St. George's Cross 4th Class

From Battle of Jutland Crew Lists Project

Victoria Cross -- Conspicuous Gallantry Medal -- Croix de Guerre -- Distinguished Service Medal -- Mentioned in Despatches
Commendation -- St. George's Cross 4th Class -- St. George's Medal 4th Class -- Medaille Militaire
Jutland Medallion -- Chester Medallion

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(N.24912 - 30.5.1918)
The St. George's Cross 4th Class, and St. George's Medal, 4th Class, were con-
ferred by the Russian Government on the following men of the Grand Fleet for
services rendered in the Battle of Jutland:-

St. George's Cross 4th Class
at Jutland
Name ON Ship Comments
CPO Adams, Robert Henry 176319 Tiger
AB Bagshaw, Sidney Carver J11363 Benbow
AB Baker, Frederick J43073 Petard
AB Baker, William 164369 Tiger
Sergeant Balcombe, Archer William 15620 Calliope
PO Balls, William Urban 182406 Royal Oak
PO Barber, Frederick 234028 Onslow
Mechn Beilby, Edward 301330 Indomitable
Shipwt 2nd Cl Bellew, Froude 344805 New Zealand
Ldg Sea Belsey, Percy Thomas 207845 Broke
Sergt Bird, Frederick Willie 7356 Inflexible
Sto Black, John 1632 U Engadine
PO Brookes, Archibald Harry 235257 Warspite
AB Brown, Cyril Bernard J13135 Nicator
Act CPO Brummage, George 189177 Moresby
Ch Sto Brunsdon, John Dormer 282475 Valiant
Shipwt 1st Cl Camilleri, Salvo 341518 Indomitable
CPO Carter, Frederick George 176447 Princess Royal
PO Carter, George James 212315 Revenge
Ldg Sig Cashin, William 230273 Onslow
PO Cooper, Bartholomew 183819 Indomitable
Boy 1st Cl Cornwell, John Travers J42563 Chester (died of wounds)
Act Ch Sto Cousins, James David 355819 Princess Royal
CPO Crocker, Edward John 162883 Marlborough
CERA 1st Cl Cunningham, Alexander 269705 Mounsey
SBA Davies, Leonard Cyril M6893 Barham
CPO Dixey, Amos George 157189 Nerissa
Act Ldg Sto Dolphin, Edward SS102049 Malaya (since died)
CPO Dunn, Edward 165750 Valiant
AB Ellis, Sidney Thomas J19903 Calliope (died of wounds)
Ch Arm Eyres, Edwin Charles 340186 Valiant
Sto PO Farley, Edward John 311433 Indomitable
CERA 1st Cl Faull, John Thomas 269484 Tiger
Mechn Finney, David 296786 Warspite (now Wt Mechn.)
Off Std 1st Cl Foley, Herbert L12 Tiger
Sto PO French, George 307175 Onslow
PO Fryer, Edwin John Albert 188459 Indomitable
PO Garden, Archibald J11838 Warspite
Sto PO Gilbert, Francis Charles 310608 Lion
Sergt Goulding, Arthur Hugh 7356 Chester
CPO Green, Charles Henry 189274 Inflexible
Ch Yeo Sigs Gregg, Walter 172902 Faulknor
Bandmaster 1st Cl Hawkins, Thomas 705 New Zealand
CERA 1st Cl Heaton, James 269745 Birkenhead
AB Henn, John J6784 Canada
PO Hennessy, Timothy 173366 Tiger
CERA Hill, Reginald Lionel Victor 1306 EA Princess Royal
CERA 1st Cl Hole, Thomas William 271026 Moresby
PO Teleg Holland, Percy 240202 Southampton
Act Sto PO Holley, Christopher George K9489 Obedient
Ch Shipwt Honey, John Thomas Theodore 342962 Dublin
AB Hooper, Walter 163264 Michael
PO Hooton, Harry Augustus 210943 Princess Royal
PO Jordan, Alfred Edward 211642 Chester
Sto PO Kelleher, James 293024 Tiger
Ship's Std Kingsford, George 342214 Southampton
Ch Arm Kitt, James John 340375 New Zealand
CPO Knight, Thomas 165128 Petard
Ch Sto Lane, Robert William 287369 New Zealand
Sto PO Lawson, Matthew 303088 Broke
Shipwt 1st Cl Lucas, Bertie 342958 Lion
Ch Yeo Sigs McEvely, John Thomas 165449 Hercules
PO McInnes, Allan 177342 New Zealand
Ch Sto McKay, Henry 281855 Barham
PO Miles, Herbert William 160280 Lion
Col Sergt Mitchell, Thomas 6955 Iron Duke
PO Murray, John 227816 New Zealand
Ch Elect Art 1st Cl Nobbs, John Francis 345133 Inflexible
AB Ollivant, Edwin Bourne 239302 Petard
Shipwt 1st Cl Osborne, Charles Arthur 341137 Princess Royal
PO Parrott, Hugh Edward 224505 Revenge
PO Pearce, Henry Francis 186833 Nicator
Corpl Phipps, Alfred 9469 Malaya
CPO Pilcher, Frederick William 166196 Barham
CPO Reed, Walter 166190 Petard
Shipwt Revans, Albert Victor 343752 Lion
Ch Yeo Sigs Richardson, Harry Joshua 184401 Yarmouth
Shipwt Robinson, Frank 895840 Unknown Ship (Mercantile Marine)
Sto PO Sadgrove, Clarence K4424 Princess Royal
Ship Std Scadden, Walter Thomas 163616 Castor
ERA 3rd Cl Shaw, John Vincent M113 Acasta
Ldg Sea Shorten, James Henry 221525 Nessus
CPO Smith, Albert Edward 158152 Spitfire
Sto 1st Cl Smith, Frederick John 299544 Royal Oak
Ldg Cook's Mate Sparks, George Edwin 365614 Broke
Act CERA 2nd Cl Thomas , Frederick Stanley 272368 Indomitable
PO Thorpe, Albert John Joseph 180039 Lion
Sto 1st Cl Tyrrell, Robert William 282667 Iron Duke
ERA 2nd Cl Wain, Charles 345849 Canada
PO Walmsley, Wilfred J3765 Inflexible
Sig Walton, Albert Victor J21868 Garland
Ch Sto Weaver, William Charles 291839 Inflexible
Sergt Westlake, George Richard 10190 Dublin
Act Ch Sto Whiting, Robert 284996 Malaya
Sto 1st Cl Williams, Hughie K16466 Marlborough
Yeo Sigs Williamson, Alexander Macdonald 198592 Inflexible
ERA 3rd Cl Wilson, Louis John M13939 Lion
Ldg Sea Woodhouse, Cyril John J14446 Onslow
Sto PO Woodland, Henry Ernest 297947 Onslow