The Edinburgh Gazette Tuesday, December 4, 1917

From Battle of Jutland Crew Lists Project


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The following additional awards have been approved for services in the Battle of Jutland:—

Name Official Number Ship
To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.
C.E.R.A. Tom Battye, O.N. 268688 (Ch.). 268688 DEFENDER
Sto. P.O. Edward James Gardener, O.N. 293566 (Po.). 293566 SPITFIRE
Sto. P.O. Thomas Kerr, O.N. 307376 (Po.). 307376 DEFENDER
C.E.R.A. Harold Lee, R.N.R., O.N. 1460 E.A. EA 1460 SPITFIRE
A.B. William James Millar, O.N. 188092 (Po.). 188092 ONSLAUGHT
P.O. Teleg. Edward William Penney, O.N. 223147 (Dev.) (now Act. Wt. Teleg.). 223147 LION
The following men have been mentioned in despatches:—
E.R.A. Jens Christian Walter Agerskow, O.N. M 1691 (Ch.). M1691 DEFENDER
Sto. P.O. Herbert Bailey, O.N. 293817 (Ch.). 293817 INDOMITABLE
Ship's CorpL, 1st Cl., Ernest Charles Bale, O.N. 194464 (Ch.). 194464 INDOMITABLE
Sto. P.O. George Blake, O.N. 296025 (Ch.). 296025 DEFENDER
Ldg. Sto. Richard Charles Broadhurst, O.N. K 2777 (Ch.). K2777 INDOMITABLE
Pte. Archibald Brown, R.M.L.I., No. Po./15515. 15515 INDOMITABLE
Sto. P.O. Arthur Clatworthy, O.N. 306235 (Dev.). 306235 LION
Sto. P.O. William Cook, O.N. K 5097 (Ch.). K5097 INDOMITABLE
Ch. Sto. George Thomas Egglestone, O.N. 282213 (Po.). 282213 ONSLAUGHT
Mech. Harold Edgar Rowe Foot, O.N. 280362 (Dev.). 280362 MARLBOROUGH
Gnr. Harold Herbert Hardy, R.M.A., No. 6797 (R.F.R./B960). 6797 LION
Ldg. Sto. Frederick George Harris, O.N. K 21607 (Ch.). K21607 DEFENDER
Ldg. Sto. George Hart, O.N. 294195 (R.F.R., Ch./B8339). 294195 INDOMITABLE
P.O. Ernest Edward Hoile, O.N. 195066 (Ch.). 195066 INDOMITABLE
Sto. P.O. Ben Kindred, O.N. 306762 (Ch.). 306762 INDOMITABLE
Sto., 1st Cl., Arthur Lang, O.N. K 10159 (Po.). K10159 SPITFIRE
C.E.R.A, 2nd Cl., Edward Frederick Mitchell, O.N. 270684 (Po.). 270684 PORPOISE
A.B. Arthur Frank Rowlett, O.N. 236195 (Po.). 236195 SPITFIRE
Ch. Sto. James Sawyer, O.N. 285895 (Ch.). 285895 INDOMITABLE
Ch. Sto. Harry Scopes, O.N. 288050 (Ch.). 288050 DEFENDER
P.O. John Shoesmith, O.N. 184703 (Po.). 184703 ONSLAUGHT
E.R.A., 2nd Cl., Frederick Stanley Thomas, O.N. 272368 (Ch.). 272368 INDOMITABLE
C.E.R.A., 2nd Cl., Jesse Brooks Wadham, O.N. 269916 (Po.). 269916 OPHELIA
C.E.R.A., 2nd Cl., Robert Young, O.N. 270114 (Ch.). 270114 INDOMITABLE