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Re your HMS Spitfire page.

An excellent and useful page regarding the ship and her ship's company. One correction though - the image is of the ship's "badge;" we don't have crests in the Navy.


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Hi I have previously been in touch with the Jutland project team specifically regarding HMS Ajax and had 2 links, one for the general list and one for the Ajax list on my website It has been pointed out that the link to these pages no longer work. I cannot seem to find an email contact to discuss with you - can you advise please? Malcolm Collis Archivist HMS Ajax & River Plate Veterans Association


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I have just come across this site and am very interested as my grandfather was at the Battle of Jutland. He was on King George V. I see that you are still collecting information for that ship. Does it help if I send you details of my grandad's service?

Yes please