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Engine-room Artificer Frederick Strickland, youngest son of Ex-Supt. R. Strickland, 25, Peelhouse lane, Widnes, has, it is feared, gone down with H.M.S. Black Prince in the North Sea fight of last week. Engine-room Artificer Strickland was married on the 6th June, 1915, and his wife resides at 98, Kent street.
On Saturday, as a result of the reports in the Press, Ex-Supt. Strickland wrote to the Admiralty for tidings, and in reply received on Monday morning the following telegram: "Frederick Strickland, E.R.A., 4M.,10913, on board Black Prince to latest information. Regret feared lost." No further information has come to hand, but both wife and father fear E.R.A. Strickland lost his life.
The deceased was 25 years of age, and his wife is well known as assistant in Messrs. Freeman, Hardy, and Willis's Simms's Cross branch. He was an old boy of Simms's Cross Board School, and served his time as a fitter at Messrs. Gossage's. He afterwards worked at the Widnes Alkali Works, Messrs. Dennis's, the Vine Words, Widnes Transporter Bridge, Westinghouse Works (Trafalgar Park), Prescot Wire Works, and Messrs. Bolton's, and was a member of the Amalgamated Society of Engineers. He passed his examinations as an artificer, and joined the Navy in December, 1914. Since then he has been home twice, the last occasion being in December. The Black Prince has been his only ship, and has spent practically all his tinme in the North Sea. He passed several examinations since joining. His ship was with the squadron that sank the Blucher and he had several exciting experiences to relate. A trained violinist, his aid, both as organiser and artiste, was sought at many naval concerts held ashore and afloat in aid of charitable objects. His wife received a letter - his last - on the day of the battle. He said he was well and was coming home in June. E.R.A. Strickland was of quiet disposition, and photography was his favourite hobby. He attended St. Paul's Church.
Much sympathy has been tendered to Ex-Supt. Strickland, who lost his wife just 13 months ago, and particularly with Mrs. Strickland, who has thus had the first anniversary of her wedding so tragically darkened.
Yorkshire Telegraph and Start 7 July 1916 via Spike Sheldon