St. George's Medal 4th Class

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Victoria Cross -- Conspicuous Gallantry Medal -- Croix de Guerre -- Distinguished Service Medal -- Mentioned in Despatches
Commendation -- St. George's Cross 4th Class -- St. George's Medal 4th Class -- Medaille Militaire
Jutland Medallion -- Chester Medallion

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(N.24912 - 30.5.1918)
The St. George's Cross 4th Class, and St. George's Medal, 4th Class, were con-
ferred by the Russian Government on the following men of the Grand Fleet for
services rendered in the Battle of Jutland:-

St. George's Medal 4th Class
at Jutland
Name ON Ship Comments
Ldg. Sto Adams, Frederick K15918 Blanche PAGE 7
AB Ahern, James 171362 Minion
Corpl. Ahier, Arthur George 8475 King George V
CPO Alden, Arthur James 157357 Unknown Ship (since died)
Pte Anderson, Benjamin 9661 Inflexible PAGE 8
Ldg Sig Anderson, Charles John 213889 Malaya
CERA 2nd Cl Clarence J. Anderson 270229 Lydiard
AB Anderson, James Boyd Hendry 192430 Blanche
Ldg Sea Anderson, William J79 Christopher
AB Christopher T. Andrew 193645 New Zealand
CPO Ansell, Robert John 163267 Canada
Ldg Sea Appleton, Joseph 190753 Contest
PO Astbury, Philip 178532 Colossus
Shipwt 1st Cl John H. Atherton 345921 Warrior
Ldg Sig Frederick C.T. Aust 239146 Menace
Ldg Sto Arthur H. Avery K13260 Lion
AB James Baker 191185 Superb
Ldg Sto Ball, Arthur Henry 310642 Conqueror
Ldg Sea Sidney L. Ball J5658 Indomitable
AB Thomas W. Ball 209854 Indomitable
Shipwt 1st Cl Banbury, James 347292 Bellerophon
Sergt Harry C. Barlow 5729 New Zealand
Sto PO Barnard, Edward 173631 Benbow
AB Thomas H.G. Barnett 184600 Revenge
AB Ernest J. Barrett 207439 Vanguard (since dead) .
PO Herbert T. Bartlett J1187 Narwhal
Ldg Sea Samuel Bartlett 225417 Sparrowhawk
Ship's Cpl 2nd Cl Harry H. Bashford 224710 Minotaur
AB Henry A. Bate 233250 Minotaur
Ldg Sig William J. Bath 230560 Iron Duke
Gnr Batt, Francis Charles 12739 Canada
Ch Sto Fred Battin 279816 Moorsom
Ldg Sea Bayliss, William 183095 Mischief
Ch Sto Beadle, William Henry 162063 Calliope (since died)
AB Francis B. Beall 160849 Hercules
Ldg Carp Crew John Beasley M6195 Temeraire
Ldg Sto Beattie, Samuel K895 Duke of Edinburgh
Ldg Sea Henry Beck 184613 Iron Duke
AB George W. Belcher 187396 Royal Oak
Ldg Sea James Bell 162481 Mons
Ldg Sea Bench, Thomas Henry 180260 Centurion
Ldg Sto William A. Benford 307548 Valiant
PO Bennett, John Pearce 171774 Duke of Edinburgh
PO Beynon, William Charles 169396 Birkenhead
Ldg Sea Thomas Best 182502 Valiant
Sto 1st Cl Samuel Betts 307889 Royal Oak
Ldg Sea William C.B. Bevan J2202 Temeraire
ERA 1st Cl Harry Bickerton 271534 New Zealand
CPO Albert G. Biddle 160140 King George V
AB Alfred J.E. Blackmore 215926 New Zealand
PO 1st Cl Arthur Blackmore 201578 Warspite
AB Thomas Blake 201844 Valiant
Gnr Thomas Blakley 4975 Orion
Ch Sto Frederick W. Bloomfield 281078 Landrail
Ldg Sto Boalch, Charles Thomas 296132 Centurion
PO William C. Boraston 196925 Marvel
Act CPO Bowness, William Henry 191435 Blanche
Ship's Std John J. Boyd, alias James Mazula 340124 Monarch
Ldg Sto Branigan, James 559 V Dublin
Act Ldg Sto Charles Bravin K15038 Orion
PO Samuel Brickwood 182208 Warspite
AB Brightman, Benjamin 188483 Centurion
Sto PO Brimfield, Henry 288975 Christopher
AB Charles J. Brimilcombe 183499 Orion
Sto PO Broadbridge, Charles 302139 Canada
Sto PO Richard C. Broadhurst K2777 Indomitable
CPO Brook, Herbert Francis Bertie 156635 Barham
AB Edward Brookes J7355 Marlborough
CPO Brooks, Gerald 270891 Engadine (now W.O, 2nd Cl.,A) PAGE 9
Ch Sto Brown, Graham 174361 Ajax
Sto 1st Cl Thomas Bryce 283535 Temeraire
Ch Shipwt Oliver Buckley 344562 Shannon
Ldg Sto William Budge 281384 Valiant
2nd Writer Clarence H. Burd M5330 Valiant
Ch Elect Art 2nd Cl Burgess, Percy John 346508 Barham
Sergt Joseph T. Burley 9133 Royal Oak
Ldg Sto Burt, William Frederick K5398 Birkenhead
AB Arthur F. Burton 216398 Minotaur
AB Ernest S. Burton 155378 Warspite
AB William Bury 169854 Shannon
Sto 1st Cl Samuel G. Buscombe K19169 New Zealand
AB Bernard Bushrod 196598 Revenge
Sergt Charles Butler 8416 Warspite
Ch Yeo Sigs Butler, William 161093 Dublin
Gnr Button, Edward 4558 St. Vincent
AB Calder, James 185660 Princess Royal
Ch SBS Arthur G.Camm 350316 Tiger
CPO Canaway, Frederick Joseph 169006 Superb
Ch Sto Alfred B. Capon 282755 Laurel
Ch Shipwt Carder, Edwin George 342136 Colossus
Pte Cassell, Edward Harry 7679 Collingwood
ERA 4th Cl Chambers, Edward Henry M2688 Cordelia
Sto 1st Cl Champion, Samuel 281370 Benbow
Sto 1st Cl Robert F. Chapman SS110350 Marlborough
Sto 1st Cl George E. Chappel K10293 Marlborough
PO Charlick, Frank 152900 Centurion
Gnr Cheesman, Alfred Herbert 5747 Marlborough
AB Chiddle, William Latter 201426 Barham
AB Frederick Chilton J5509 Goshawk
Sto 1st Cl George Chilton 290006 Royalist
Sto PO Churchill, William Henry 146255 Agincourt
Ldg Btm Clark, Albert George 157103 Petard
Ch ERA 1st Cl Clark, Lionel Ernest 173576 Colossus
AB RNVR Clark, William Clyde 1495 Tiger
Ldg Sea Clarke, George Henry 199066 Ajax
Sto 1st Cl Cleave, Henry Hayward 299718 Birmingham
AB Norman B. Clements 227325 Termagant
Act Sto PO Ivor Clemerson K10813 Lion
PO Clitheroe, James Thomas 191865 Phaeton
Shipwt 2nd Cl Clifford, John M13673 Barham
AB Clue, Arthur Albert Frank 195610 Christopher
Ch Sto David Coghill 277369 Inflexible
CPO Coleman, John 181335 Benbow
Ldg Sig Coleman, Alvared Leonard J4222 Colossus
Ch Sto Alfred J. Collins 285978 Lydiard
AB Collins, Henry 177617 Monarch
PO Collins, John Foulger 173439 Defender
Yeo Sig Combes, Ernest John 226790 Barham
Ldg Sea Conaghy, Patrick 164293 Warspite
AB Connell, Joseph 157046 Neptune
Sto 1st Cl John Connery 280931 Marne
Ldg Sto Jeremiah Connolly 307575 Revenge
Sto 1st Cl Cook, William Henry 167897 Erin
CPO Cooke, Charles Frederick 161513 Vanguard (since died)
PO George L. Cooke 218369 Shannon
Ldg Sea Cooke, William Charles 117656 Malaya
AB Coombs, Matthew 225818 Caroline
Ship's Corpl 1st Cl Cooper, Edward 207755 Barham
Ldg Sea Henry Cooper 160834 Unity
Gnr Cooper, James William 6184 St. Vincent
Ldg Sea Corbyn, Arthur Anderson 181872 Neptune
Arm Mt Roland E. Corlett M3967 Malaya
Ch Elect Art 2nd Cl Alfred C. Cornhill 346923 Valiant PAGE 10
Sto PO John E. Cornwell 365797 Termagant
CERA 2nd Cl Cotsell, George Stephen 270391 Boadicea
Sto PO Albert Couch 281641 Magic
CPO Coughlan, James 138894 King George V
AB Courtney, James 192275 Moorsom
Sailmaker Cousins, Ernest Walter 188919 Conqueror
AB Cowey, Fred J15395 Castor
Act CERA 2nd Cl William A. Critchley M969 Nessus
Ship's Std Herbert H. Croker 344187 New Zealand
Ch Yeo Sigs Crompton, Edgar 167762 Barham
PO 1st Cl Cross, Frederick 183958 Marlborough
Ldg Sto Crouse, William 161196 Tiger
Sto PO Crutcher, Albert 308419 Acheron
Sto PO RNR Patrick Cuddihy 2242 T Tiger
Gnr Cuff, Ernest Albert 4958 Iron Duke
Ch Arm Cundy, James Robert 168558 Erin
ERA 1st Cl Curry, Leonard Henry 268897 Constance
Ldg Sea Ernest F. Curtis J11872 Marlborough
Ldg Sea James Cuthbert 216725 Nicator
Ldg Sea Samuel G.B. Cutmore 234711 Vanguard (since died)
Ch Sto Dart, Alfred 277701 Benbow
Ldg Sig Nelson A. Davey 237036 Minotaur
Arm Davidson, John Glennie 345863 Canada
CERA 1st Cl Davies, Thomas Henry 269465 Comus
CPO Davis, Arthur 161905 Attack
Sto 1st Cl Godfrey Davis 290010 Hercules
Col Sergt Daviss, Thomas Henry 7362 Agincourt
Sto 1st Cl Dawson, Edwin 276630 Ambuscade
PO 1st Cl Day, Francis 124221 Benbow
PO Deacon, John 188544 Tiger
AB Dean, Harry 221561 Moorsom (since died)
Elect Art Clarence H. Deeble 344885 Malaya
AB John Deenihan 214167 Warspite
PO Delbridge, George 119301 Revenge (since died)
Sergt Denash, Frederick Joseph 9929 Bellerophon
Sto 1st Cl Denham, Joseph 284722 Birkenhead
PO Teleg Denial, Frank 238345 Badger
Sto 1st Cl Robert S. Denis SS100447 Inflexible
AB Dillon, George Frederick 195870 Ajax
AB Dinnage, Albert Edward 212812 Contest
CERA 1st Cl Dobbie, William Alexander 269503 Barham
SBS Walter R.S. Dobell 351454 King George V
Sto PO James Dobie K9690 Marlborough
AB Edmund H. Doggant 222643 Warrior
Ldg Sto Patrick Donovan 303122 Warspite
Sto PO Donovan, Richard 291405 Revenge
AB Donovan, Thomas 170316 Cochrane
PO 1st Cl Doubleday, John 94583 King George V
Sto 1st Cl Patrick Doyle 302329 Warspite
AB Driscoll, Cornelius 157045 Erin
CERA Dryden, Peter 268266 Goshawk
AB Dryland, William George 192776 Revenge
Ldg Sea William John Dungey 202691 Royal Oak
AB Dunkley, Walter Ernest 227339 Unknown Ship
Sergt Douglas T. Dunn 13599 Royal Oak
Sto 1st Cl Frank Durling 281292 Iron Duke
CPO Dwyer, Francis Joseph 161809 Ajax
Ldg Sea Dyer, George 144226 Unknown Ship
Joiner Frank A. Earle 343914 Malaya
Ldg Sea Easter, Richard 160656 Bellerophon
Arm Mt Eastland, Albert William 168566 Benbow
Ldg Sto William Eccles 297873 Warspite
PO Eccleston, Henry 195971 Milbrook
Lan Cpl Edmunds, Robert 8775 Yarmouth PAGE 11
AB Edney, Arthur William 197957 Porpoise
Ldg Sea Thomas C. Edwards 233115 Marksman
Ldg Sea Edwards, William Arthur 231179 Duke of Edinburgh
Ch Sto George T. Eggleston 282213 Onslaught
Sto 1st Cl Arthur Elliott K11221 Warrior
AB Elliott, Ernest Albert 185166 Unknown Ship
Ch Arm Ellis, Herbert Charles 155654 Orion
Pte Ellis, John 7092 Centurion
Ldg Sto William Emerick K6372 Yarmouth
PO Endacott, William 180864 Thunderer
Sto 1st Cl Andrew Ennis 302405 Warspite
CPO Epsly, Grigg William 158931 Indomitable
Ldg Sto Edgar Etheridge 291539 Neptune
AB Robert G. Eunson J23965 Southampton
Ldg Carp Crew Arthur J. Evans M6851 Marlborough
Ch Arm William A. Farthing 340207 Marlborough
Sto 1st Cl James Fawcett 281435 Moon
AB Fearnley, Thomas 166283 Valiant
Sto 1st Cl Edward L. Feaver K4043 Landrail
Ldg Sea Field, George Arthur 146146 Agincourt
Act Bombr Field, John Walter 4241 Ajax
PO Daniel M. Fielder 236701 Liberty
Ch Yeo Sigs Fincham, James Joseph 189726 Neptune
Sergt Herbert Fisher 6214 Orion
Ldg Sea Fitzpatrick, Patrick Edward 190300 Revenge
CERA 1st Cl James Fleming 269847 Yarmouth
Sto 1st Cl James Flynn K30357 Chester
Ldg Sea Foley, David 157040 Duke of Edinburgh
Band Corpl Forbes, Lawrence 316 Canada
AB Forbes, Michael 195523 Valiant
Gnr Forbes, Robert 5553 Revenge
AB Ford, Charles Henry 132056 Garland
Ldg Sto Arthur N. Forest K902 Obdurate
PO Teleg Edwin V. Fossick J6580 New Zealand
Ldg Sto Frampton, George K1766 Duke of Edinburgh
Sto 1st Cl James Frampton 294620 Cochrane
Cooper Thomas H. Francis 341136 Iron Duke
PO Frank, Harry 199039 Canada
AB Albert R. Franklin J25979 Warrior
ERA 1st Cl Harry J. French 269252 Marlborough
Gnr Frost, Harry 6218 Cochrane
Col Sergt Frost, Walter John 5908 Benbow
Gnr Fry, Walter 5086 Royal Oak
Ldg Sto William J. Fudger K7793 Minotaur
PO Furze, Edwin Robert 179182 Revenge
SPO William Edward Gage K7918 Minotaur
CPO Gallagher, Lanty 178866 Lion
AB Gallop, James 174697 Unknown Ship
AB Gann, Henry 191026 Acasta
Sto 1st Cl Walter Gardner 350833 Princess Royal
SBS Gardner, Walter 172431 Malaya
PO Gay, Henry George 189121 Collingwood
Arthur Gentry 284060 Vanguard
2nd SBS Gerbert, Lewis Henry M656 Engadine
CSM (WO 2nd Cl) German, James Thomas 6845 Thunderer
AB Gibbins, Thomas George 165617 Thunderer
Blksmith's Mt Gibbs, Frederick William 346805 Blanche
Sto 1st Cl Giles, Albert Francis 280092 Colossus
AB Gillard, Edwin 189485 Iron Duke
CERA 2nd Cl Orlando Gledhill 269793 Minotaur
AB Glew, Frederick Alippi 164703 Royal Oak
Ldg Sea Victor Goddard J4660 Tiger
Ch Sto Godwin, Arthur 141273 Caroline
Sto PO Goldsmith, Albert George K4228 Bellerophon PAGE 12
AB Goldsworthy, Samuel 195857 Centurion
Ldg Carp Crew Goodall, Cyril Charles M2819 Collingwood
SBS William J. Goodey 351503 Minotaur
Sto 1st Cl Edward G. Goodwin 286930 Laurel
Ch Yeo Sigs Gorman, William Henry 155156 Thunderer
AB Goss, Thomas Martin Anthony 157150 Unknown Ship
Plumber Grayson, Francis Cooper 174301 Benbow
PO Green, Edward Haynes 169376 Porpoise
Pte Green, George William 17270 Chester
CERA 2nd Cl James H. Green 268195 Superb
AB Green, James William Philpott 179815 Iron Duke
Sto PO Henry T. Greenfield K4112 Phaeton
Act Arm Mt Albert Greenhalagh M7586 Tiger
CERA 1st Cl Charles Greet 268659 St. Vincent
AB Gregory, Alfred John 200793 Royalist
Snr Res Attd Grey, Nixon M9246 Calliope
Ship's Std Charles W.F. Griffin 340560 Hercules
Ldg Sto John R. Griffiths SS107451 New Zealand
AB Guy, Alfred Richard 160568 Lion
Ch Writer Guy, Henry 186688 Neptune
Sto 1st Cl Haddow, George K24646 Barham
Ch Arm Hall, Ernest George 341619 Barham
Sergt Jonah Hall 5008 Shannon
Ldg Sea Hallett, John George 169039 Hercules
PO Halloran, Patrick 181388 Valiant
AB Hambling, Reginald J2125 Tiger
Sto 1st Cl Hambley, Henry 284072 Benbow
AB Hamerton, Albert Benjamin 164862 Royal Oak
Pte Hamilton, William Arthur 17164 Chester
CPO Hammond, George John 161137 Monarch
Ldg Sea Hammond, William Henry 201038 Superb
Ldg Carp Crew Philip Hamon M3093 Warspite
CERA 2nd Cl James A. Hampton 270456 Nicator
Off Std 2nd Cl Horace W. Hancock L2184 King George V
Pte Hankins, John 6907 Neptune
CERA 1st Cl Ernest A. Hanks 268242 Malaya
AB George Hannah 164612 Inflexible
Ldg Sig Richard N.Hanning 222471 Noble
CERA 1st Cl Harbottle, Thomas Wallace 269470 Canada
Mechn William J. Hard 278276 Lion
Ship's Cpl 1st Cl Harding, James Joseph 181661 King George V
Gnr Hardy, Harold Herbert 6797 Lion
Musician Hardy, Richard Riggs 2152 Canada
Act CPO Harmer, Leonard 173178 Sparrowhawk
Gnr Harmes, William James 5034 Erin
Ldg Sto Edward H. Harnett 312163 Lydiard
Mechn Harper, Thomas 153506 Unknown Ship
Act CPO Daniel Harrington 204239 Superb
CERA 2nd Cl Alfred G. Harris 271061 Iron Duke
Ldg Sto Charles E. Harris K13597 Shannon
Sto PO Harris, Frederick George K21607 Defender
CPO Harris, Samuel 169173 Bellerophon
Ldg Sto George Hart 294195 Indomitable
Gnr Hart, James 5111 Malaya
AB Hartill, Sidney Gordon 219798 Unknown Ship
Pte Hartley, Bertram Edward 12149 Temeraire
AB Arthur Harvey 227974 Lydiard
2nd SBS Percy C. Harvey M873 Southampton
Ldg Sto Hattam, Alfred Albert K7886 Barham
Col Sergt Hawkesworth, Frank 6262 Princess Royal
Act Sto PO William H. Hawkins 299124 Galatea
Gnr Haydon, John 5694 Neptune
Pte Haynes, Edward William 6308 Lion
CERA 1st Cl George H. Heal 269110 Valiant PAGE 13
Ldg Sea Frederick Healds 178988 Mary Rose (since died)
Corpl Heath, William 5134 Malaya
Sto 1st Cl Stephen Hebden 310177 Valiant
PO Heels, David Francis 213379 Colossus
Ldg Cook's Mt Hellyer, William Archer M351 Bellerophon
Pte Herbert, Thomas Richard 7358 Shannon
AB Hewson, Ernest Robert 195597 Termagant
Ch Arm Hext, Tom Edward 173337 Warspite
Sto 1st Cl Henry W. Hickman 278363 St. Vincent
Blksmith's Mt Adolphus C.V. Hicks 342045 Warspite
Ldg Sto Henry Hicks 304768 King George V
Ch Sto High, George Daniel 288063 Termagant
Ldg Sto Hilditch, William 305398 Colossus
Col Sergt Hill, Arthur 10022 Duke of Edinburgh
CPO Hill, Edward John 172951 Marlborough
Plumber Hill, Francis Edward M6201 Duke of Edinburgh
CERA Gregory G. Hill 268572 Falmouth
Ldg Sea Hill, Henry 185181 Conqueror
CPO Hill, Sydney Walter 165126 Owl
Ldg Sto Hillman, Alfred Charles 362959 Conqueror
CPO Hillman, George Edwin 166121 Manners
Ldg Sea Hiscocks, George Thomas 187327 Revenge
Ch Arm William H. Hitchcock 340235 Lion
Sto 1st Cl Jeremiah Hoare 276888 Moorsom
Ch Elect Art 1st Cl Percy O. Hobbs 345050 Princess Royal
Ch Arm Hockings, John Carlisle 340189 Collingwood
AB Hodge, John James Sponsford 160187 Monarch
Ldg Sig Arthur Holbrook 209441 Nicator
Pte Holland, Daniel 7403 Monarch
Ch Sto Hollands, Nicholas Elliot 132240 Erin
AB Holman, Arthur Gibbs 167438 Hercules
Cooper Holman, William Samuel 345168 Duke of Edinburgh
Sto 1st Cl Holmes, Albert John K3176 Canada
Sto PO Homburg, Frederick Charles K10901 Unknown Ship (since died)
Ldg Sig Homer, Walter William Frederick 219696 Malaya
Act Sto PO Honeysett, Frederick John K8193 Mary Rose
AB Hook, William Frederick 175481 Unknown Ship
Cooper James H. Hookway 340789 Erin
CPO Horne, Robert Henry James 176858 Obdurate
Sto PO Horton, William 153097 Valiant
AB Hosford, Samuel 169546 New Zealand
Ch Ship's Ck Hoskin, Henry Huxham 163242 Ajax
Pte Houlston, Joseph 12761 Birkenhead
Ch Shipwt Arthur C. House 342755 Iron Duke
Musician Howard, Percy David 1482 Marlborough
Ch Sto Thomas Howard 277850 St. Vincent
Ldg Sto Howlett, Thomas Garnet 2749 T Engadine
ERA 2nd Cl William A. Howsego 271875 Hydra
Ldg Sig Robert J. Hoy 226231 Marlborough
Ldg Sea Hudson, Frederick Rodney 199324 Revenge
AB Hughes, Frederick 189189 St. Vincent
Ldg Sea Hughes, William Harold Clifford 170599 Conqueror
Act Arm Robert Huntley 346925 Thunderer
AB Yeo, William Joseph Hussey 145848 Princess Royal
Ldg Sea Huxham, Richard John 150850 Agincourt
Pte Huxtable, George 18350 Princess Royal
Painter 1st Cl Hyatt, Daniel Joseph M2726 Boadicea
AB Charles H. Hyde 205807 Warspite
Ldg Sto Sidney Ixer 280726 Superb
CPO Jackman, George 181795 Neptune
AB Jackson, David 195242 St. Vincent
Sergt Jackson, William 9150 Centurion (now R.M. Gunner)
Ch Sto James, George 154580 Hercules
Blksmith's Mt John E. James 340176 Malaya PAGE 14
Pte Jarvis, Charles 7159 Warspite
Sto 1st Cl Jarwood, John Tucker 298547 Lion
AB Jasper, Fredrick Robert 154999 Erin
AB Jeary, Thomas George 211655 Unknown Ship (since died)
Lg Sto James Jeffers 295885 Inflexible
Sto 1st Cl Jeffords, William 173881 Benbow
PO Robert C. Jeffreys 206540 Termagant
Act Ldg Sto Jelves, George 227483 Munster
CERA 1st Cl Joseph P. Jenkins 268551 Dublin
AB Jewsbury, Sydney 206648 Barham
CPO Johnson, Albert King Kele 160229 Revenge
Musician Johnson, Henry Walter 1065 Ajax
PO Johnson, Walter 167780 Badger
Ldg Carp Crew Jones, Charles Edward 345489 Shannon
Arm Crew Jones, Fred M10930 Barham
AB Jones, Herbert William 130615 Royalist
AB Jones, Horace 186354 Lizard
Pte Jones, Thomas 7004 Caroline
Ldg Sto Jones, William 277427 Unknown Ship
AB Jones, William Ewart J35323 Warrior
Ldg Sea Alfred F. Joys J4491 Faulknor
Act CPO Keech, Henry 180022 Christopher
CPO Kennar, Thomas 171801 Duke of Edinburgh
Sto 1st Cl Kennard, George 162030 Malaya
AB Leslie M. Kennett 224733 Landrail
CERA 1st Cl Ernest Kerkin 269940 Inflexible
Mechn Patrick Keveny 280089 Monarch
Ldg Sto Byrt Kew 304028 Maenad
CPO Kimber, Charles William 159573 Malaya
AB King, Alfred 173157 Colossus
Ldg Sea King, Harold SS2952 Morris
Pte King, Henry Albert 12756 Barham
AB Kingham, Thomas 198250 Ambuscade
MAA Kinver, John 184229 Lion
Sto 1st Cl Knight, Joseph 145579 Comus
Sto PO Knott, Herbert K1397 Canada
Ldg Sea Knowles, Joseph 202998 Shannon
Ldg Sea Lake, Richard Edwin 220065 Unknown Ship
Ch Writer Lambert, Henry William 340078 Agincourt
Pte Lambert, Percival William 17485 Tiger
Ldg Sto Lane, William Charles 291531 Thunderer
AB Langdon, Frank John J1409 Barham
Ch Yeo Sigs Large, Albert 173079 St. Vincent
Sto 1st Cl William J. Larkworthy 309552 Valiant
Act Sto PO Denis Laughlin 281445 Thunderer
Sto PO Law, James K4141 Boadicea
CERA 1st Cl Patrick J. Lawless 268442 Royal Oak
Pte Lawley, Alfred John 17705 Canada
Sto PO Lawlor, William 165937 Malaya
Sea Leary, George Robert William 1408 D Inflexible
Sto PO Norman Lee 295265 Lizard
Blksmith's Mt Lewis, Charles M4722 Conqueror
Act Sto PO Lewis, Thomas K3341 Liberty
Ch Arm Lewis, William John 173464 Cochrane
Ldg Sto Lilley, Frederick William K2191 Termagant
AB Lineham, Edward 183294 Benbow
Act Bombr Lincoln, Arthur 5961 Princess Royal
AB Llewellyn, Harry Jabez Fuller 152136 Agincourt
Ch Sto Lloyd, John 173578 Collingwood
AB Locke, John Cecil 197259 Unknown Ship
Sto 1st Cl Longdon, John 173571 Revenge
Bombr Looker, Charles George 5936 Shannon
CERA 1st Cl Love, Thomas Henry 268833 Morris
Sto PO Lucas, George William 174592 Spitfire PAGE 15
AB Luxton, Arthur Harry 188382 Valiant
AB Lyle, Harry 183624 Moorsom
Musician McAllister, Edward 2330 Barham
AB McBratney, Joseph 190295 Martial
Sto 1st Cl McCann, James 297491 Ajax
AB McConnell, Thomas 161750 Galatea
Sto PO McDermott, Edward 176636 Ambuscade
Pte Macdonald, George William 7185 Iron Duke
CERA 1st Cl Alfred McDowall 268308 Castor
Ldg Sea Mcgowan, William 239003 Marlborough
AB McIntosh, Colin Sidney 192002 Unknown Ship
Pte Mack, William 15090 Valiant
AB Mackay, John 197055 Unknown Ship
Ship's Ck Frederick McKenzie 347654 Malaya
Sto 1st Cl Donald McLeod 283935 Unity
Shipwt 2nd Cl McLester, Frederick William M13637 Barham
Sto 1st Cl James McQuillan 287227 Constance
Gnr McVickar, Daniel 5150 Valiant
AB Mcvittie, Thomas 233621 Morris
Sto 1st Cl James McWalter 304322 Tiger
Magson, Richard 7323 Tiger
Ch Arm Tom Major 343457 Warrior
Ch Arm Manley, William 164262 Conqueror
Off Std 2nd Cl Manfield, Wilson John L7650 Defender
CERA 1st Cl Ernest K. Marginson 268706 Lion
Sto 1st Cl George Markwick 278694 Iron Duke
CPO Marshall, George 178141 Royal Oak
Gnr Marshall, Joseph Henry 9892 Barham
Plumber Arthur W. Martin 340326 Hercules
AB Masters, William Henry 180584 Ossory
AB Arthur E. Matthewson 215508 Indomitable
Arm Crew May, Ernest Walter 346708 Comus
Sto PO May, William George K3874 New Zealand
CERA 1st Cl Mead, Frank 268938 Marksman
AB Merryweather, John Charles J8602 Barham
Bnd Crpl Messer, Josiah Noad 1099 Conqueror
Ldg Sto George Metherell 278735 Hercules
Gnr Miller, Arthur 5124 Inflexible
AB Millar, William James 188092 Onslaught
Sto 1st Cl Frederick C. Minchin 288525 Canada
AB Robert Mingles 210523 Opal
Sig Moody, Frederick London Z/933 Cordelia (since died)
Ch Ck William J. Moody 342151 Iron Duke
Ldg Sig Arthur Moore 221061 Obdurate
AB Moore, Christopher 225145 Temeraire
Ldg Sea Walter Moore 211834 Thunderer
Sto PO Morcom, Fred 301210 New Zealand
Ldg Sto Alfred J. Morgan K15986 Indomitable
Gnr Morris, James Charles 5197 Benbow
Pte Morton, Henry 4116 Malaya
Ch Sto Joseph Mott 282134 Princess Royal
AB Mudd, Arthur Oglesby J1649 New Zealand
Gnr Mudge, Harry Joseph 6500 Warspite
AB Murphy, Francis Leo J6202 Warrior
Blksmith John Murphy 341928 Warspite
Murphy, Patrick 7099 TS New Zealand
Ldg Sea Myatt, Harry 194168 Kempenfelt
CERA 1st Cl Thomas Myles 269438 Conqueror
AB Nankivell, Harry 154427 Benbow
Sto 1st Cl Newbery, Ernest 174484 Achates
Sto 1st Cl Noon, John 307670 Morris
Ldg Sto Noonan, Joseph 309399 Unknown Ship
AB Norman, Frederick Charles 208270 Midge
Yeo Sigs Normington, Arthur 220124 Centurion PAGE 16
PO Northcote, Frederick 121949 Malaya
Sto PO O'Brien, Michael 169807 Unknown Ship
SBA Officer, John Thomas M4041 Collingwood
Ch Sto James O'Kelly 288442 Tiger
Ldg Sto Nicholas K. Oliver 297326 Narwhal
Ldg Sea O'Neill, Eugene 157047 Ajax
Ldg Sto Opie, Albert 286480 Ajax
Ch Arm Orden, Thomas Van 344837 Southampton
Ldg Sea Osborne, William James 199746 Achates
Blksmith James J. Page 234398 Valiant
PO Painter, Arthur Edwin 207636 New Zealand
Lce Cpl Palmer, Arthur 10357 Revenge
PO 1st Cl Palmer, Sam 179529 Mandate
Sto 1st Cl John H. Parfitt 296364 Caroline
Sto PO Parker, John 305239 Cochrane
SPO Parker, John Frank 171441 Mindful
CPO Parrack, Richard 161785 Mounsey
Corpl Parrott, Thomas Henry 5076 Benbow
Ldg Sto Parry, William 458 V Inflexible
Gnr Partridge, William Griffith 4899 Agincourt
Act CPO Parvin, Edward 182351 Tiger
Ldg Sto Pasquier, Edwin Nicholas K31503 Inconstant
Sto 1st Cl Patton, James 161649 Princess Royal
SBA Pavey, Charles Arthur M6892 Barham
Ldg Sea Pawley, Christopher 169132 Princess Royal
Act CPO Pay, Alfred 169075 Chester
Ldg Sto Robert W. Payne 311822 Collingwood
Ldg Sto Thomas A. Payne K5999 Minotaur
Gnr Peacock, John Willes 8267 Tiger
Ldg Sea Pearce, Alfred Ernest 147642 Valiant
Ldg Sea Pearce, Reuben William 155869 Tiger (since died)
Ldg Sea Pearce, Walter 184867 Inflexible
Sto 1st Cl Pearson, William K5704 Laurel
Act Ldg Sto William Peden 303497 Neptune
CERA 2nd Cl George Pemberton 269149 Centurion
Ship's Corpl 1st Cl Penfold, Hugh 160468 Inflexible
Gnr Penfold, Jack 11847 Indomitable
Act Ldg Sto Penfound, Francis 303705 Orion
Sto 1st Cl Pengelly, Philip John 177606 Collingwood
Ldg Sea Perring, Charles Edward 175002 Collingwood
Ch Plumber Perriton, William Charles 172426 King George V
Ch Yeo Sigs Pether, Thomas 172481 Inconstant
AB Phillips, Ernest William 199137 Dublin
Pte Phillips, George 8524 Boadicea
Painter 1st Cl Ernest A. Philip 340294 Valiant
Muscian Pickard, William Henry 244 Princess Royal
Corpl Pickard, William Henry John 7074 Collingwood
Ldg Sea Pitt, Arthur John 154323 Malaya
PO Stanley T. Plumridge 220144 Canada
Muscian Powell, William James 2297 Barham
Ch Sto Pratt, Charles Edwin 286198 Nicator
Ldg Sig Price, Thomas Roland J3751 Princess Royal
AB Price, William Edward Wales Z/777 Inflexible
Ernest A. Prince 347408 Orion
Sto 1st Cl Prince, John William 174613 Agincourt
Sergt Princecox, William Henry 6371 Inflexible
CPO Profitt, Joseph Edwin 159669 Morris
Sto 1st Cl Prust, Herbert John 280074 Unknown Ship
CPO Pulvertaft, Robert John 146893 Valiant
PO Quayle, Robert Douglas 207124 Obedient
2nd SBS Rail, William Ewart M276 Revenge
Ldg Sto William Ralph 278787 Superb
AB Ramsden, Frederick 177858 Owl
Act Ldg Sto Ransom, Henry James K12130 Lydiard PAGE 17
Ldg Sto John C. Rattley 366087 Sparrowhawk
Ldg Sig Redfern, Percy Frederick 213400 Castor
Act Ldg Sto Regan, Robert Henry K7416 Petard
Col Sergt Reid, John 9096 Cochrane
AB William Reid 226628 Vanguard
Sto PO Reynolds, John 169297 Michael
Cooper Arthur F. Richards 340109 King George V
AB Richards, Ernest Thomas 180243 Comus
Plumber William H. Rider 341036 Royal Oak
CPO Bertie Ridout 200222 Iron Duke
AB Ripiner, Alfred 180014 St. Vincent
Sergt Risley, William 9640 Neptune
PO 2nd Cl Roach, Joseph 170660 King George V
AB Robbins, Sydney William 172762 Bellerophon
Ldg Sto Roberts, Samuel Robert Vaughan SS115169 Blanche
AB Robertson, Alfred 204536 Bellerophon
ERA 1st Cl Frederick Robinson 344619 Canada
AB Robinson, John Jackson 164545 Princess Royal
Sto 1st Cl Charles Rogers 283331 Hercules
Ldg Sig Rolfe, James Anthony 216338 Phaeton
Ch Arm Rowe, Benjamin 172353 Temeraire
AB Rowe, Francis William Sussex 1/215 Iron Duke
Shipwt Sidney A. Rowe 345724 Thunderer
AB Rowe, William 181461 Moon
AB Rowlston, Arthur 180825 Orion
AB Rouncivell, Harry 146676 Agincourt
CPO Rundle, James Henry Leaker 174753 Maenad
Yeo Sigs Rushby, Herbert 210097 Unknown Ship
Ldg Sea Russell, Edward 185795 Orion
Ldg Sig William I. Rutherford 240104 Indomitable
Ldg Sto Ryder, Robert Charles 294446 Unknown Ship
Saegert, William Frederick J9515 Noble
AB Samuel, Allan McKinnon Clyde 3/1883 Tiger
CERA 1st Cl Satchwill, Sydney George 268489 Ajax
Sto 1st Cl James Savage 288061 Shannon
CPO Sawyers, Charles George 186205 Hercules
Ldg Sea Scrivener, John 217295 Shannon
Scutt, Frederick John 11511 Unknown Ship
Harold Sedman 282033 Sparrowhawk
Sellen, Herbert William 5057 New Zealand
Sto 1st Cl Seymour, James Samuel Peter 278132 Agincourt
AB Shanks, Alexander 186405 Hercules
Ch Shipwt Sheehy, Patrick 344741 Revenge
Sto PO Shepherd, Frederick Arthur K1484 Obdurate
Act Arm Sheppard, Arthur Frederick M6616 Royal Oak
Ch Painter William H. Shergold 341863 Superb
Ch Std 2nd Cl Sherrington, Douglas Stanly 353564 Cochrane
Gnr Shipp, Sydney 7208 Bellerophon
Act CPO Short, Frank Spinney 163116 Acasta
Pte Silk, Harry Thomas 8474 Calliope
Ldg Sto William Simpson 308166 Princess Royal
Ldg Ck's Mt Simpson, William Charles M909 Warspite
AB Simpson, William George 200350 Yarmouth
SBS 2nd Cl Sims, Garnet 351310 Canada
Ldg Sto Frederick J. Sinden 304931 Inflexible
Act Ldg Sto Skinner, James Henry K20705 Yarmouth
AB Skinner, Joseph 196423 Chester
Gnr Skuce, Albert Edward 12475 Superb
Pte Slater, John Thomas 9936 Dublin
AB Slatter, Thomas Owen 206256 Warspite
Sto 1st Cl Small, Frederick Stephen 294644 Cochrane
Ldg Sig Douglas Smith 228073 Chester
Ldg Sea Ernest Smith 219005 Vanguard
Painter 1st Cl Smith, Frederick 198503 Phaeton PAGE 18
CPO Smith, George James 158350 Benbow
ERA 1st Cl George K. Smith 269176 Moon
1st SBS Smith, George William 351118 Indomitable
Sto 1st Cl Smith, Henry 171498 Vanguard (since died)
Ldg Sea Smith, Henry James 168041 Unknown Ship
CERA 1st Cl Smith, James Frederick 268527 Liberty
Ldg Sto Smith, Thomas Lee 295241 Dublin
Ldg Tel Smith, Thomas Michael Hawes J13685 Chester (since died)
Muscian Somerville, John Alexander 197 Lion
Ldg Sea Southgate, Edmund William 171160 Engadine
Sto 1st Cl Sowry, Richard 302742 Marlborough
AB Sparks, Percival Holland 175055 Unknown Ship
Sto 1st Cl Spillane, Patrick 292328 Liberty
Sto 1st Cl Squibb, Charles James 159986 Princess Royal
Ship's Std Arthur E. Stacey 342071 Shannon
Sto 1st Cl Peter Stagg 284131 Monarch
Gnr Stallard, William 4903 Erin
Ldg Sto Stanford, Frederick K12769 Birmingham
PO Samuel J. Stannard 226205 Landrail
CERA 1st Cl Ernest C.G. Starling 268914 Kempenfelt (now Act. Art. Engr.)
PO Starr, George Charles 211523 Barham (now Act. Gnr.)
AB Stedman, Walter 140676 Malaya
Sto PO James Steeve 309309 Warrior
PO 1st Cl Stentiford, Albert Charles 192824 Warspite
Col Sergt Still, William 5657 Vanguard
AB Stone, Charles William 168171 Ariel
Sergt Stone, James Henry 7241 Valiant
CPO Storkey, William George 182054 Vanguard (since died)
Sto 1st Cl Frederick H. Stoyle 279305 Lion
Stratton, William Arthur 8809 Barham
Ldg Sto Strickland, Alfred Benjamin K7591 Mindful
Sto PO Alfred F. Stringer 226170 Landrail
CPO Studwick, Frederick John 158180 Cochrane
Ldg Sto Sullivan, James Timothy 143124 Erin
Sto 1st Cl Sullivan, John 306092 Bellerophon
AB Summers, Edward 166165 Lion
Ship's Std Albert J. Sutton 340487 Malaya
Ldg Sea Swan, John Thomas Donithorne 219909 Colossus
PO Sweeney, Arthur John 168089 Temeraire
Pte Swinden, Robert Ernest 6707 Benbow
CPO Tambling, Richard Henry 169189 Unknown Ship
2nd SBS Tame, Thomas Edward M2299 Royal Oak
Sto 1st Cl Taylor, Alfred 174341 Centurion
AB Taylor, Ernest 166832 Vanguard (since died)
Sto PO Frederick Taylor 282451 Owl
Ldg Sea Taylor, William 184460 Warspite
Ldg Sea Taylor, William James 217253 Constance
AB John Teed 223313 Warrior
Ldg Sto Telford, William K10747 Morris
2nd SBS William H. Tennant M983 Lion
Act Sto PO Terry, William James K1891 Duke of Edinburgh
AB Thain, Thomas 159367 Thunderer
Sto PO Thomas, Stephen 174244 Conqueror
AB Samuel Thompson 202172 Constance
CPO Thompson, William Henry 120034 Warspite
AB Thomson, William Ronald 157142 Valiant
Ldg Sea Stephen F. Thorne 228869 Christopher
Ldg Ck's Mt Thornton, Percy M329 Princess Royal
Sto PO Thoumine, Thomas John 294519 Birmingham
Blksmith's Mt Thustain, James 190719 Hercules
Ldg Sea Tiddy, John James 161224 Conqueror
PO Tiley, Frederick Ernest J5321 New Zealand
CERA 1st Cl Tilley, George Augustus 167151 Agincourt
CH St William Tink 279404 Tiger PAGE 19
Sto 1st Cl Albert J. Tomkins 278690 Monarch
SBS Tookey, Albert Thomas 351493 Colossus
CPO Treagus, Harry 144597 Agincourt
Ldg Sto Trice, William K12903 Shannon
MAA Trim, James George 173917 Temeraire
PO Tudor, Frederick 227049 Barham
Lce Sergt Tugwell, Charles William 14754 Valiant
AB Tully, Owen Peter 176740 Mystic
Ldg Sea Reginald Turner 227591 Goshawk
Sto 1st Cl Turner, Walter William 281579 Acasta
Ch Shipwt Edmund J. Turnnidge 343702 Chester
Lce Bombr Underhay, Arthur 5384 Superb
Pte Underhill, Mark 12974 Galatea
2nd Yeo Sigs Vanner, George Henry 167237 Benbow
Ldg Sto Vaughan, William Henry 173785 Iron Duke
Ch Elect Art 1st Cl Percy Vale 345021 Centurion
AB Verney, Frederick Thomas 193133 Mounsey
AB Vigar, David 154313 Cochrane
Ch Sto Samuel T. Wade 279953 Indomitable
AB Wadge, George Henry 159100 Ossory
CERA 2nd Cl Jessie B. Wadham 269916 Ophelia
Ldg Sto Waggott, Bertie Theodore 227806 Orion
Gnr Wainwright, Joseph Arthur 4809 Monarch
Sto 1st Cl Walder, George K18987 Indomitable (since died)
2nd SBS Walker, Christopher Benjamin 351550 Neptune
Sto 1st Cl William L. Walker 288727 Inflexible
SSA Wallace, Walter Wesley M9336 Southampton
Sto 1st Cl Walter Wallbridge 284352 Owl
Ch Elect Art 1st Cl Walmsley, George 344920 New Zealand
Ldg Sea Albert V. Walsh 235801 Lydiard
Ldg Teleg Walton, James Alfred J8673 Vanguard (since died)
PO Ward, James William 121079 Malaya
Col Sergt Ward, Robert William 7950 Indomitable
MAA Ernest Warnes 176845 Minotaur
Sto PO Watson, James Dundas 175864 Iron Duke
Col Sergt Watts, Charles James 7429 Warspite
SPO Watts, William 153833 Malaya
CERA 1st Cl Way, Alfred Henry 269214 Unknown Ship
Yeo Sigs Weaver, Herbert Thomas 232227 Conqueror
Ch Sto Webb, Alfred James 292141 Lion
CPO Webb, Harry 170495 St. Vincent
PO Webber, Leslie Charles J17260 Canada
ERA 1st Cl Sydney A. Webber 269544 Moorsom
Ldg Sto Weber, Joseph Cuthbert 307058 Royal Oak
MAA Webster, Harry Shaw 182213 Monarch
Ldg Sto Weekley, John Charles 1315 U Iron Duke
Ldg Sea Weeks, William John 169035 Superb
Ch Writer James F. Welsh 340058 Valiant
Ldg Sto Charlie Weston 279340 Southampton
Shipwt 1st Cl Wey, Thomas Errington 347464 Barham
Musician White, Richard Frederick 1412 Minotaur
AB White, Thomas 151620 Cordelia
Ch Yeo Sigs White, Thomas 188436 Orion
PO White, William 194410 Cochrane
AB Whitfield, Walter 169126 Inflexible
Ldg Sto Whittington, John Frederick 179451 Inconstant (since died)
AB Wicker, Frederick 193145 Warspite
AB Wicks, George Henry 174182 Ajax
Ldg Sto Wilkinson, Ernest Rodney K10779 Cordelia
AB Willcox, Thomas 182758 Iron Duke
Ldg Sea James A. Williams 203845 Obdurate
AB Williams, Percy Morton 162445 Malaya
CPO Williams, William 175098 Minotaur
AB Williams, William Thomas 180140 Lion PAGE 20
AB Willis, Thomas 162512 St. Vincent
AB Willmott, James Richard 191135 Tiger
Off Ck 2nd Cl Ernest Wills 364906 King George V
PO Wills, Herbert John J12642 Canada
AB Wills, Patrick 158601 Erin
Sto PO Wilson, Frank 153667 Warspite
Ldg Sea Wilson, Frederick John 210264 Marlborough
AB Wilson, George Francis 139390 Malaya
CPO Wilson, George Urquhart 194317 Inflexible
Ldg Sea Wilson, Robert Burns 177791 Boadicea
Sto 1st Cl Thomas Wilson 290001 Hercules
Gnr Wilson, William Henry 5484 Superb
Ch Ship's Ck William Windsor 342601 Minotaur
Robert G. Winsborough 342096 Royal Oak
ERA 1st Cl Arthur J. Winsbrow 268313 Warspite
AB Charles A. Winter 210344 Unity
Ldg Tel Wisdom, Edwin William J5683 Barham
AB Wood, Stanley 176133 Monarch
AB Wood, William Henry 172643 Collingwood
MAA Woodcock, Abel Thomas 156942 Princess Royal
Ldg Sea Woodcock, Weldon James J1132 Laurel
Sergt Workman, George 9803 Valiant
MAA Worts, Ernest Henry 150193 Indomitable
AB Wotton, John Charles 217028 Temeraire
Act Ldg Sto Wright, Henry William SS111983 Attack
CERA Robert H. Wright 272340 Termagant (now Act Art. Engr.)
PO 1st Cl Wyatt, Fredrick Percival Selley 160268 Marlborough
Ldg Sea Henry E. Young 235095 Indomitable
AB Young, Walter 197517 Achates
Ch Sto Young, William George 149681 Cochrane