Shimomura, Chisuko

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Commander Shimomura Imperial Japanese Navy - Lost on Queen Mary Unknown
The Funeral of Commander Shimomura,
Killed in the North Sea Battle
The Sphere
Saturday 05 August 1916
Page 10
(British Newspaper Archive)
The Coffin Bearing the Remains
of Commander Shimomura

Commander Shimomura was the Japanese officer who was on board the British battle-
cruiser "Queen Mary" in the North Sea battle of May 31. Unfortunately he was killed
during the battle. The body was conveyed back to Japan and interred at Aoyama in the
presence of a number of distinguished persons with Japanese rites
The Sphere
Saturday 05 August 1916
Page 10
(British Newspaper Archive)
During the naval battle off Jutland on May 31 the Japanese naval officer,
Commander Shimomura, was on board the Queen Mary as the
Japanese naval attache. When the vessel sank Commander Shimomura
went to his death with the other officers and men on board the battle-cruiser.
The body was subsequently recovered and conveyed back to Japan for inter-
ment in a Japanese cemetery and with Japanese ritual. This was carried
out at Aoyama on June 20.
The Japanese Emperor bestowed on the dead officer the Fourth Order of
the Golden Kite. At the pavilion in the grounds of the Aoyama Cemetery
many prominent personages and many distinguished Japanese naval officers
were present, including the redoubtable Fleet-Admirals Togo and Inouye
and the Admirals Kamimura, Kataoka, Shimomura, and Urige. The Illus-
trations we give here show the coffin, escorted by a naval guard, en route for
the cemetery, and mourners at Aoyama performing the last rites.
The Sphere
Saturday 05 August 1916
Page 10
(British Newspaper Archive)
source: Malcolm Goddard