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Enclosure No. 3 to Battle Cruiser Fleet Letter No. B.B.F. 01 of 12/6/16.
No. 011.
Vice-Admiral Commanding
Battle Cruiser Fleet.

The attached report from Midshipman J. L. Storey, R.N., the senior uninjured survivor from QUEEN MARY is submitted for information.
O. de B. BROCK,
Rear Admiral.
PRINCESS ROYAL, 3rd June 1916

H.M.S. "Crescent"
3rd June 1916.


I DEEPLY regret to report that QUEEN MARY, commanded by Captain C. I. Prowse, R.N., was completely destroyed when in action with the German Fleet at 5.25 p.m. on Wednesday, the 31st May.

The total number of Officers and men saved was 18.

The circumstances of the loss of the Ship are, as far as I know, as follows: -

At 4.20 p.m. the QUEEN MARY was third ship in the line of the 1st B.C.S., and action was sounded, and at 4.45 the order was given "load all guns." At 4.53 fire was opened on the third ship of the enemy's line, the range being about 17,000 yards.

The fire was maintained with great rapidity till 5.20, and during this time we were only slightly damaged by the enemy's fire. At 5.20 a big shell hit "Q" Turret and put the right gun out of action, but the left gun continued firing. At 5.24 a terrific explosion took place which smashed up "Q" Turret and started a big fire in working chamber and the Gun House was filled with smoke and gas. The Officer of the Turret, Lieutenant Commander Street, gave the order to evacuate the Turret. All the unwounded in the Gun House got clear and, as they did so, another terrific explosion took place and all was thrown into the water. On coming to the surface nothing was visible except wreckage, but thirty persons appeared to be floating in the water.

At 5.55, LAUREL saw the survivors in the water and lowered a whaler and rescued seventeen. When this number had been picked up, LAUREL received orders to proceed at full speed, being in grave danger of the enemy's ships.

All Officers and men were treated with the greatest kindness by the Officers and men of LAUREL and were landed at Rosyth at about 8 p.m., 1st June.[2]

I have the honour to be,
Your obedient Servant,
Midshipman, R.N.

To HMS Queen Mary Survivors list

  1. (original footnote The Dreadnought Project) Part omitted here, referring solely to personnel, recommendations,&c., in no way bearing on the course of the action
  2. (original footnote The Dreadnought Project) It will be noted that the above times are "Summer Time" and not G.M.T.