The Edinburgh Gazette Tuesday, August 15, 1916

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Issue 12971: THE EDINBURGH GAZETTE, AUGUST 15, 1916. 1397

Page 1397

This work is a transcription of the original document located here
Admiralty, August 11, 1916.
The KING has been graciously pleased to confer the Decoration of the Albert Medal of the First Class on—
Lieutenant Frederick Joseph Rutland, R.N. (Flight Lieutenant, Royal Naval Air Service).
The following is the account of the services in respect of which the Decoration has been conferred :—

During the transhipment of the crew of H.M.S. '"Warrior" to H.M.S. " Engadine" on the morning of the 1st of June 1916, succeeding the naval battle off the coast of Jutland, one of the severely wounded, owing to the violent motion of the two ships, was accidentally dropped overboard from a stretcher and fell between the ships. As the ships were working most dangerously, the Commanding Officer of the " Warrior " had to forbid two of his officers from jumping overboard to the rescue of the wounded man, as he considered that it would mean their almost certain death. Before he could be observed, however, Lieutenant Rutland, of H.M.S. " Engadine," went overboard from the forepart of that ship with a bowline, and worked himself aft. He succeeded in putting the bowline around the wounded man and in getting him hauled on board, but it was then found that the man was dead, having been crushed between the two ships. Lieutenant Rutland's escape from a similar fate was miraculous. His bravery is reported to have been magnificent.