Shetlanders at Jutland

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Shetland's Roll of Honour and Roll of Service
Name Narrative Page Ship Photo or Comments
Halcrow, John JOHN HALCROW,
1st Class Stoker, R.N., H.M.S. "In-
vincible." Son of the late Mr and Mrs
John Halcrow, Levenwick. Killed at
the battle of Jutland. May 31, 1916.
Aged 45 years
40 Invincible
Johnston, Thomas THOMAS JOHNSTON.,
Seaman, R.N.R., H.M.S "Queen
Mary." Son on Robert J. Johnston,
6, Garthspool Docks, Lerwick. Lost
in the Jutland Battle on 31st May, 1916
Aged 19 years, 1 month.
68 Queen Mary
Kay, Joseph JOSEPH KAY.
Seaman. R.N.R.. H.M.S. "Malaya."
Son of Joseph and Charlotte Kay, Zoar,
Whalsay. Killed in Jutland Battle on
May 31, 1916. Aged 21 years.
69 Malaya
Sinclair, John R. JOHN R. SINCLAIR, Seaman, R.N.R.,
H.M.S. "Malaya." North Booth, Har-
149 Malaya
Thomson, Gilbert GILBERT THOMSON, Seaman, R.N.R.,
H.M.S " Barham." Hamar, Balta-
sound. Wounded in the Battle of Jut-
land on 31st May, 1916.
151 Barham
Nisbet, Albert E. ALBERT E. NISBET, Seaman, R.N.R.,
H.M.S. " Barham." Smithfield, Gut-
158 Barham
Gilbertson, William WILLIAM GILBERTSON, Seaman,
R.N.R., H.M.S. " Barham." Luck-
now, Ollaberry.
168 Barham
Hughson, Robert W. ROBERT W. HUGHSON, Seaman-Gun-
ner, R.N.D. (Grand Fleet), H.M.S.
" Marlborough." North Unst Light-
house Station, Burrafirth, Haroldswick.
Wounded in Jutland Battle, 31st May,
1916. Decoration—1914-15 Star.
169 Marlborough
Robertson, Andrew ANDREW ROBERTSON, Gunlaver,
R.N.R., H.M.S., " Malaya. Houster,
Lochend. Torpedoed off Orkney Coast,
July. 1917.
172 Malaya
Robertson, Peter Henry PETER HENRY ROBERTSON, Seaman-
Gunner, R.N.R., H.M.S. " Barham."
172 Barham
Anderson, Gilbert GILBERT ANDERSON, Seaman, R.N.R.,
H.M.S. " Barham." Burravoe.
176 Barham
Williamson, Charles CHARLES WILLIAMSON, Seaman-
Gunner, R.N.R., H.M.S. "Barham."
Houlland, Burravoe, South Yell.
187 Barham
Smith, John G. JOHN G. SMITH, Seaman, R.N.R.,
H.M.S. "Barham." Fitch, White-
ness. Wounded in Jutland Battle 31st
May, 1916
215 Barham
Anderson, Francis FRANCIS ANDERSON, Jr., Seaman,
R.N.R., H.M.S. " Barham." Hillside.
221 Barham
White, David I. DAVID I. WHITE, Seaman, R.N.R.,
H.M.S. " Barham." Heogan.
224 Barham
Leask, Andrew ANDREW LEASK, A.B., R.N.R.,
H.M.S. "Barham." 7, Fox Lane.
232 Barham
Ross, George H. GEORGE H. ROSS, Seaman, R.N.R.,
H.M.S. " Barham." Freefield.
237 Barham
Duncan, James JAMES DUNCAN, Ldg.-Seaman, R.N.R.,
H.M.S. "Barham" Hoswick, Sand-
250 Barham
Scott, Robert ROBERT SCOTT, Seaman, R.N.R.,
H.M.S. "Barham." Garden Cottage,
Hoswick, Sandwick. Wounded in
Battle of Jutland, 31st May, 1916.
253 Barham
Smith, Andrew John ANDREW JOHN SMITH, Ldg-Seaman,
R.N.R., H.M.S. "Barham." Hos-
wick, Sandwick.
253 Barham
Burgess, George GEORGE BURGESS, Seaman, R.N.R.,
H.M.S. " King George V." South
Scousburgh, Dunrossness.
255 King George V
Stout, Thomas John THOMAS JOHN STOUT, Seaman, R.N.R.,
H.M.S. " Barham." Taft, Fair Isle.
260 Barham
Irvine, James Shetland Life,
November 1985
Barham (Bressay)
Robertson, Peter J Shetland Life,
November 1985
Barham (unst)
Walterson, Robert J. Shetland Life,
November 1985
Barham (West Burrafirth)
Williamson, Arthur Shetland Life,
November 1985
Barham (Delting)
Williamson, Simon Shetland Life,
November 1985
Barham (Lerwick)
Williamson, W. Shetland Life,
November 1985
Barham (Muckle Roe)
Williamson, William Shetland Life,
November 1985
Barham (Northmavine)
Wiseman, George Shetland Life,
November 1985
Barham (Lerwick)