The London Gazette Friday, 10 December, 1920

From Battle of Jutland Crew Lists Project

Issue 32159: THE LONDON GAZETTE, 10 DECEMBER, 1920.

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Department of the Accountant-General of the Navy,
Admiralty, S.W.
10th December, 1920.

Notice is hereby given to all persons interested therein, that preparations are now being made for the intended distribution of the award off Prize Bounty made in respect of the Jutland Battle, 31st May-lst June, 1916.

Ships' agents or other persons having any just and legal demand, unliquidated, against the Award are required to transmit the particulars of any such demand to the Registrar of the Admiralty Division of H.M. High Court of Justice, in order that the same may be examined, taxed, and allowed by that Officer, and paid under the sanction of the Judge of the said court

Notice will be given, by future advertisement in the London Gazette, of the date proposed for the commencement of Distribution, and no application for payment of shares should be made pending such further notice.