Stretch, John Oliver

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On H.M.S. "Indefatigable."
Birkenhead Patriot Lost.
Bdr. J.O.Stretch was on board the ill-fated Indefatigable at the time of the recent North Sea battle, and is believed to have perished with his ship. His only sister, who resides at 3. Boundary-road, Bidston, has received a notice to this effect from the Admiralty. Bdr. Stretch was an old St. Peter's boy, and was 36 years of age. He had been in the Royal Marines for 10 years. All who knew this very sprightly and honest young man will be very sorry to learn of his untimely death. His whole heart and soul were wrapped up in his work.
Birkenhead News 14 June 1916 - via Spike Sheldon
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