Calderon lunched with me. Allen had supper with me. Also Capt of Sp’hawk and an A.P. of Active with Captain.

26th April 1915

4 hours notice

This long spell in is a splendid show. A good deal of ship visiting in the dog watches. Kershaw dined with me, Pegler with Captain also Capt of Shark & Johnson dined with Doc, a very amusing evening. All the Sp’hawks & Sharks & Joe Barron came over after dinner & carried on to all early hours of the morning. Had lunch with Allen in the Sparrowhawk.

27th April 1915

4 hours notice

There was to have been a rugger match 4th Flotilla v 2nd Flotilla. But after we had arrived at the ground we found it was off, as the 2nd Flotilla was submarine hunting!! I went over & had tea with Allen. We got under way at 6.0pm & went alongside the Faulkner alongside the Hecla. Hart Dyke came over & had a few bitters. Self, Doc & Capt dined Kershaw, Vickery & Pepler, & had one of the most amusing & rowdy evenings in our lives. When we got back Capt of Faulknor came onboard & we all sat & talked till 3.0am.

28th April 1915

4 hours notice. Alongside Hecla

I did a good deal of cadging etc in the Hecla in the forenoon. In the afternoon at 5.0pm Allen & his Doc called for me & we went for a walk. Then tea at the house and onboard. We then went & touched the Heclas for a ‘Tids & a Bine’, and then I had a hot bath in the Faulknor. Dined onboard, the Capt & self splitting a bottle of the old boy & then went & played bridge in the Hecla.

29th April 1915

1 hours notice

Very busy all day making my little copper print and also a target. Numerous visitors during the forenoon. I was to have dined with H. Dyke in the Faulknor. I sailed with the doc up to the Sparrowhawk in the whaler. And to my surprise the Spitfire passed us, while we were talking. So went to her (she was oiling) & found there apparently is a stunt on. All the flotilla at 1 hours notice & the fleet with steam up. At 8.0pm everything had calmed down & the stunt apparently over. The Sp’hawks came over after dinner & we played vingt john.

30th April 1915

At sea

At sea; the usual Hoxa patrol. The gunner was left behind for his mates exam. So I had to keep watch & watch with the Sub which is rather a shame!!

1st May 1915

4 hours notice

We came on & oiled as usual. We are to be all ready (1st & 2nd divisions) to do a stunt. After tea we pulled the famous dinghy race. Allen & self V Coombes & Doc. Acasta to the Sparrowhawk. They just won - rather an awful thing to happen. After dinner we all went over to the Sparrowhawk & stayed there till midnight & so onboard.

2nd May 1915

Allen came & lunched with me. At 7.0pm 1st & 2nd Divisions got under way & met the Phaeton & Royalist outside. We are going out to try & collar some German trawler spies - disguised as fishermen probably flying neutral colours.

3rd May 1915

at sea

A simply lovely day. We didn’t have to board anybody till midday when I went & inspected two Dutch trawlers. One I thought was suspicious & the Royalist boarded her again to make certain. We have a trawler skipper onboard who boards with me, as he probably understands trawlers better than I do!! A lovely warm day - but rather a swell - making boatwork all the more exciting. At 7.0pm we all collected again & came back at 15 knots.

4th May 1915

In harbour

We arrived about 10.30am oiled and then anchored. We found our anchor mark buoy had dragged too close to the Acasta’s billet & so we had to shift billets. In the afternoon - Capt, Capt Shark, Sparrowhawk, Allen, Sub, Cooper, Doc, doc of Sparrowhawk & self went away in our whaler for a picnic. A simply glorious day. Allen came & dined with me & then we went over to Sparrowhawk to play Vingt John. Allen & I worked a combined syndicate but lost 8/- each- a very thick fog & so had quite a difficulty in finding our way back.

5th May 1915

In harbour

Another lovely day & so we had another picnic, the same crowd except Cdr Jones - & the Capt of Acasta & Owl joined up. Quite a successful afternoon & we all seemed to enjoy it very much. I’m not quite sure where we dined - I don’t think we dined onboard. Painted ship overall - also the side.

6th May 1915

In harbour

At half an hours notice. Not such a nice day as yesterday & so of course couldn’t go ashore. Went over and dined with Allen in Sparrowhawk

7th May 1915

At sea

Went out on patrol. Not really our turn but the Second Flotilla have all shoved off submarine hunting or something. Very nice day out. Nothing unusual happened.

8th May 1915

We came in at the usual time. Did some aiming rifle practice during the morning watch at a target we dropped, to while away the time. Came in, and oiled & secured to a buoy with the Sparrowhawk. Rather a nice arrangement. In the afternoon Allen & self went down to the Borodino to do some shopping. After dinner he came over & we had a quiet evening. Achates and her division shoved off in a hell of a panic at midnight. It turned out to be later they had to escort the old Jupiter down to Liverpool. She has been up at Archangel since February!!

9th May 1915

At sea

We got orders early in the morning to go out on patrol, as so many other divisions have gone submarine hunting. A very nice day on patrol - the usual Hoxa stunt.

10th May 1915

At Sea

We were relieved at the usual time. Came in & oiled then secured to our buoys alongside the Sparrowhawk, and went to six hours notice. Just after dinner we got the orders to raise steam at once & go out on Hoxa patrol again. Which bored us “some”. Got out there at about 2.0pm - a very disagreeable evening, as very misty, wet & cold. We were the S.O. of the patrol & so had to do the personally conducted tour to the E. of Skerries at dark.

11th May 1915

At Sea

We came in early & did some firing - nine rounds per gun & I believe the result was pretty decent. Oiled & then went alongside the Hecla for provisions. Shoved off at 1.0pm & 1st Division & Ambuscade & Ardent proceeded at 22 knots for Cromarty. Arrived there at 6.0pm & oiled. Had a bit of a mother’s meeting in the Spitfire, all the numerous people alongside the oiler coming onboard. We shoved off at 9.30pm & escorted the Shannon & that lot of cruisers up at 19 knots to Scapa Flow.

12th May 1915

In harbour 4 hours notice

Arrived Scapa at 3.30am & oiled & anchored by 5.30am. Somebody had pinched our buoy. Nothing much doing. I did not go ashore. Went over to see Allen. In the afternoon the K.G.V’s band was playing in the Hecla, so Allen & self went to listen to it. The Hecla’s were ‘at Home’. After that Allen & I stayed & dined in the Hecla - having a very cheery evening - going back to Sparrowhawk at 11.0pm in Capt D’s barge. Stayed there an hour & returned onboard with Captain.

13th May 1915

1 hours notice

Motor boat broke down & so I had to use the whaler all day. V-H came to lunch & in the middle orders came to raise steam (our division) at once & go out & look for a submarine. We never actually went out. Rained all the afternoon & we were kept at short notice till 6.0pm. Contest came alongside us then as we had to discharge some oil fuel before ‘oiling at sea’ experiments. The Sparrowhawks all came over after dinner to play Vingt John.

14th May 1915

at sea

We got under way at 11:30 am & carried out oiling at sea experiments in the Flow with the “Baker Standard”. Capt. D & Comdr Sterling coming on-board us. Everything went alright our end, but they weren’t ready (or didn’t worry themselves) in the oiler. Finished at 4.0pm & then went out to join our division on patrol. A lovely evening but was rather tired after so long on the fxle during the day.

15th May 1915

In harbour

We came in at the usual time, oiled and went alongside Hecla for 48 hours - to have minor defects dealt with before docking. Our seamans whaler pulled the Acastas & lost. I put £2 on it & so was out!! After tea I took some of the Heclas down to the Borodino in our motor boat. Then went over with Kershaw & dined with Allen (some night) back by 1.0am in our motorboat - which called at several boats on the way down to drop numerous guests etc.

16th May 1915

in harbour

We had a most successful service, having two hymns with the piano. We all went for a picnic - including Eng Comdr Biles, Kershaw & Hopkins a most successful stunt. Allen & Kershaw had supper with me & then into Hecla for a bit. Allen came back & left eventually at 1.0am.

17th May 1915

In Harbour (sea in evening)

We were supposed to be at 1 hours notice - but being alongside Hecla we remained as we were. Doc & I went away in the dinghy for a sail after lunch, but not very successful. The Unity came alongside us about 2.0pm. Went ashore with Skipper & Fulford & had tea at the Lodge & then played the Heclas at rounders. Suddenly at 5.0pm we saw “Raise steam Dispatch is necessary” & so went onboard. We all got under way at 8.30pm. We thought it was a... (tbc next day)

18th May 1915

At Sea

...stunt - but it turned out only to be a day’s manoeuvring with the fleet. A simply perfect day at sea. Managed to get in a good caulk in the afternoon - which one rather wants - after a little ‘Hecla-itis’!! At 4.0pm we finished manoeuvres & steered for home. Submarine screening all the time of course.

19th May 1915

In Harbour

We arrived off the Skerries at 2.30am & went & anchored at 4.0am - weighed almost directly afterwards & oiled. Finally anchored in our proper billets shortly after 6.0am. Capt & doc went ashore, but I was rather busy. All the new wine arrived from Harveys in the morning. After tea the doc & I sculled over to the Sp’hawk & then they came over to us to sample our new wine. Then back to Sp’hawk where we dined.

20th May 1915

At Sea

We got under weigh at 5.30am & carried out Torpedo running. Everything going more or less alright & rotten windy day. Then went out on patrol - the wind & sea went down after tea a bit & so it wasn’t so unpleasant during the dog watches.

21st May 1915

½ hours notice

Came in at the usual time & oiled. Sparrowhawk went alongside Hecla as we were at 1/2 hours notice. Couldn’t do very much. Not a bad day. In the morning watch this morning a dense fog came down & we had to anchor till 7.3am & then again a little later.

22nd May 1915

4 hours notice

A simply glorious day. Went over to the Hecla in the forenoon to arrange for picnic. We all went for a picnic Sparrowhawks & ourselves & Kershaw to Fara Is - same spot as last Sunday & it was a splendid show. Simply a lovely warm evening- I took my mandoline which eased the inflammation!!!? Allen & Coombes came & dined & we had quite an amusing time, & then we went down to Hecla for a very cheery evening - finishing up about 1.0am.

23rd May 1915

4 hours notice

Picnic same as yesterday, only Biles, Pepler & Fulford & Johnson came besides & being an even hotter day it was more fun. Went in two whalers & took our life saving raft paddles & had a very funny time. Took the monkey who had a fine time. Pegler dined with Capt & we all turned in early. The Sparrowhawks paddled up at 11.0pm & tried to wake us - nothing doing!!

24th May 1915

½ hours notice

Being at short notice we couldn’t do anything today. I took the T.C. away in the whaler in the forenoon, & went to Hecla & Sphawk (alongside). The doc had two guests to dinner & Jones dined with the skipper. Sailed about in the evening in my favourite rigged whaler.

25th May 1915

½ hours notice

Everybody did something in the early morning, such as mine sweeping, oiling at sea etc. But they couldn’t find anything for us to do. At 9.30am ourselves & Sphawk were told off for screening duties - & after a terrific spasm - eventually leaving the doc & motorboat behind (no time to hoist it) we proceeded with the Iron Duke for Queensferry at 20 knots. A simply perfect day. I believe Jellicoe is going down to have a conference with Balfour & Fisher. We eventually...

26th May 1915

arrived at Queensferry at 1.30am & I managed to shackle on fairly quickly - although there was a tide & wind hindering us. Got under weigh & oiled at 9.0am & then returned to our buoys. Shore (Invincible) came over & lunched with us - also Bond (Rifleman, waiting to go into Leith with a bent bow) & they did not leave till late. Most of us went ashore - but I went over & spent the dogs with Allen. At 7.0pm we rigged up the private whaler & sailed round the B.C. squadron & returned at 8.0pm. Allen & Coombes dined with me & I put them back in the dinghy.

27th May 1915

A simply glorious day. Self & skipper landed with Dannreuther & Shore in the Invincible & then I met Allen & Coombes at Dalmeny Station where we found Shelley. Travelled up to Edinburgh where we left Shelley. Went to Gieves & did numerous shopping. Then had tea at the Picture house. Then a small walk to look at all the Fluff in Princes Street. And then went to catch the 5.35pm train home. Found it was 5.25 not 5.35 & so missed it. Managed to club together & rake up 10/- & so had a ripping motor ride down. We sailed with the Iron Duke at 10.0pm - the whole…

28th May 1915

[the whole] thing of course fearfully confidential. Screened her back to Scapa - arriving around 11.0am - oiled & was anchored by noon. Doctor & motorboat returned to ship - the former with a colossal moan!! And no wonder too!!

29th May 1915

4 hours notice

Nothing much happened all day. I was going to dine with Allen - but at 4.0pm we all had orders to raise steam, and at 10.0pm we got under weigh, with the whole fleet. Usual stunt I suppose - a big sea running - but luckily it was behind us.

30th May 1915

At Sea

A very nasty following sea behind us. At 3.45 we turned round for home & fairly got it in the neck.

31st May 1915

[at sea]

A very unpleasant morning watch & very wet. We escorted the ships in and then went out again to escort the cruiser squadron in - we finally got in at about 11.0am. Then coaled & oiled & anchored at about 2.0pm. Went over to Hecla with Allen to draw pay & visit all our friends over there. Acasta went down for docking, our turn ought to come soon. Doc & self dined in Sparrowhawk and Fulford was over there. Had a very amusing evening as usual.

1st June 1915

half hours notice

Being at short notice couldn’t do much. The Captain of the Hardy lunched with the skipper. Allen & Coombes dined with doc & self & then we played ‘21’. In the middle of the game (? Samson, Bisselt & Backwill) pulled over in the Skiff from the King George V to pay an evening call. We were all very pleased to see them.

2nd June 1915

At sea

At sea the usual Hoxa patrol. The Ardent came out in in the Acasta’s place. During the forenoon there was a submarine sighted off ?Faine Island, but they wouldn’t allow us to go after it. A very nice fine day at sea - nothing of interest happened.

3rd June 1915

4 hours notice

We came in at the usual time & oiled & coaled. In the afternoon Doc, Coombes & self went & called on the King Georges; we sailed over in my private rigged whaler. The wind dropped when we left there at 7.0pm & the motorboat eventually towed us back. After dinner Allen, Coombes, Doc & self went away in the dinghy with the punt paddles & called on the Heclas, Allen looked Caulderon up in the Acorn & eventually got back about midnight.

4th June 1915

4 hours notice & sea

We were told we should be required for service at 8.0pm. Allen, the two docs & self sailed over to the Borodino, which was alongside the Duke of Edinburgh & bought food. Then went into DofE & stayed till Then sailed back. We went to sea at 8.0pm taking with us Lieut Morris (Torpedo Lieut of DofE) & four DofE men as ‘prize crew’. We went out with the 1st Div (Acasta away) Defence, Warrior & DofE & these covered boarding steamers.

5th June 1915

at sea

We parted company at 4.0am & commenced searching an area & boarding all fishing boats to be carefully searched etc. I did all the boarding & occasionally the doc or Sub or Morris came away with me. At 3.45pm I boarded a motor herring Drifter (Dutch) & found she had too much petrol onboard her. So we took her in tow & closed the Shark. Put Morris & his armed crew onboard to take her back to Kirkwall (160 miles) and we took seven of her crew, so as not to have too many onboard. Carried on boarding till 10.0pm & then we joined up with Shark & Sparrowhawk. I boarded 10 trawlers & went away twice besides to examine buoys.

6th June 1915

At sea

We met the three cruisers at 6.0am & then went off with the DofE & armed boarding steamer to carry on with the search. Only boarded five today. These last few days have been simply perfect weather & ideal conditions.

7th June 1915

At sea

We were due back at 3.0am, but owing to a dense fog we turned round and steamed about waiting for it to lift. All the time we were getting shorter & shorter of oil. You see we have been running about at 29 knots a lot the last two days - catching up after having boarded someone etc! At 11.0am we were told to feel our way into Kirkwall still a dense fog. So at 1.0pm we anchored. At 6.0pm the fog lifted & the Christopher came up to give us some oil, went into Kirkwall, she came alongside us, sent the Dutch over to their own trawler which had arrived alright at 1.0pm. Hannay came & dined & we had a very cheery evening.

8th June 1915

at sea & 4 hours notice

I didn’t turn in till 1.30am and turned out again at 3.40am & we got under weigh at 4.0am arriving at Scapa at 6.30 - oiled and anchored by 9.0am. Went over to see Allen in the forenoon. Johnson (of Hecla) came & lunched with the doc. My vibro massage arrived which caused much amusement - everybody wanting to use it etc. Went over to Borodino with Allen to buy gear & have my haircut. Then Allen, doc & self dined in the Hecla & had quite an amusing evening - back at about 11.30pm.

9th June 1915

½ hours notice

Being at half hours notice couldn’t do much. The Captain’s birthday & the Sparrowhawks came over to drink healths etc. We had orders to raise steam by 8.45pm (the whole fleet & flotillas) I believe it’s for some P.Z. stunts - but at 7.30pm it was delayed & I believe there was a submarine reported.

10th June 1915

4 hours notice

A lot of the Duke of Edinburghs came over to lunch & then we picked up the Sparrowhawks & went for a grand picnic in our whaler. It was the best one I think we’ve ever been to. There were Hopkins, Allen, Coombes, Doc, Cooppe, chief, skipper, sub, Banneman, Birch, Wainwright, Morris & self. And was great fun. After dinner I went over & talked to Allen & then we pulled over to fetch the doc back from the Hardy.

11th June 1915

at sea

My 23rd birthday. Got a very nice signet ring from the family, but unfortunately it’s a bit too big. We went out on patrol at the usual time - a simply glorious day. At 4.0pm we had orders to complete with oil. Came in to oil & anchored. At 8.45pm got under weigh with the fleet etc to do P.Z.s etc. Went out to the westward where we met a very unpleasant Atlantic swell

12th June 1915

at sea

A very unpleasant morning & was remarkably ill. During the day the fleet did P.Z.s & firing etc. I slept from 10.0am to 4.0pm & had more or less recovered by then. At 4.0pm we parted company & returned down the East side of the Shetlands to Scapa - 20 knots - as the sea is behind us it wasn’t half so unpleasant. But while we were taking up night formation we got a colossal sea down into the ward room which annoyed me a lot.

13th June 1915

We got alongside the oiler at 4.30am & were secured to a buoy with the Sparrowhawk by 6.15am. Went out again at 3.0pm after a very [?hectic] lunch - a lot of the 1st Flotillas came over. Swanson & Johnstone. We went up at 20 knots to meet the fleet again.

14th June 1915

Met the fleet in the forenoon & then came down South with them after doing a miniature battle in the forenoon. We got a signal that we were to go down & refit tomorrow. On our arrival at Scapa at 7.0pm we did not oil but went alongside Hecla for condenser troubles. All went to Hecla for numerous advances etc.

15th June 1915

Left the Hecla at 11:30am with the Fury for Newcastle. Lovely day - went down at 16 knots zigzagging. All very cheery with prospects of some leave! In the evening we heard German notes on the wireless, we began to get rather anxious, as we hadn’t much oil. It turned out later to be the Zeppelin raid on the Tyne we heard.

16th June 1915

Arrived off the Tyne at 2.15am & we almost missed it because it was foggy; but I managed to remember a large black buoy [?anchored] off the Tyne. Went up to Palmers Yard & found the Zepps had played Flat Harry with the yard - actually dropped a bomb in the dry dock we are going into! Walked up with skipper & chief at 5.0am to send off wires etc. Docked in the forenoon & then Sub & first leave shoved off. Doc & self went & dined in Newcastle - did ourselves very well & then did the usual round for port & then the Empire. Saw the doc off who is off to town on leave.

17th June 1915

Nothing much doing onboard. The Captain came off with Mrs T. then they went on leave to Holy Island. I went up to Newcastle about 5.0pm to see them off. Took off to dine at Criterion & then strolled along to some picture show; I didn’t go back to the ship as my cabin was being painted out. Slept at the Metropole hotel.

18th June 1915

Caught an early train onboard in the morning. Awfully uncomfortable. No ward room & no cabins, except the captain’s as they are lining everywhere. Went down to the Patrol & on to the Ouse & Doon. Went ashore in the evening & met Newbold & Ellis we had a most amusing evening. I took off to the Empire & then onboard.

19th June 1915

Went ashore in the evening & met Newbold at 6.0pm. He & I then went down to Sunderland & dined down there and then taxied home again - not much going on.

20th June 1915

The Gunner went on leave this morning also the second leave people. I stayed onboard all day & did some work. Wrote letters etc.

21st June 1915

The Sub arrived back in the morning. Turned over to him. Went & breakfasted in Newcastle; then met Capt at 10.0am who returned from leave. Caught the 10.28 down to [?Ldon]. Travelled down with old Mr Backhouse son of all the naval Backhouses. Arrived London late, about. 5.15pm. Gieves then my new club. Stuffed into decent uniform then Piccadilly hotel. No letters. Then Goat & a few drinks. Then Cowan & Jefferies & a whole crowd turned up. More drinks!! Then met Cordal at the Piccadilly Grill - then I went to Empire & Alhambra meeting him again at midnight. [?Cross’], Macfarlanes, Arcadians, Tabarine, & the Acorn - back at 3.0am!! & slept soundly.

22nd June 1915

Wandered round in the forenoon & dropped into the Goat once or twice. Then met Dollie [?twice] at noon at the Piccadilly - lunched at Quinces. Then a box at the Hippodrome & then tea at the Piccadilly. She went off to her Aunt’s then & I went & as usual left everything till the last quacking at the Goat with Blake & Ginger & a whole crowd. Went & got D some flowers & then called for her. Went in & made my number to Mrs Raikes then we dined at Pic Grill. Went to the Gaiety ‘Tonight’s the Night’ simply topping. Supper at the Savoy with a little dancing then on to Aros where we had some ices etc & danced. Who should I see there but Willie Jay. Took D. home at about 2.0am. a very good evening!

23rd June 1915

Felt very mouldy in the morning - all my London stunt being over for the next six months & no money left. Went & ran the gauntlet for a couple of hours as it was Queen Alexandra’s rose day. Caught the 11.0am train home; Mother & Yvonne met me. Dad & aunty came in to lunch. Went out with Y. after tea & then I dropped in at the club for a bit. Puyley & Mrs Perkins to dine, a very cheery evening & much laughter - plenty of champs! Tried to play bridge afterwards - with not much success - then self & Puyley walked home with Mrs. P. & then back with Puyley.

24th June 1915

Walked down to town with Dad; and lunched with Aunty E. After lunch Y & self biked over to the Knowl to see Bob who is home wounded. Saw Char - she’s a V.A.D. nurse there. Then home and tea. I went on & had tea with the MacArthurs in their new house. Then to the club for a bit. Then dinner at home & Mother, Y, self, Uncle Tom & Aunty E & Molly went to the Hippodrome. Rotten show. Then home & saw Molly home & bed, very tired. Got a wire to say I was wanted back onboard Saturday afternoon.

25th June 1915

A rotten wet day. Went out with the family in the morning, went & saw Mrs Townsend & the Belgian people. Lunch and then after lunch Y & I went down to station to meet Josephine who arrived at 2.0pm. Home & tea & I caught the 5.0pm train to town. They all came to see me off as per usual!! Met the Doc, Cowan & Doc’s cousin at the Goat. Went & dined at Princes - & then to a box at the gaiety ‘’Tonight’s the Night’ again. A most amusing evening. After the show I drove as far as [?Odigs] with them & then caught the 11:45pm up to Newcastle. Happy Days all over I!!!

26th June 1915

Arrived in Newcastle at 5.0am but slept soundly in the sleeper till 8.0am - then breakfasted at the hotel & onboard in the pouring rain at 10.0am. Doc arrived about noon. Went ashore with him after lunch - moped around. Then tea with him & Mrs.T. & the Captain at Tilley’s. Doc & I dined with two of the Patrols at the Turks Head & then on to the Empire. Stinking rotten show & so went back onboard about 11.0pm.

27th June 1915

We left Jarrow at 4.0pm after a luncheon party onboard - all very mouldy & most of them were sea sick. Nasty fog & swell outside.

28th June 1915

In harbour (4 hours)

We got in about 7.0am. oiled and then went alongside the Acasta at her buoy. In the forenoon tried to get the ship square. Allen came over after lunch to see me. Doc & self went & dined in the Sparrowhawk - a very cheery evening - most of the Hecla’s coming over after dinner.

29th June 1915

At sea

We went out at 5.30am to fire a torpedo & then played about with our sweep gear in the Flow till 8.0a.m. Then topped up the Paragon, oiled & went out on Switha Patrol (anchor inside the boom - usual watches etc). We were relieved at 6.0[pm] came in, oiled and anchored. ½ hours notice - the Ambuscades came over after dinner & we play Vingt John till midnight.

30th June 1915

At sea

Being emergency division we were ordered out with one division of the 2nd Flotilla & the Faulknor to look for a submarine off Fair Island. Went up there at 27 knots - & as usual of course saw nothing.

1st July 1915

At sea

At 2.0am we turned & came home, getting in at about 6.0am. Oiled and anchored - ½ hours notice. We had to go out for another submarine hunt off Wick at 2.30pm - we went down there at full speed - ‘some’ speed we caught them all up except the Moon! Did various submarine searches etc - during the night.

2nd July 1915

At sea

Carrying on looking for the submarine all day & eventually at 7.0pm we returned to harbour getting in at 8.15pm - oiled & anchored by 10.30pm - we were quite a lot of oil short.

3rd July 1915

In harbour (4 hours notice)

Not a very grand day. Went & bought a hell of a lot of gear at the Borodino for the mess to start the month with. Went a picnic to the usual spot - Capt, Chief, Doc, self, Allen, Coombe, Pegler & Kershaw. Allen having lunched not wisely but too well fell out of the boat. Came on to pour & got drenched - but made a sufficiently large fire to dry ourselves - a very cheery picnic on the whole. After dinner Captain went to Faulknor & I went to Paragon & Hecla - then round to Swift in the Lynx’s paddle dinghy, & then called for Capt in Faulknor in our dinghy, went down & had a drink with the Capt of Faulknor - home about 1.0am!!!

4th July 1915

We got under way at 7.0am & went alongside Sokoto to have our Torpedos done. Then returned at 3.0pm. Allen & Coombes dined with me & Kershaw, Johnson & Pegler came over afterwards. We all went over to the Faulknor after dinner & had a very cheery evening.

5th July 1915

Went out on patrol at noon and then in the afternoon we were towing a target in the flow for the Archer’s firing. Finished about 4.0pm & went out on patrol again. This is a very eventful & unfortunate day as you will read later.

6th July 1915

At 1.15am I was woken by an awful crash & rushing up on deck I found we were high & dry as far aft as the after funnel in a dense fog, we presume near [Kantick] Cantick Head. Got all the ammunition aft & got the Kedge & Bower anchors out. The latter we couldn’t sling under the whaler as there wasn’t enough water so had to put it in the whaler, bring it aft & then sling it by the torpedo davit. At 2.30am the Shark arrived & tried to tow us off & it was not till 4.0am that with her help & our own engines we managed to get off. Damage was down to bottom as far aft as the foremost boiler-room. Returned to harbour & a hell of a panic to get us off - eventually left at 6.0pm for the Tyne also escorting the Harden a mine carrier as far as that. A perfect day but she could only go 9 knots.

7th July 1915

At Sea all day escorting the Harden. We weren’t supposed to arrive till tomorrow a.m. but as we were well up to time, we asked to be allowed to go in this evening. Arrived off the Tyne at 8.0pm - the ship being one mass of oil - from the ejectors ejecting the oil out of the magazines. Went up to Palmers Yard & secured in the usual place at 9.0pm.

8th July 1915

We were docked in the same old dock in the middle of the day & all the experts came to examine the ship & settled on the date of completion to be the 26th July. In the evening doc, self & Capt dined ashore & then went to the Empire. The wives etc arrived in the evenings.

9th July 1915

We decided to give the men a weeks leave each & the doc shoved off and caught the midday train. The Captain & his wife came onboard to lunch & I decided to take first leave & so packed up. Went up to Newcastle after tea and dined with a whole crowd of blokes & then we all went to the Pavlion. By the time I got into my sleeper I was feeling dead beat & a wee bit you know how. Slept soundly. Of course I sent off numerous wires this morning, paving the way etc.

10th July 1915

Went straight to the Savoy Baths where I met the doc. Had breakfast & then went to my club, Gieves & the Goat. Met the doc & he took me to introduce me to D. Then rushed back & met Dollie Price at the Piccadilly at noon. Lunched at Princes and then went to the Alhambra revue - 5064 Gerrard - a rotten show. Tea at the Piccadilly & then she went off by train. I went to the Goat where I fixed up an evening with Blake & a whole crowd. We went to the Alhambra & Empire & who should I meet at the Empire but George [Mawkey]!! Went on to Macfarlanes afterwards & back to the club by 2.0am.

11th July 1915

Went down to Datchet by the 11.0am train for a week end with the Jays. Played tennis in the afternoon, the Alisons coming over to see me.

12th July 1915

Left Datchet at 9.30am and then strolled round town eventually catching the noon train down to Bristol. Arrived there at 2.0pm. In the evening Mrs Townsend and Puyley came in to dine & bridge.

13th July 1915

14th July 1915

15th July 1915

Played tennis with the MacArthurs and then went to the club. Uncle Tom came to dine. We all went to the Hippodrome after dinner & met Puyley, MacArthur & the Evans there.

16th July 1915

Caught the 9.0am train up to town. Went to [Starells] & cashed a check on arrival. Met Dollie Price as usual & we lunched at Ciro’s and then went to see the Coliseum show, but too long & so no time for tea. Went & saw her off at Waterloo & then back to Club to put on plain clothes evening g dress. Went & called for ‘D’ and dined at Piccadilly then I had a box at the Hippodrome and then supper at Odias & then Macfarlanes where we had a very cheery evening till 2.30am and then on.

17th July 1915

Caught the 10.0am train up to Newcastle - slept most of the way. Onboard by 4.0pm. Tea & then went up to Newcastle to see the Empire show.

18th July 1915

Dad arrived in Newcastle early & then went over the hospital. I met him at Jarrow about 4.0pm & brought him onboard. Showed him all over the ship & then dinner & we talked but bed early - dad sleeping in the Captain’s cabin.

19th July 1915

Took dad all over the yard & monitor Marshall Ney; & then in the motorboat up to see the Roxburgh & back onboard. Captain came onboard and Mrs T. Lunch & after lunch we all went ashore. Dad & I had tea at Tilleys & then went to a Picture house. Met Mrs T & Capt at 7.30pm & had a very good dinner at Tilleys about three courses & a magnum & then we taxied down to the Empire - a very good show indeed. Saw dad off by the 11.19 train for London & then went onboard.

20th July 1915

Did very little in the forenoon. After lunch went ashore & went over to Whitley Bay to the Skipper. We paddled with the kid and then after tea went to the Spanish City, great fun. Dinner and then went to a Cinema till it was time for me to shove off and catch a train. Got on board about 11.30pm.

21st July 1915

Captain came onboard during the forenoon and Mrs T. Sub & self went ashore after tea & made pigs of ourselves at Tilleys with strawberries & cream. Then we went to Station Hotel- where I met Williams & his skipper (Ouse) the former just off to join the Alarm. So we all dined together & then I went & took g.g. to the Empire show. Met Williams later & we both took rooms at the Station Hotel & had one or two drinks.

22nd July 1915 to 4th August 1915

The diary from now to Aug 5th is incomplete - today, just ‘Played tennis with Puyley at the Courts’ with a blank tomorrow. The 22nd - 4th Aug has been ripped out, sadly.

5th August 1915

2 hours notice

Got under weigh at 8.30am & secured to a buoy. Swung ship for deviation & [a new] medical inspection by Vickery. Shark came alongside us after lunch. Allen & Coombes came over to see me & I went over to see them & the Heclas after tea - we came to ½ hours notice mid day, as the 2nd Flotilla went out after a submarine. Allen came & dined with me - Hopkins & Jones with skipper & Cooper & Rock with the Chief - so we were a pretty big party.

6th August 1915

½ hours notice

The court of enquiry was held this morning & we were a proper cheerful ship. Did nothing all day. Knight came over to dine. Forgot to say we got under weigh at 5.15pm for Torpedo firing - fired one torpedo & then returned to oil. Finished & secured by 8.0pm.

7th August 1915

At Sea

Went out on Hoxa Patrol at the usual time. Lovely weather & nice & warm. My cold seems a little better - got a short note from Addi which bucked me up. But am still suffering from a colossal mould & so is everybody else.

8th August 1915

Instead of coming in at the usual time we had to stay out, but were recalled at 8.0pm - oiled & secured to the buoy by 10.30pm - 4hours notice - not much good at this hour. Another little note from Addi.

9th August 1915

We got under weigh at the usual time & went & anchored off the boom for Switha Patrol. A very full morning’s work. No mail arrived this morning which is rather annoying. In the evening Kershaw sailed down in the Hecla’s dinghy to pay a call. The Lynx was apparently blown up today by a mine in the Moray Firth, 4 officers & 19 men were saved, Cdr Cole & Thornbury being lost. The minelayer was eventually sunk by the Comus & Cordelia.

10th August 1915

All the second flotilla who had been out submarine hunting returned in the morning watch & so we were relieved early by the Martin & at 7.30am we went alongside the Swift to top her up. We were eventually secured to the Shark at a buoy by 10.0am. Frewen came over after tea to call on us. At 4 hours notice & so we all went and dined in the Sparrowhawk. I went to the Borodino in the forenoon for the mess. The new doc turned up - rather a quiet bloke apparently.

11th August 1915

A day in harbour for a change. So went and dined in the Sp’hawk. Nothing doing all day.

12th August 1915

We were S.O. of patrol, but didn’t get out till 10.0am & then only as far as Switha boom - where the fog came down & we anchored. We got to Sandwick buoy later where we anchored in a thick fog & remained there.

13th August 1915

Still a thick fog all the morning & it eventually didn’t lift till 2.0pm. Got under way and oiled & were secured by 3.0pm. Went over to oil the Sparrowhawk after tea & then I went & had a farewell dinner in the Ambuscade with Thompson. Back in the early hours of the morning in the dinghy.

14th August 1915

We were called at 3.45am & told that ourselves & the Shark would be required to get under way as soon as the fog lifted. Spoilt one’s sleep & eventually didn’t get under way till after lunch. Went out with the Second Flotilla while they swept for mines to the West of the Pentland Firth. Got in & oiled about 9.0pm & remained alongside the oiler all night as it was very foggy.

15th August 1915

Got under way at 6.0am & came down to our buoys. Nothing to do all day. So wrote a lot of letters. Tried to get some Heclas over to dinner but no luck. So all the Sharks & Sparrowhawks came over.

16th August 1915

We were supposed to be going out with the fleet this morning - but it was too foggy & we remained at half & hours notice till 3.0pm. Went over to see Allen after tea & at 6.45pm ourselves & Sp’hawks after topping up Shark & Victor had to go & fill up with oil. I think we did a record evolution. Slipping at 7.0pm we were anchored or rather secured in time for 7.45 dinner. Allen & Coombes came to dine with me & Skipper & Chief dining out. After dinner the Sharks came over & we spun yarns till about 1.0am when I sculled Allen & Coombes back in the dinghy.

17th August 1915

At half hours notice all day. Went over to Hecla about repairs to whaler etc & also to try & get some more seamen in place of the ones we were short of. Went over to Sharks after dinner.

18th August 1915

Sparrowhawk went down to do the 4 monthly docking (on the) Tyne. We went out on patrol at the usual time, and at 4.30pm the Shark went in to get some secret orders. She came out at 6.0 pm we sent a boat for them and then proceeded. We went out (Shark & ourselves) with two armed boarding steamers to try & catch the German minelayers, such as they are! Had the hands in watch & watch & had three alarms but nothing doing each time. When we turned round at midnight to return we had a rotten head sea against - I kept the middle to assist the Skipper and it was very unpleasant till we got more under the lee of the land, which was about 2.0am.

19th August 1915

We got to the Skerries at 6.0am & then carried on with the usual patrol. We were relieved at the usual time and then oiled & secured to our buoys. Of course as usual the mails are all mixed up anyhow. Got a most amusing letter from Roy Mackenzie. After tea, Skipper, Sub & self went fishing in the whaler - as there was no fish we dropped into the Duke of Edinburgh & stayed there till well after seven pm. Sailed home, dinner and then we went over to the Shark & talked till pretty late. Rolf & Floyer from Centurion sailed over single handed in a pinnace to see us after lunch.

20th August 1915

At 1/2 hours notice all day.

In the evening Cowan came over to see us & stayed till 7.0pm - so did not manage to get any letters off. Went over to the Shark after dinner. And then Rock came over for a short game of bridge.

21st August 1915

We were [ ] to go out on patrol early as usual - slipping and getting out there by 6.0am. Usual Hoxa patrol show. A rotten wet & windy day. The Shark had to go in for orders and at 6.0pm we went out with Sappho & armed boarding steamers & did the same show as on Wednesday night - trying to catch mine layers. I kept the middle as there was more likelyhood of anything doing than the morning.

22nd August 1915

Nothing happened last night. Came in at the usual time. Oiled & then at 4 hours notice. Blowing quite hard. Sailed over with Knignt & Rock to Acasta before dinner. Dined in Shark & talked till midnight & then a beer & crab sandwich [ ].

23rd August 1915

Half an hours notice.

Went over to Hecla in the forenoon. Nothing doing all day. Wrote letters and after dinner went over to the Shark. Had quite an exciting time shoving the two ships apart to hoist the boats this evening as it was blowing devilish hard. Got news of Russian naval victory in Baltic. Moltke, three cruisers & seven German T.B.Ds sunk. Probably most of them by our submarines. Had a lot of snapshots taken by the doc of the Shark & also my camera was doing good work!

24th August 1915

Remainder of the flotilla went out at 6.45am for some escorting show. We remained behind & went out to Hoy patrol at 8.30am. Blowing a westerly gale & so very unpleasant out at Hoy & a heavy swell. Anchored at 9.0pm had to weigh & shift billet at 12.0pm & got under weigh again next morning at 4.0am. Got my 4 ‘Tonight’s the Night’ records.

25th August 1915

We got under way again as I said in yesterday’s account. We had a rotten morning watch. A very heavy swell. We were relieved at the usual time, oiled & then anchored in our old billet we used at the beginning of the year. At 1/2 hours notice & very little food in the ship. Blowing very hard. Most of the flotilla now are in, having returned from Cromarty, as all the battleships have come back on account of the mines. Blowing very hard indeed all day. Let go second anchor in the evening.

26th August 1915

Went out on patrol at the usual time, Hoxa, we were S.O. Usual show & went out with the armed boarding steamers at 6.0pm as before. Nothing happened. Beastly windy & as usual a heavy swell in the Pentland Firth.

27th August 1915

Came in off patrol at the usual time, blowing very hard. Anchored in our billet. Sparrowhawk arrived back from docking. I went & looked Allen up after tea. Sent a boat down to Borodino & got a lot of gear. Wrote a lot of letters & bed early, after a quiet game of bridge.

28th August 1915

At four hours notice - went over to Hecla in the forenoon. After lunch I called for Allen & Coombes & we went to watch the 2nd Flotilla sports. I ran in the 200 Visitors Handicap but no good - was in my ordinary clothes & very slippery. Dowding, Wainwright, Bannerman, Parker from DofE came over to dine with skipper & self - after dining the Sparrowhawks came onboard & we had a most amusing evening. Finishing up pretty late. The wind went down during the day.

29th August 1915

At half an hours notice - so stayed onboard all day. Blowing a howling gale. Capt of Acasta dined with the Captain in the evening.

30th August 1915

At four hours notice - but blowing v. hard indeed. Went over to Hecla in the forenoon & then Sparrowhawk. I called for Allen & Coombes at 3.0pm & we walked to Melsetter & had some tea. After tea strolled back & onboard Sp’hawk. Dined onboard & then we all went over to say goodbye to Coopper who is leaving the Sp’hawk. A very amusing evening - at the expense of a torn coat, shirt & two new records. The Acastas were all over there!!

31st August 1915

Just as the skipper & myself were scheming, as to how we could signal W.M.P. to the DofEs without being asked! Wainwright appeared in his little motor dinghy - asking the skipper & self to dinner. Their picket boat came for us at 7.15 & off we went. A most amusing evening of my life. Bevan, Tomkinson & six other guests were dining there. Usual [bitters] etc. Dowding & self did justice to two bottles of champs. After dinner, we all played in the band, I did the kettle drums - [B...] as usual & [Pupp...]. Then we all dressed. Self in Bally girls rig - a most perfect dress. A very grand evening - back in our (motor boat about midnight).

1st September 1915

Usual patrol , but felt awfully ill & a fearful head. Luckily we were sent in after lunch & came to half an hours notice. Bed early. & a good sleep.

2nd September 1915

We had to send for a secret letter in the forenoon. At 3.30pm we all got under way with the entire fleet. Went out north, submarine screening, to the westward, a rotten swell & nasty sea running.

3rd September 1915

Had to go on to 4.50 hrs in the morning watch & got very wet going through a head sea. At 5.45 the flotillas shoved off & made for Loch Eriboll - near Cape Wrath. Got under way at 22 knots & so arrived there at about 4.0pm. Anchored & then the oilers arrived & so got under way & oiled. A lovely evening - it looks a ripping place. But no chance of getting ashore. It amused us greatly to see the Oak doing a job of work patrolling.

4th September 1915

Sparrowhawk went out on patrol till noon. Sent Battrick ashore in to buy a lamb which we shared with the Sp’hawks. Caught a lot of plaice & whiting alongside the ship. After tea skipper & self called for Capt Sp’hawk, Allen & Coombes in the whaler & sailed over to a little island for a strole & to try & find some mushrooms. Found three only!! Back to Sp’hawk for cocktails & so onboard. A very lovely evening - wind & sea having completely gone down.

5th September 1915

We got under weigh at 2.15am. The Sub kept watch till 5.0am & then I went up. Met the Battlefleet at 4.0am & then screened them in. Got in about 7.30am, oiled & then secured to buoys with Sparrowhawk. They all came over after dinner. Received three days mails & a lot of letters. Addie sent a [crowd] of photos.

6th September 1915

We went out on patrol at the usual time & ourselves and the Ardent screened the Shannon out till 1.0pm when we returned to patrol line, getting there 4.15pm. The Sub was not very well so kept his forenoon. A lovely day till the evening & then rain. Got the kite out twice, but not very successfull. Went out with the armed boarding steamers as usual.

7th September 1915

A very drizzly morning watch, but cleared up later on, came on very foggy. Went in at the usual time. Then secured to buoys. Went over to Hecla for defaulters - & called on Hannay. Lunched in Sp’hawk, and then wrote letters. Allen came to dine with me & then Coombes came over afterwards.

8th September 1915

We were to have gone out Torpedo firing, but owing to the very thick fog we didn’t go out. We were at 4 hours notice, but owing to the Ardent ramming a collier in the fog we came to 1/2 hour till the evening. Sparrowhawk went down to Switha patrol. Second Flotilla held their pulling regatta. Hannay and Hart Dyke came down to dine with me, & had quite a cheery evening, finishing up at midnight.

9th September 1915

Sparrowhawk came & topped us up. In the afternoon Allen, self & Coombes went to try & catch some mackerel in the whaler, but only caught one large one. Allen & self went over to dine with Kershaw in the Hecla - a quiet but cheery evening. Then we all went on to the Christopher, & Hannay managed to fall into the ditch between the Christopher & Hecla. Back in dinghy quite late.

10th September 1915

Went out on patrol the usual time. We distinguished ourselves by losing kite & kite wire, whilst getting out sweep!! Went & closed the Heclas who were cod fishing in the Pentland Firth. Went out with armed boarding steamers as usual.

11th September 1915

Came in, but had to top up the Faulknor. And didn’t eventually secure alongside Sparrowhawk till noon. After tea Allen, Coombe & self sailed over to the Duke of Edinburgh, and saw them all over there. Dined with the Sp’hawks & managed to have a huge straffe & tore my clothes to blazes. They all came down to my cabin very late & all straffed!!

12th September 1915

The fleet came to two hours notice & so the DofEs couldn’t come over & dine. Did nothing all day. After dinner we had a huge vingt john party going on till about 1.0am. Allen came and had supper with me.

13th September 1915

At two hours notice all day. We went and tried to catch some mackerel but nothing doing. Sent ashore in the evening for eggs etc. Compose the invitation to the DofEs & sent it over after tea. No time to ask them for today. After dinner we went over to the Sp’hawks and played Vingt John till 1.0 am - not such a bad evening. The Faulknors all arrived over about midnight & took a hand.

14th September 1915

Wainwright came over in the forenoon to arrange the band etc. After lunch Allen & self rigged the band stand (planks across between the two ships!!) At 4.0pm the band from DofE, Wainwright & the padre came over. The band played half in each ship for the ship’s company. Gawey & Caulderon came over for an hour. Very busy arranging tables etc in the mess. At 7.30 the band left except 8 of them for dinner & the DofEs arrived all dressed as pimps, Charlie Chaplins etc. I received them in Eton suit etc. After a very fine dinner we cleared the mess & all dressed up. A very cheery evening indeed.

Guests to dinner After dinner
Capt Sp’hawk Capt Shark
Allen Capt Acasta
Coombe Knight
Sims Warren
Wood Crookshank
Bannerman Pegler
Bird Hart Dyke

15th September 1915

At 11.15pm we both slipped & met the Thunderer off the Hoxa boom and escorted her down to Invergorden arriving there at 4.30pm. Oiled and then both secured to a buoy by 6.0pm. The capt’s & rest went ashore. Capt & self dined in the Sparrowhawk, but went to bed very early. My arm is somewhat stiff on account of stepping on the ammunition hand up & finding the lid wasn’t on, last night.

16th September 1915

Sparrowhawk and ourselves left Cromarty at 6.0am & eventually arrived in harbour by 11.0am - oiled & secured to our usual billets alongside each other. All seem very tired so went to bed early. Blowing very hard all day.

17th September 1915

3 hours notice

We got under way at 7.0am with five other destroyers Carysfort & Faulknor & anchored in the flow to carry out aiming rifle practice. Fired all the morning - pouring with rain. Slept all the afternoon - after tea went over & called on Hannay. Mail arrived by Sparrowhawk & new photos of Addie arrived.

18th September 1915

2 hours notice

We got under way at 6.0am - oiled & were secured alongside Sparrowhawk by 8.0am. Saturday routine. In afternoon a sailing race for P.Os - Coxn sailed our boat, but didn’t come in anywhere. Allen self & Coombe went away after tea in whaler mackerel fishing, but only caught one! Dined with Allen & after dinner Allen, Sims, Coombe & self put on fancy moustaches & went over to shake [SoBs] in our Ward Room. Finished up by playing Vingt John & the syndicate won 4/- each!! Allen won a lot & I lost so that’s how it worked out. Very late finishing off 1.15am.

19th September 1915

½ hours notice

A very quiet Sunday. After lunch I slept, then wrote letters. Allen came over & had supper & then bed early.

20th September 1915

Switha Patrol

The Sparrowhawk & five others left at 6.0am for exercise with the fleet. We went out on Switha patrol - very dull as usual nothing doing.

21st September 1915

6 hours notice

Wrote a lot of letters in the morning watch on Switha patrol. We came in at the usual time, oiled & went alongside Shark alongside Hecla. We are going to do 48 hours alongside at 6 hours notice, to do some defects. Usual Hecla stunt alongside each other. I had a pretty nippy sail down to the Borodino in the forenoon & then wrote & worked in the afternoon. Kershaw came over & dined with me. We went over to Hecla after dinner, but all very quiet. Nearly half the Heclas are on a weeks leave.

22nd September 1915

6 hours notice

Nothing much doing all day. Was rather ill in the forenoon, why I can’t make out. Slept after lunch. After tea sailed over single handed in the whaler to the Sparrowhawk. While I was there Bevan sailed over from the [Hercules] to ask self & Hart Dyke to dine - but it’s a bit too far & I was feeling far from fit & so we put it off for another day. A quiet dinner onboard & then played Bridge afterwards.

23rd September 1915


We went out at 6.30am with the Swift for the extended patrol. Rather a nasty sea running. Tremendous tidal race as we were going out of the Pentland Firth & fairly got it in the neck. Went into Peterhead at 6.0pm & secured up alongside the dummy battleship Orion II!!! We all went over & dined with them & then they came over & drank whisky (merchant service men!!!) till 1.0am. They gave us a lovely electric fan for our mess.

24th September 1915

At Sea

We left Peterhead at 6.30am & carried on with the extended patrol. We boarded several ships, I did the boarding as usual. A lovely day & only just the smallest sign of a swell. We got off the skerries at 5.0pm & went in & oiled, securing alongside the Sparrowhawk by 7.30pm. They all came over after dinner and we had the most dangerous (scraping) & dancing evening till about 1.0am.

25th September 1915

4 hours notice

A rotten wet day. After tea it started to blow a bit. Allen & self went down to the Acasta and had to come back almost immediately as a gale sprang up. Hoisted all boats - quite a job shoving the two ships off to hoist the inside boat. Dined with Allen and then played him piquet. A rotten night with a howling gale. I had to turn out twice. Once both the wire & hemp carried away on the gale, which made it rather a job - eventually [put] two more wires & all the 113 fathoms of [grass] line to secure us together.

26th September 1915

4 hours notice

Still blowing very hard indeed. No church parties & no boats down at all. After tea we had a great ping pong tournament with the Sparrowhawks played on to 8.30pm.

27th September 1915

4 hours notice

Managed to get the mail in the morning, as it was not blowing quite so hard. Sparrowhawk & nearly all the remainder of the flotilla went out screening the battleships while they were doing a P.Z. stunt. After tea we had a great ping pong match, Shark & Acasta V Spitfire - five aside - they eventually won. Sparrowhawk secured alongside us by 6.0pm. Went over to her afterwards, the Paragons all went to Sparrowhawk & we had quite an amusing show.

28th September 1915

4 hours notice

Nothing much doing all day. After tea Allen & self went to call on the Heclas & eventually persuaded Kershaw & Pegler to come & dine with us. Kershaw dined with Allen & Pegler with me. We all congregated in Sp’hawk afterwards & had soup & [dances].

29th September 1915

4 hours notice

We were to have gone to sea at 11.0am with Shark & Acasta on some secret mission, but as it was blowing so hard again - only they went & Sp’hawk & ourselves banked fires at 4 hours notice. All very mouldy all day. Went over & played Allen piquet afterwards.

30th September 1915

½ hours notice

Nothing much doing all day. Allen came & dined with me & we talked shop & then went over to Sp’hawk - Crookshank was over there playing bridge

1st October 1915

At Sea

Sparrowhawk went out at 6.0am for patrol with the Swift. We suddenly got orders to go out at 11.0am. We are going down to west coast to meet the Acasta & Shark who are escorting the Barham (just completed) up. A lovely day & very pleasant going down all through the Hebrides. Wind got up during the night.

2nd October 1915

At Sea

We met the Barham at 5.30am, by then it was blowing a SE’ly gale & we were fairly getting it green over the bridge. But after 8.0am the wind went down & it turned out a glorious day, with hardly a breath of air. Coming up at 19 knots, zigzagging of course. We were off the entrance at 7.0pm & then went up & oiled & was secured alongside Sparrowhawk by 9.0pm. Still in sea clothes & rather tired. Got two days mails on arrival.

3rd October 1915

4 hours notice

A simply glorious day. So after lunch ourselves & Sp’hawks went away in our whaler for a picnic. Supplemented by some Sharks. On our way back met the Shannon’s whaler & asked them to come onboard & have a drink, 16 of them!!! I went & had supper with Allen & then to bed early.

4th October 1915

4 hours notice

Nothing doing all day. We sent to Kirkwall & also to Borodino. In the evening Gawey came over to call & our motorboat towed him back. The Sparrowhawks all came over after dinner.

5th October 1915

At sea

Our half flotilla got under way at 5.0am & went out with the 2nd flotilla. Got as far as the boom gate & our end of the line was caught in the fog & we had to anchor till it lifted at 9.0am. Then we bust off at full speed to the Moray Firth, to form a patrol[s] whilst the Battlecruisers & light cruisers did firing - but it was too misty & so at 5.30pm we all went into Cromarty - whilst we were waiting to oil, Bancroft sent the picket boat to ask me to dine, but eventually he came over for a hurried dinner whilst we were oiling. Secured to buoy with Sp’hawk by 10.0pm. Got our sweep out & lost the kite & kite wire, by the latter parting at 17 knots!!!

6th October 1915

At Sea

We got under way & went out at 8.30am, but we were all certain there’d be no firing, as it was very misty. Did the same stunt all day, but having no kite of course couldn’t get our sweep out - thank the Lord!! Went in again at 5.30pm, waited at anchor to oil & eventually wandered up harbour to our buoy at 9.30pm - pitch dark, Sp’hawk securing to us shortly afterwards.

7th October 1915

At Sea

Went out at 7.0am, a simply glorious day & the firing was all over by 2.30[pm], when we shoved off for Scapa at 23 knots. A gale is getting up, luckily it was behind us (southerly gale)! Got in & oiled & secured shortly after six pm, rather a job securing to the buoy. Sp’hawk coming alongside us. A big mail (three days) came onboard. Blowing very hard. I broke my weeks TT stunt, with a bit of a bust!! SP’hawks all came over after dinner - Hardy stripped her [?turbines] going alongside an oiler.

8th October 1915

At Sea

Went out on patrol at 7.30am. Blowing very hard and not at all pleasant in the Pentland Firth race. Went out with armed boarding steamers, but never got beyond Swona, they turned round at once & came in (Blowing too hard) we came inside the boom & anchored at 6.20pm - we not dropping our anchor till 7.25pm - finding it hard to get a billet. Ordered our again at 9.0pm - awful straffe. So went out to the westward.

9th October 1915

At Sea & 2 hours notice

Spent a very pleasant morning watch, wind having moderated a lot. Got back to patrol at 6.20am. Came in & oiled at the usual time & then went alongside Hecla - to get a new key put on a worn wheel somewhere on the steering gear shafting. No letters in the two days mail we got, for me. A lot of people over in the evening & numerous cocktails etc. I went to bed soon after dinner - rather mouldy.

10th October 1915

6 hours notice

[most] of the flotilla went out early bound for Cromarty for the 3rd B.S’s firing. Capt Hecla came over to see the mess decks. V.H. came over to see me. Cowan came & lunched with us. A big party, champs!! Lunched till 4.0pm. Then we went & had supper in the Hecla. Had to get the Acasta’s kite from her at 10.0pm.

11th October 1915

At Sea

We got under way at 5.0am with Carysfort & went down to do this screening stunt for the ships firing. Had most awful trouble hauling in our sweeps & will have to get most of it renewed now I suppose. Waited till 5.30pm to escort the 7th C.S. back to our base. Came on to blow a gale & a very bad sea was running - especially in Pentland Race, where it was enormous. Pitch dark & on our way in we were blown down on top of the gate trawler, who bashed in our side [3 peace tank Srd side] which leaked into stokehold. Eventually after many narrow squeaks we managed to anchor in some old billet.

12th October 1915

As we have a leaky oil tank & water leaking into our side we couldn’t go out on patrol as we were supposed to. Got orders to go to a buoy near Hecla at 7.0am. Blowing very hard - eventually got fast to the buoy, but the wire parted. Tried to pick up our whaler which had got adrift & couldn’t make any head way against the wind, but missed her. Eventually anchored & the Hecla’s steam boat towed our whaler back. Went alongside Hecla for repairs to damage at 10.0am. All the flotilla returned from Cromarty firing in the evening. Had a quiet dinner with Kershaw in Hecla.

13th October 1915

At Sea

We had orders to raise steam in the forenoon & at 2.0pm the whole of our & 2nd flotillas went out. A very nasty sea outside. Swept to Eastward & westward. The fleet coming out in the evening. We are going to do a big P.Z. tomorrow. A very nasty last dog watch - strong SSE gale blowing & a nasty sea running - a very dark night. Ourselves & the Sp’hawks are with the Owl & Midge. The Shark & Unity went down to refit this morning.

14th October 1915

At Sea

A rotten day with a tremendous sea running. The Fortune rammed the Ardent in the forenoon & at about 10.0am we all turned round & made for home. No chance of doing any P.Zs with this sea running. We were taking it over absolutely green & shaking the ship to bits. The wind & sea went down in the evening & the weather quite cleared up.

15th October 1915

At Sea

We arrived off the skerries at 5.0am & our division had to go to the westward & wait for the Canada. Met her at about 8.15am & escorted her to westward while she did her gun trials. We got back into harbour at about 5.0pm oiled and then anchored in our new anchor billets - F3 & F4 the farthest away from Hecla. All my new gramophone records arrived today - about 13 of them.

16th October 1915

At Sea

We went to sea (4th & 5th divisions) at 5.0am. Usual stunt down to the Moray Firth with the 2nd flotilla to form a screen whilst cruisers did their firing. We had to remove our day marks - as at 8.45am our division had to make an exhibition attack on the Active who had a camera man onboard. We went close under her stern all cleared for action etc - a proper stunt. Got the sweep out alright & it kept down all day - but must have hit the bottom as when we hauled it in, we’d lost one charge & it was in an awful state. Thick fog on the way back & eventually we finally anchored after oiling at midnight.

17th October 1915

1/2 hours notice

Not much of a day. Allen[22] in bed, so went over to see him. Dyke & Caldwell came over to see me. I went over & had supper with Allen[23].

18th October 1915

1/2 hours notice

Went alongside Hecla at 7.0am to get the side finished off. Nothing much doing all day. Painted the side & masts. Calderon[24] came over & saw me after tea & stayed to dinner; a very amusing evening & a lot of guests, as Reed[25] has just been promoted & appointed away. Went over to Hecla about 11.0pm & shook them a little - Calderon[26] giving all kinds of stunts. To bed very late.

19th October 1915

At Sea

Went to the flow at 6.30am to do 1 aiming rifle practice & then went out on Hoxa patrol. A very nice day - Owl took the anchoring at night [ ] & so ourselves & Acasta went to the Eastward.

20th October 1915

4 hours notice

Came in at the usual time and oiled & then coaled. Went over to see Allen[27] (alongside Hecla) C.Chaplins rig arrived. Then Sub[28] & self dined with the Sp’hawks & all dressed up after dinner. Quite an amusing evening. Blowing rather hard all day.

21st October 1915

At Sea

Went out at 5.0am & escorted the Barham down to do her firing. A tremendous sea running in the Pentland Race, it’s a wonder we ever managed to get through it!! Escorted the ships while they fired & then came back. A very nasty sea running in the evening & I spent my day being washed down. Got in about 6.0pm & finally anchored by 8.0pm. All very tired and dirty - had a hot bath & went to bed.

22nd October 1915

At Sea & 4 hours notice

Sub Lieut Holland Prior[29] joined the ship. We went out again at 7.30am with the Faulknor & about 12 others to escort the fleet while they did some P.Zs. But a submarine was reported, so we all went off to look for it. Most awful sea running & as usual the sea off the skerries was hellish. So we all turned back after an hour & came in. A very slack afternoon - & then all the Sp’hawks came over to say goodbye to Reid[30], who left after tea to report himself at the Admiralty on promotion. Allen[31] was going to stay over to dine, but it was blowing too hard.

23rd October 1915

1/2 hours notice

Showed the new Sub[32] round the ship in the forenoon. In the afternoon did some work. Went over to see the Sp’hawks. Blowing very hard all day. At 1.10am (tomorrow morning) all the boats & the fleet suddenly got orders to prepare for sea & raise steam at once. I got up & with a watch secured up everything & then went to bed again - expecting to go to sea - but we never did!

24th October 1915

Our patrol, but while we were all waiting to go out for this stunt, none of us went out to patrol. At 1/2 hours notice all day. After dinner (9.0pm) apparently all the spasm was over, as we went out on patrol (our turn to anchor in Switha during dark hours).

25th October 1915

4 hours notice

Got under way at 6.30am. Went out to the westward to support the armed boarding steamers. A very suspicious Danish steamer came by & we told the Sp’hawk to escort her into Kirkwall. Got in off patrol late & finally anchored at noon. Captain of the Acasta [33]came to lunch. The Sp’hawk came in about 4.0pm. Sent down to Borodino[34], she has just returned. Allen[35] came to dine with me - we played bridge afterwards.

26th October 1915

4 hours notice

Quite a nice day. After lunch Allen[36] & self went over to the Faulknor’s concert. Very good, but decidedly cold as it was on the upper deck & no awnings!! Back to Sp’hawk at 7.0pm & then dined in our ship - Cdr Jones[37] dining. All went over to Sp’hawk, who had a lot of people over there & played Vingt John & the fool(!!) till 2.0am. Then back to ship, & finally to bed by 2.45am.

27th October 1915

4 hours notice

Nothing much doing in the forenoon. Allen[38] & self started off to go over & see Cowan[39] in the Defence, in the whaler, but the wind was getting up, so we came back & went ashore for a walk, then had tea at Risa lodge & then back to ship, calling at Hecla on the way. The wind getting up very strong from SE’ly. Hoisted all boats & so felt quite comfortable & let go Port [ ].

28th October 1915

Short notice Watch

Orders to raise steam for safety came in the morning watch as it was blowing very hard all day. Kept proper sea watches all day, which was rather boring. Wind seemed to increase in the evening. Have been managing g to get a good deal of sleep the last couple of days, there being nothing else to do!! No communication with the Hecla & so no nails out or in.

29th October 1915

½ hours notice

Kept the morning watch on the bridge, rather a boring procedure, wind inclined to be a little less. Flotillas are at 1 hours notice - apparently a stunt on - hope we don’t go out in this SEly gale. The Argyll went on the rocks & is expected to be a total wreck. Got under way and completed with oil, rather an effort considering it was blowing so hard. The wind went down in the evening and we went out & anchored (our patrol) inside Switha boom. Keeping watch as usual.

30th October 1915

A bit better day. Made fast to E3 buoy, Sparrowhawk[40]alongside.

31st October 1915

Got under way at 6.39am & went out to the armed boarding trawler. We didn’t get relieved till a bit late, and oiled & finally secured to our buoy by midday. Sparrowhawk went alongside the Hecla. After lunch Wainwright[41] came over to see us & then after tea we all went over to the grand fleet & called on Cowan[42] in the Defence & then on to the DofE. Back & had supper with Allen[43].

1st November 1915

At Sea

We went out at 7.30am to screen the 4th B.S. while they did some P.Z.s - a very peaceful day & we were in, secured to our buoy by 5.0pm. Went over to the Hecla - motorboat stripped all its [astern] gear, so cadged a trip back in the Hecla’s steamboat. A quiet evening & bed early.

2nd November 1915

At Sea

Got orders to raise steam in the forenoon. Went out at 2.30pm to the westward - all the fleet coming on after dark. Began to get a bit nasty (N’rly wind) in the dog watches - & laid most of the people out. The sub [44]seems to be a very bad sailor. A couple of splendid seas on the fxle[45] - I thought the bridge would give way. Weather got worse & worse as the night came on.

3rd November 1915

At Sea

It was too bad for the destroyers - so we turned round at 3.30am thank goodness. Had a [chronic] morning watch & got proper drenched to the skin - & very big seas. Nothing to do - so lay down & slept soundly from 9.0am till 3.0pm. We arrived in harbour at 4.0pm but all the 2nd flotilla got in just before us - so we had to wait to oil. Eventually secured alongside Sp’hawk[46] at C3 buoy at 6.0pm. A quiet evening & bed early.

4th November 1915

1/2 hours notice

Got a signal to say Capt D would want us to take him to Scapa at 11.0am. Ran him across & anchored close in to Scapa. Sent Battrick[47] ashore & he got tons of gear - the fleet being out there was no crowd back. Brought ‘D‘ back - oiled & secured to Sp’hawk by 5.0pm. Allen came over & dined with me.

5th November 1915

At Sea?

Sp’hawk got under way at 4.15am & ourselves at 5.0am. Went out to westward & met the fleet at 7.0am & were in harbour oiled & at our buoy by 8.30am. During the forenoon, the Capt. had to go onboard to see Capt.D. I went over to the Hecla & stayed there till 1.0pm copying out secret orders for the Captain. Back & wrote a few hurried letters & then got ready for sea. Achates, Ambuscade, Midge, Marne, Milbrook & ourselves slipped at 4.0pm & went round to the flow & anchored near the light cruisers. [Samler] & 8 men arrived for boarding duties - also Lieut Bashford RNVR (german interpreter late master... { Dartmouth)}

6th November 1915

At Sea

at Dartmouth). I slept on the W. R. settee. We weighed at 1.30am & went out with the Galatea, Caroline & Inconstant. A following wind & sea, so very peaceful day. In the evening got everything on the top line for a stunt. Detonators out - & in fact everything absolutely ready. A very cheery evening after dinner & we all sung.

7th November 1916

At Sea

During the middle watch we were going along the Norwegian coast, had the guns manned during the night etc. We rendez-voused at 6.0am off the Skaw with the Southampton & the light cruisers & commenced the sweep down the Skagerrak. But nothing doing - had one alarm & thought it was a German cruiser, nearly opened fire! Very heavy sea - we sent Samler over to board one Swedish trawler. Rather a job, hoisted the whaler again. At 3..0pm we set course for Scapa - 12 knots in a devil of a gale. Most of the officers retired in the afternoon, but I was merry & bright.

8th November 1915

At Sea

We ought to have got in this morning - but the bad weather kept us back. A rotten morning watch & got quite drenched. The sea got a little better in the evening & we eventually passed the boom at 8.30pm & was secured to our buoy by 9.30pm. The mail arrived - three days. A very nice exciting little trip, roughly a 1000 miles - but nothing doing.

The Albermarle arrived in, having lost her bridge, some officers & men in the gale; & so one can imagine what we got!!

9th November 1915

6 hours notice

Got under way & oiled at 7.0am - had 200 tons to take in. Bashford left for the Erin - then closed the Achilles & sent Samler & his party over to her. Secured to our buoy. Sp’hawk came in off patrol & secured to us at midday. Commenced to blow very hard from the NNE. Acasta, Ardent, Fortune & Hardy are back from dock. Dined with Allen - a very good dinner - discussed things in general till pretty late!

10th November 1915

6 hours notice

Blowing very hard all day. Everybody raised steam for slow speed for safety. We couldn’t as we are doing repairs to feed pumps etc. Spent a good part of the day doing wine books etc and caping with Allen. He came & dined with me. He really is a damned nice chap.

11th November 1915


Went out on patrol at the usual time - still blowing a gale, but keeping under the lee of Hoy it was alright. We asked if we could come in & anchor instead of going out to eastward & so came inside the boom & anchored at 4.30pm. Wrote letters - ordered a box of chocolates for Maisie!!

12th November 1915

We went out at 7.0am to complete our patrol & then came in & oiled & secured to our buoy. After lunch we went alongside the Hecla to have minor defects done before going down to dock. In the evening Willis of the Achates came to see me & then Allen & self went & dined with Kershaw & then over to our ship afterwards & had rather an amusing evening.

13th November 1915

12 hours notice

Awfull snowstorms all night & in the morning the decks were covered - awfully cold & blowing hard. A very bad day, people blowing over - luncheon party etc etc. Allen, Coombe, Sims & Kershaw dined with me & then we all dressed up (c.c. Kersh as acrobat, Coombe female acrobat, Allen schoolboy & Sims a [ ]. Went over to Hecla, not received very warmly there & then to Shark. Cdr Shark’s birthday. A tremendous uproar there. Our appearance started by Coombe falling into the mess through the glass lids - not hurting himself. Managed to wreck the Shark’s mess absolutely & completely smashed up their table.

14th November 1915

Alongside Hecla

A very mouldy & quiet day. Everyone suffering from Mr Remorse!! Cowan was to have lunch also Allen. But too rough. Snow squalls all day. Went over to Sp’hawk to see Allen in dogs & quiet sup with Kershaw.

15th November 1915

We shoved off at 6.30am from Hecla & went out with the flotilla & met the 2nd B.S. at 7.30 am & took them down to Cromarty. Arrived there at 1.0pm - oiled & secured to a buoy at 6.0pm. A lovely evening & freezing hard. Had awful snow squalls all day & snow is laid everywhere. Allen & Capt Sp’hawk came over to dine, because we had the Sub’s pheasants.

16th November 1915

We shoved off at 7.30am & went out & screened the 2nd B.S. during the day for their firing - getting back into harbour about 4.0pm - & oiled & secured to buoy with Sp’hawk at about 6.0pm. 1st & 2nd divs only are down here, & we stay till the 2nd B.S. go back to Scapa. Went over & dined with Allen in Sp’hawk.
Very hard frost all day & a lovely blue sky & sea.

17th November 1915

4 hours notice

A simply glorious day. Landed libertymen, a huge panic getting them off with their beer tickets, etc. We all went ashore & Allen & self went for quite a long walk, it was rather strenuous as the roads were coated with icy snow & I had no nails in my shoes. Went back to Invergorden & had tea at the hotel & then all aboard at 5.30pm - a big mail arrived. Wrote a long letter to Billy about L....n!!

18th November 1915

1/2 hours notice

Had a huge straffe all day, painting the ship & cleaning up ready to go alongside the Monarch & got her to look rather decent eventually. Nothing much doing - went over to see Allen most of the day & he came over after dinner. A very small mail comes in nowadays - I wonder when I’ll get B’s answer -

19th November 1915

1/2 hours notice

We went alongside the Monarch at 9.30am & secured to her port side. Went and called on the W.R. had a yarn with Capt Field. The Sp’hawk went out on patrol & so the Ambuscade came & shoved herself alongside. Managed to do a good bit of cadging as regards stores etc. All went & dined in the Monarch & a most cheery evening.

20th November 1915

Went out on patrol at 1.30pm. Wainwright & Dowding came over to call before lunch. Not a bad day outside, but a bit of a swell. Patrolling off Noss Head.

21st November 1915

1/2 hours notice

We came down as fast as we could - oiled & secured alongside Sp’hawk, alongside Monarch at midday. Went & had supper with Stewart (RNR) in the Monarch[48]. Dowding & Co there too & then had a grand evening & we eventually all appeared in our funny rigs.

22nd November 1915

4 hours notice

Went over with all the ship’s companies to double round and then a good forenoon’s work. I was going ashore with Ralph, but changed our minds eventually. Came on to blow like hell, & we got quite busy with 6” hemps etc. Wind completely dropped after an hour or so. The Faulknor arrived down here. After a quiet dinner onboard (Hopkins & Coles dined with skipper) I went over to see Allen who was dining in Monarch. Bed quite early.

23rd November 1915

4 hours notice

Landed with all the men at 8.15am for a route march, they joined up with the Monarch’s a full band but they went too slow, so Allen & self went off & did quite 9 miles via Alness, & got back to the ship on the drifter about midday. Found Ewan onboard, lunch party, Allen & Coles [coming] in. Bridge afterwards & then suddenly got orders to go with Achates to dock at the Tyne tomorrow. Allen, Hopkins, Sims, Stewart, Capt & self dined in DofE. Another grand night & wore our numerous rigs, [ ] shoes etc. They gave our [POs. Cinema] stunt.

24th November 1915

Allen stayed in my cabin saying goodbye till 2.15am! Achates & ourselves left at 7.15 and shot off as fast as the sea would permit for Newcastle. Huge following sea but managed to keep 25 knots all the way, at times 27! One huge sea shifted all the sweeps gear across the deck. We arrived off the Tyne at 5.0pm & secured alongside Swan Hunters yard by 6.0pm. Did not go ashore too tired. Sub shoved off on leave.

25th November 1915

Cap & self went & called on the Nottinghams in dock. Sent the first watch on leave. Doc went on leave. After lunch we had the ‘mother’s meeting’ & decided on what not to do!! We went into the pontoon dock at 4.0pm & by 6.0pm the Captain & self were ashore. Had a shave & haircut & then dinner at the station hotel Lloyd Owen (Comdr) joined up & then we went to the Empire, not half a bad show. The Captain shoved off on leave. Date of completion midnight 2nd Dec!

26th November 1915

Did a good deal of straffing during the forenoon. Chief & his missus had lunch onboard - & then we started wiring to Capt.D. asking to have extension of refit for steering shafting & numerous signals etc. Went ashore at 6.0pm & met Willis at 7.15pm. dinner & then to The Pearl Girl - very good. Met Newbold & his fiancé!!!

27th November 1915

Nothing much doing all day. Played about with kite & raft etc for new stowage. Also the rigging. Received reply from ‘D’ saying the work is to be completed. Did not get any meals onboard and so am feeding in the Nottingham. Very busy telephoning etc all day re this extension. Met Willis at 7.0pm & then dined at the Turks Head - met Farnell & Farrant & all joined forces & had a box at the Pavillion - a very amusing revue called the Beauty Spot.

28th November 1915

Didn’t arise till 11.0am!! Lunch in the Nottingham. Ashore at 4.0pm - called on chief then on to the Ross’s tea and stayed on to supper. A bloke supping there motored me to the station, caught the 10.20pm & so onboard early.

29th November 1915

Nothing much doing all day. Lunched in Nottingham & got ashore late. Went to P.O. & sent off letters etc. Allen was appointed to Vernon - am moving heaven & earth to get my signals as soon as possible. Went to Picture house and met Farnell & Farrant there - so on to Turks head & had many cocktails - apparently they don’t go in for the non treating act there much!! Dined there & we had the stage box at the Empire - very good show - must have made rather a noise. Down to Wallsend by the 11.5pm train & so onboard.

30th November 1915

1 year in as Lieutenant!

The Sub came off leave midday. I went and lunched with the [firm] and then played billiards. Back onboard to show the Sub around. Then tea in Nottingham & ashore in time to go to hotel - wire to Capt. & then dined with chief & his wife & then we all went on to see Sealed Orders, quite an amusing drama. Onboard early.

1st December 1915 - 8th December 1915

The week ahead is missing in the diary

9th December 1915


We went out on patrol. Hoxa at the usual time & went out to the Eastward at dark. It was quite unpleasant out there - & had a very boring watch.

10th December 1915

2 hours notice

Relieved at the usual time & came in & oiled. Blowing very hard all day. No motorboat to run & so had to use the whaler. Alongside Sp’hawk, but I was horribly mouldy & never left my cabin nearly all day. Wrote a lot of letters - ten to be exact!

11th December 1915

1/2 hours notice

Nothing doing all day. Saw nobody & didn’t even leave the ship. Got some of our stray mails and wrote a lot of letters.

12th December 1915


We went out on Hoxa patrol at the usual time, & as it was so rough (we went out at 2.0pm to sea!!) We came inside the boom & anchored. Wrote letters.

13th December 1915

We were not relieved till 11.0[am] and by the time we had oiled, coaled & secured to the buoy it was quite 2.30pm - Sp’hawk came in & secured to our buoy. Tried to wear off the mould a bit & went over to the Hecla for a bit in the evening. Dined with Maitland (the new No.1. Sp’hawk) & came back to the ship at 10.0pm. Capt Shark, Acasta, Sp’hawk & Hardy dining with the skipper & so stayed up & entertained them till 1.0am!!

14th December 1915


Went out at 7.0am to patrol while some firing went on in the Firth. Not a very nice day out. Didn’t do very much all day. Came in & were secured to our buoy by 4.0pm. Kershaw came & dined with me. Our new doctor, Bell, joined up, & Hughes shoved off after dinner to join the Arabis (a sloop). Quite a cheery evening.

15th December 1915


Went out at 7.0am again to do the same patrol for firing again. And came in after lunch. Oiled and secured to our buoy - a rotten wet and blowy day - wrote a lot of letters.

16th December 1915


We went out on Patrol again the same as yesterday and when the firing was over, we did area A patrol, and as the night looked as though it would be dark & rotten we decided to anchor inside the boom. Anchored shortly after 4pm - and so knocked off keeping watch. Wrote a lot of letters & bed early.

17th December 1915


Went out at 7.0am to carry on with the patrol. We came in at 9.30am, and then went alongside Hecla for dry provisions. After that we had to shove off in a hurry - escort some ships down to Cromarty & then carry on and do Noss Head Patrol. We seem to be doing patrol nearly every single day, since we came back, the other half of our flotilla returned from Cromarty & half the 11th went down in their place.

18th December 1915

4 hours notice

Got in off patrol at 10.0am, oiled and secured to the Hardy. The Hardy left at noon for Glasgow with stripped turbines. A very quiet day in harbour, got quite a nice lot of letters, and wrote a lot & send off all my Xmas cards. We played bridge after tea & dinner, Simms coming over to make a fourth - came on to rain & blow during the night - cheery weather we are having to be sure. Order an Xmas present of chocolates for Maisie, Jays, Mrs Capt. and Josephine.

19th December 1915

Ourselves and Sparrowhawk were told off for Noss Head patrol & just before it was time to go we were told we were not wanted. A very quiet day.

20th December 1915

At Sea

Left harbour at 5.0am & went down with our flotilla to Moray Firth to patrol while the ships did some firing. At 2.0pm we were ordered to close the Iron Duke with all dispatch. Got in there at 3.30pm & anchored near her & waited orders. At 6.0pm we left with dispatches & an admiralty constructor for Scapa. Left there at 7.0pm & arrived Scapa at 10.15 - a record run - 92 miles!!!! Came into the flow & anchored near the Marlborough for the night. All the flotilla came in at 9.0pm having been out a few hours submarine hunting.

21st December 1915

Oiled at 7.30am & secured to our buoy. At four hours notice for a change. Did nothing much all day. Went over to dine with Dyke in the Faulknor & back via Shark to call for the Capt. Onboard at midnight.

22nd December 1915

Patrol Got under way at the usual time. Went out to Area A patrol - not a bad day & started the dark hours by remaining in the vicinity - but it got too misty & came on to blow. So went out to the westward. We are apparently in for a SE’er as the other patrol report very heavy weather & have come in.

23rd December 1915

At Sea

Had a most awful morning watch - blowing like the Dickens (about 7 or 8 )and a blizzard. Couldn’t see anything at all, & so stood away from the land - at 2.0pm we just saw the Old Man of Hoy for a [few] minutes - we had been set about 15 miles to the N’ward! Managed to feel our way in & arrived at 3.30pm & anchored. Too rough to oil & blowing a howling gale.

24th December 1915

Short notice (gale)

Blowing very hard all day. No patrols went out. Got our mail by drifter - a huge one & pcards. In the dog watches played bridge & also very late. The ship’s company are celebrating Xmas day tonight, as we have been told off for Area A again tomorrow!!! What a lot we seem to be doing!!!

25th December 1915

Waiting to go on patrol

Still blowing like blazes, & we got under way to oil at 9.0am & huge sea alongside the oiler. The Hoxa patrol boats went out, but we were told not to go out on patrol until the weather moderated. Came back & anchored in the same billet. Lunch & then read Xmas letters etc . The Hecla have been very good, sending our mails round twice a day. Valerie Jay, Mrs Capt & Mrs Chief sent me some chocolates. Got Mother’s presents - Turkeys - crackers etc. Y. gave me a white silk scarf. We had a very good Xmas dinner & were really quite cheery & had crackers etc & then did tricks etc after dinner. The chief got his appointment to the [Pailsey] (new destroyer) building at Swan Hunters.

26th December 1915

A lovely day & so got under way at 9.0am went alongside Shark at buoy. Went over to Hecla & then lunched in Sp’hawk, alongside Hecla. Back to ship. Big supper party. Jones, Hopkins, Kershaw, Coombe & Sims & all Faulknors & Sharks came over after dinner. All dressed up for dinner - a very cheery evening - crackers etc.

27th December 1915


We had to go out on patrol & relieve by 8.0am & so we slipped at 7.30am. Did the usual Hoxa patrol with the Midge, & luckily we were told to come inside the boom for the night & anchor as there was a devil of a swell running & the wind was getting up a bit. Anchored at 4.0pm - wrote a letter or two & then we played bridge.

29th December 1915 (this was the last entry in the diary)

4hours notice

Being at four hours notice - nothing much doing. Tried the whaler’s new sails in the forenoon, also exercised Abandon Ship & touched up the side. Managed to complete the motorboats canopys & make them fit at last. Went over to the Hecla at seven bells to see the Panto Revue given by the Gun Room of the K.G.V. in the theatre ship which is alongside Hecla. A marvellously goood show & we all enjoyed it. I should think there was at least 120 officers & 500 men there. Came on to blow in the evening. Had some quite nice letters today from Maisie, Ralph & Josephine.

HMS Spitfire Navy Lists


  1. Flotilla Cruisers Swift, Faulknor Depot Ship Hecla Destroyers Acasta, Achates, Ambuscade, Ardent, Christopher, Cockatrice, Contest, Fortune, Garland, Hardy, Lynx, Midge, Owl, Paragon, Porpoise, Shark, Sparrowhawk, Spitfire, Unity, Victor
  2. Hecla was the depot ship for the flotilla
  3. Engineer Lieutenant-Commander Harry J.A. White (HMS Spitfire)
  4. Sub-Lieutenant Ivo Wyndham Laton Frewen (HMS Spitfire)
  5. Surgeon Probationer R.N.V.R Colin R. Mackenzie (HMS Spitfire)
  6. S.S. Borodino M.F.A. No.6. Junior Army and Navy Stores Ltd. with H.M. Grand Fleet
  7. Lieutenant-Commander Reginald S. Goff (HMS Garland)
  8. Captain Charles John Wintour (HMS Swift) - later died at the Battle of Jutland on HMS Tipperary
  9. Sub-Lieutenant Eric R. Reed (HMS Spitfire)
  10. Torpedo Boat
  11. First Dog Watch 16:00-18:00
  12. The forecastle abbreviated fo'c'sle or fo'c's'le or the forward part of a ship
  13. Afternoon Watch 12:00-16:00
  14. Gunner (T) Philip White (HMS Spitfire)
  15. Forenoon Watch 08:00-12:00
  16. First Watch 20:00-00:00
  17. Morning Watch 04:00-08:00
  18. Gunner (T) Joseph Devine (HMS Hecla)
  19. Coxswain
  20. Lieutenant Frank A. Rothera (HMS Porpoise)
  21. Lieutenant-Commander Lewis G.E. Crabbe (HMS Hardy)
  22. Lieutenant Ralph H. Allen (HMS Sparrowhawk)
  23. Lieutenant Ralph H. Allen (HMS Sparrowhawk)
  24. Sub-Lieutenant Philip H. Calderon (HMS Marne)
  25. Sub-Lieutenant Eric R. Reid (HMS Spitfire)
  26. Sub-Lieutenant Philip H. Calderon (HMS Marne)
  27. Lieutenant Ralph H. Allen (HMS Sparrowhawk)
  28. Sub-Lieutenant Eric R. Reid (HMS Spitfire)
  29. Sub-Lieutenant Redvers M.C. Holland-Pryor (HMS Spitfire)
  30. Sub-Lieutenant Eric R. Reid (HMS Spitfire)
  31. Lieutenant Ralph H. Allen (HMS Sparrowhawk)
  32. Sub-Lieutenant Redvers M.C. Holland-Pryor (HMS Spitfire)
  33. Lieutenant-Commander John O. Barron (HMS Acasta)
  34. S.S. Borodino M.F.A. No.6. Junior Army and Navy Stores Ltd. with H.M. Grand Fleet
  35. Lieutenant Ralph H. Allen (HMS Sparrowhawk)
  36. Lieutenant Ralph H. Allen (HMS Sparrowhawk)
  37. Commander Loftus W. Jones (HMS Shark)
  38. Lieutenant Ralph H. Allen (HMS Sparrowhawk)
  39. Flag Lieutenant Ian C. Cowan (HMS Defence)
  40. HMS Sparrowhawk Navy List
  41. Captain Royal Marines Gerald C. Wainwright (HMS Duke of Edinburgh)
  42. Flag Lieutenant Ian C. Cowan (HMS Defence)
  43. Lieutenant Ralph H. Allen (HMS Sparrowhawk)
  44. Sub-Lieutenant Redvers M.C. Holland-Pryor (HMS Spitfire)
  45. The forecastle abbreviated fo'c'sle or fo'c's'le or the forward part of a ship
  46. HMS Sparrowhawk Navy List
  47. Officer's Steward 3rd Class William Thomas Battrick L5192