Sherwood, Alfred Thomas

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Able Seaman J7221

Birth 09 December 1893, Reading, Berkshire

Timeline after the Battle of Jutland

From To Narrative Source of information
Prisoner of war in Germany 7486/16 Register Killed/Wounded
31 May 1916 Prisoner of War at Dülman, Germany after action of 31st May 1916 Service Record
14 Jun 1916 13 November 1918 HMS Victory I - Able Seaman Service Record
14 November 1918 31 January 1919 HMS President V (PoW) - Able Seaman Service Record
1 February 1919 14 November 1922 Service Record
15 November 1922 3 December 1923 Service Record
4 December 1923 7 February 1924 Service Record
8 February 1924 14 February 1924 Service Record
15 February 1924 24 November 1924 HMS Tiger - Able Seaman Service Record
25 November 1924 19 February 1925 HMS Tiger - Leading Seaman Service Record
20 February 1925 27 February 1925 - Service Record
28 February 1925 6 January 1926 - Service Record
7 January 1926 20 August 1926 - Service Record
21 August 1926 8 November 1926 - Service Record
9 November 1926 31 May 1928 - Service Record
1 June 1928 3 September 1928 - Service Record
4 September 1928 26 September 1928 - Service Record
27 September 1928 - - Service Record
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A.T Sherwood, A.B., of the
Queen Mary, narrowly
escaped death, being blown
from the magazine of his ship
into the sea.

The Daily Mail
Friday July 7th 1916.
A.B. Alfred Thomas Sherwood
Queen Mary - Sherwood, Alfred Thomas.jpg
The parents of Alfred Thomas Sherwood, A.B.,
only son of Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood, of High-
street, Twyford, Berks, whowas reported lost on
the Queen Mary on the occassion of the recent naval
battle, now learn that he is alive and well, a
prisoner of war in Germany. Sherwood had a
miraculous escape from death. When the magazine
of his ship exploded he was blown a considerable
distance into the sea without injury.
A.B. Alfred Thomas Sherwood on the left
with comrades in Dülmen Prisoner of War Camp
A.B. Alfred Thomas Sherwood
A.B. Alfred Thomas Sherwood
Christmas Card from H.M.S. Queen Mary
I regret to inform you that H.M.S. Queen Mary
was sunk on the 31 May 1916 and that the name of
Alfred Thomas Sherwood
Rating A.B. Official Number J.7221 who is believed
to have been on board, does not appear in the list of survivors received in
this department. In those circumstances it is feared that in the absence
of any evidence to the contrary he must be regarded as having lost
his life.
Any application which the next of kin or legal representative may
have to make in consequence of the foregoing information should be made
by letter addressed to the Account General of the Navy Admiralty,
London S.W.
With reference to the letter from this department
of the 17th. Instant, respecting Alfred Thomas Sherwood,
Able Seaman. Official Number J.7221 I have to inform you
that an official report from the Prussian Ministry of War
has been received through the American Ambassador at
Berlin to the effect that this man was rescued from
H.M.S. QUEEN MARY and is interned at Dülman, Germany.
I have to request therefore that you will be so
good as to return the communication from this department
of the 6th. Instant, with the enclosures thereto, regarding
the supposed loss of your son, in the accompanying envelope
which needs not be stamped.
A copy of the rules regarding correspondence for
Prisoners of War in Germany, has all ready been forwarded to
A.B. Alfred Thomas Sherwood's Pip,
Squeak and Wilfred with
his Navy Long Service and good conduct medal
Alfred Thomas Sherwood - Medals.jpg

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