The Times Sat, Jun 24, 1916 Page 4

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The Times Sat, Jun 24, 1916 · Page 4


Men of the Nestor and Nomad in Germany.

The Secretary of the Admiralty announces that the following men have been unofficially reported to be prisoners of war in Germany:-

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Name Comments
Allibone, William Thomas
Batten, William
Betsworth, George Samuel
Bishop, George Ernest
Bowyer, John J27399 HMS Indefatigable
Buckett, Albert Henry
Bundey, Herbert Frank
Butcher, Newburgh
Bygrave, Robert Sydney
Carpenter, Harvey George
Charters, Frederick Ernest
Clapinson, Percy
Clemas, William Leonard
Cock, Douglas Godfrey Buchanan
Coffey, John
Cook, Henry
Cox, Bernard
Day, William Walter
Dinnage, Alfred Edwin
Edwards, James Charles
Finch, Sidney George
Fletcher, Arthur Ernest
Garner, Joseph
Genower, John Player
Hampson, Charles Butterworth
Hart, Thomas William
Hayes, Alfred Henry
Houlden, David
Howlett, Frederick William
Impey, William
Jennison, Harry
King, Frederick William
Knight, John
Lewis, Charles Jubilee
Limb, Charles William
McCarthy, Eugene
McGill, Moses
McLeod, A Not on Nestor crew list. Official number difficult to read
Marriott, Joseph Herley
Mead, Ernest Benjamin
Metcalfe, Thomas Frederick
Middleton, Hubert William
Miles, Arthur Joseph
Morris, Arthur
Munnery, Edwin
Munting, Frederick James
Norris, Frederick
Norton, William Robert
Osborne, George William
Pearce, Jubal
Pittis, Charles Edward
Pullen, Frederick Henry
Reed, Walter Charles
Richards, Alexander Yorkstone
Richards, William Gilbert
Riley, James
Rolfe, Henry
Rumsby, Alfred William
Savin, William Henry
Seymour, Herbert Lionel
Sheard, Ernest
Shenton, Randle George
Shephard, Albert Edward
Slinn, Victor William Henry
Spooner, Percy
Spring, John Alexander Charles
South, J Not on Nestor crew list. Official number difficult to read
Stewart, Wallace
Stone, Robert
Summerhayes, Herbert
Swaby, Bertie
Wallace, John
Warner, Bertie
Wiley, Samuel James Guy
Withers, William Edward John