Second Supplement To The London Gazette Of Tuesday, the 5th of June, 1917

From Battle of Jutland Crew Lists Project

TUESDAY, 5 JUNE, 1917.

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Admiralty, S.W., 5th June 1917


The following decorations were conferred by the Russian Government on Officers of the Grand Fleet for distinguished service rendered in the Battle of Jutland: —

Name Ship
Order of St. George, 3rd Class.
Adml. Sir John R. Jellicoe, G.C.B., O.M., G.C.V.O. IRON DUKE
Order of St. George, 4th Glass.
Vice-Adml. Sir David Beatty, G.C.B., K.C.V.O., D.S.O. (now Act. Adml.). LION
Order of St. Vladimir, 2nd Class (with Swords).
Adml. Sir Cecil Burney, G.C.M.G., K.C.B. -
Order of St. Anne, 1st Class (with Swords).
Vice-Adml. Sir T. H. Martyn Jerram, K.C.B., K.C.M.G. (now Adml.). -
Vice-Adml. Sir Frederick C. Doveton Sturdee, Bt., K.C.B., K.C.M.G., C.V.O. (now Adml.). -
Vice-Adml. Sir Charles E. Madden, K.C.B., K.C.M.G., C.V.O. (now Act.-Adml.). -
Rear-Adml. Hugh Evan Thomas, K.C.B., M.V.O. -
Order of St. Stanislas, 1st Class (with Swords).
Rear-Adml. Herbert L. Heath, C.B., M.V.O. (now Act. Vice-Adml.). -
Rear-Adml. Alexander L. Duff, C.B. -
Rear-Adml. William C. Pakenham, K.C.B., M.V.O. -
Rear-Adml. Trevylyan D. W. Napier, C.B., M.V.O. -
Rear-Adml. Arthur C. Leveson, C.B. -
Rear-Adml. Ernest F. A. Gaunt, C.B., C.M.G. -
Rear-Adml. Osmond de B. Brock, C.B., C.M.G. -
Order of St. Vladimir, 3rd Class (with Swords).
Cdore. William E. Goodenough, C.B., M.V.O. (now Rear-Adml.). -
Cdore. Lionel Haleey, C.B., C.M.G."(now Rear-Adml.). -
Cdore. Edwyn S. Alexander-Sinclair, C.B., M.V.O. (now Rear-Adml.). -
Cdore. Charles E. Le Mesurier, C.B. -
Cdore. James R. Price Hawksley, C.B., M.V.O. -
Order of St. Vladimir, 4th Class (with Swords).
Capt. Michael Culme-Seymour, C.B., M.V.O. (now Rear-Adml.). -
Capt. William C. M. Nicholson, C.B. (now Rear-Adml.). -
Capt. Henry B. Pelly, C.B., M.V.O. (now Rear-Adml.). -
Capt. Edward M. Phillpotts, C.B. -
Capt. Rudolf W. Bentinck, C.B. -
Capt. Edmund P. F. G. Grant, C.B. -
Capt. Henry Blackett. -
Capt. Lewis Clinton-Baker, C.B. -
Capt. Charles B. Miller, C.B. -
Lieut. H.S.H. Prince George of Battenberg, K.C.V.O. -
Act. Lieut. H.R.H. Prince Albert, K.G. -

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Name Ship
Order of St. Anne, 2nd Class (with Swords).
Capt. Francis W. Kennedy, C.B. (now RearAdml.). -
Capt. Hugh H. D. Tothill, C.B. (now RearAdml.). -
Capt. The Hon. Victor A. Stanley, M.V.O. (now Rear-Adml.). -
Capt. James A. Fergusson (now Rear-Adml.). -
Capt. John F. E. Green, C.B. -
Capt. Vivian H. G. Bernard. -
Capt. Edward F. Bruen. -
Capt. James C. Ley, C.V.O. -
Capt. E. Hyde Parker. -
Capt. Walter H. Cowan, C.B., M.V.O., D.S.O. -
Capt. Maurice Woollcombe, C.B. -
Capt. Edward B. Kiddle. -
Capt. The Hon. Algernon D. E. H. Boyle, C.B., M.V.O. -
Capt. Edwin V. Underbill. -
Capt. Frederick L. Field, C.B. -
Capt. Arthur W. Craig, C.B. -
Capt. Eustace La T. Leatham, C.B. -
Capt. John D. Edwards, C.B. -
Capt. Arthur A. M. Duff. -
Capt. Vincent B. Molteno. -
Capt. Percy M. R. Royds. -
Capt. Louis C. S. Woollcombe, M.V.O. -
Capt. Henry R. Crooke. -
Capt. Bertram S. Thesiger, C.B., C.M.G. -
Capt. James TJ. Farie. -
Capt. Charles D. Roper. -
Capt. Oliver E. Leggett. -
Capt. Anselan J. B. Stirling, C.B. -
Eng. Capt. John Richardson, C.B. -
Eng. Capt. Archie R. Emdin. -
Eng. Capt. Howard Bone. -
Fl. Payr. Hamnet H. Share, C.B. (now Payr.-in-Chief). -
Order of St. Stanislas, 2nd Class (with Swords).
Cdr. Walter L. Allen (now Capt.). -
Cdr. The Hon. Arthur L. 0. Forbes-Sempill (now Capt.). -
Cdr. Joseph C. W. Henley (now Capt.). -
Cdr. Edward A. Rushton (now Capt.). -
Cdr. Berwick Curtis, D.S.O. (now Capt.). -
Cdr. John F. Warton (now Capt.). -
Cdr. Francis A. Marten (now Capt.). -
Cdr. Arthur G. Craufurd (now Capt.). -
Cdr. The Hon. Reginald A. R. Plunkett-ErnleErle-Drax (now Capt.). -
Cdr. Ernest W. Denison (now Capt.). -
Cdr. Denis G. Thynne (now C'apt.). -
Cdr. Henry P. V. Hickman (now Capt.). -
Cdr. Hugh S. C'urrey, D.S.O. (now Capt.). -
Cdr. John M. Steel (now Capt.). -
Cdr. Humphrey T. Walwyn, D.S.O. (now Capt.). -
Cdr. Harold E. iSulivan, D.S.O. -
Cdr. Julian H. Woodbridge. -
Cdr. Norton A. Sulivan. -
Cdr. Ralph Collins. -
Cdr. Richard Home, D.S.O. -
Cdr. Gregory G. C. Wood-Martin. -
Cdr. Cecil H. Pilcher. -
Cdr. Henry E. F. Aylmer. -
Cdr. The Hon. Arthur Stopford. -
Cdr. Guy P. Bigg-Wither. -
Cdr. Frederick C. Fisher. -
Cdr. Alexander R. W. Woods, D.S.O. -
Cdr. George K. Chetwode. -
Cdr. Charles M. Forbes, D.S.O. -
Cdr. William M. James. -
Cdr. Philip H. Waterer. -
Cdr. Stanley T. H. Wilton. -
Cdr. The Hon. Arthur C. Strutt. -
Cdr. Thomas N. James. -
Cdr. Charles A. Fremantle. -
Cdr. Norman H. Rankin. -
Cdr. Henry G. H. Adams. -
Cdr. Edward R. Jones. -
Cdr. Henry J. S. Brownrigg, D.S.O. -
Cdr. Wilfrid A. Egerton. -
Cdr. James G. P. Ingham, D.S.O. -
Cdr. Malcolm L. Goldsmith. -
Cdr. Morgan Tindal. -
Cdr. The Hon. Edward B. S. Bingham, V.C. -
Cdr. Dudley B. N. North. -
Cdr. Hon. Patrick G. E. C. Acheson, M.V.O., D.S.O. -
Cdr. The Hon. Matthew R. Best, M.V.O., D.S.O. -
Eng. Cdr. William Toop (now Eng. Capt.). -
Eng. Cdr. William C. Sanders, D.S.O. -
Eng. Cdr. George F. Thompson. -
Eng. Cdr. Robert Spence, D.S.O. -
Eng. Cdr. Reginald W. Skelton, D.S.O. -
Eng. Cdr. Walter F. Mitchell. -
Eng. Cdr. Charles F. Dunn. -
Eng-. Cdr. John D. Wilson. -
Eng. Cdr. Cecil H. A. Bermingham. -
Eng. C'dr. James P. Leahy. -
Eng. Cdr. Henry W. Kitching, D.S.O. -
Eng. Cdr. Walter S. Hill. -
Eng. Cdr. John L. Kimber. -
Depy. Insp. Genl. Robert F. Bowie, C.B. -
Fit. Surg. Robert Hill, C.V.O. (now Depy. Surg. Genl.). -
Fit. Surg. Joseph A. Moon, D.S.O. -
Fit. Surg. John C. Ferguson, M.B., B.A. -
Fit. Surg. Charles M. Beadnell. -
Fit. Surg. Thomas Austen. -
Fit. Surg. Alexander Maclean, D.S.O., M.B. -
Fit. Surg. Henry W. Finlayson, D.S.O., M.B. -
Fit. Surg. Edward C. Cridland, M.B. -
Fit. Surg. Ernest A. Penfold, D.S.O., M.B. -
Fit. Surg. Lancelot Kilroy. -
Fit. Surg. Kenneth H. Jones, M.B. -
Fit. Surg. John Stoddart, M.B. -
Fit. Payr. James E. V. Morton (now Payr.- in-Ch.). -
Fit. Payr. Richard E. S. .Sturgess. -
Fit. Payr. John A. Keys. -
Fit. Payr. Gilbert Graham. -
Fit. Payr. Walter Morshead. -
Fit. Payr. Henry Horniman. -
Fit. Payr. Charles S..Wonham. -
Fit. Payr. Reginald P. Walker. -
Fit. Payr. Harold B. Pearson. -
Fit. Payr. Charles E. Lynes. -
Fit. Payr. Frank P. E. Hanham. -
St. Payr. Herbert P. W. G. Murray, D.S.O. (now Act. Fit. Payr.). -
Payr. Cyril S. Johnson, D.S.O. -
Payr. Frank T. Spickernell, D.S.O. -
Maj. Frederick L. Dibblee, R.M.A. (now Maj. and Bt. Lt.-Col.). -
Maj. Arthur G. Troup, R.M.A. (now Maj. and Bt. Lt.-Col.). -
Maj. Frederick G. Tanqueray-Willaume, R.M.A. -
Capt. Harold Blount, D.S.O., R.M.A. (now ' Maj.). -
Capt. Lancelot D. Briscoe, R.M.A. (now Maj.). -
Tempy. Lt.-Col. Charles E. Collard, C.B., R.M.L.I. Reserve. -
Maj. Arthur P. Grattan, R.M.L.I. -

Page 5593
Name Ship
Maj. Harold Ozanne, D.S.O., R.M.L.I WARSPITE
Capt. Gerald C. Wainwright, R.M.L.I, (now Maj.)- -
Order of St. Anne, 3rd Class (with Swords). -
Cdr. R. Cecil Hamilton. -
Cdr. Geoffrey Blake, D.S.O. -
Cdr. Valentine F. Gibbs. -
Cdr. Hubert E. Dannreutlier, D.S.O. -
Cdr. John By water-Ward. -
Cdr. John C. Hamilton. -
Cdr. Philip W. Douglas. -
Cdr. Hugh D. Hamilton. -
Cdr. Hugh C. Buckle. -
Cdr. St. Aubyn B. Wake. -
Cdr. Julian F. C. Patterson. -
Lieut.-Cdr. M. P. Traill Smith (now Cdr.). -
Lieut.-Cdr. Paul Whitfield (now Cdr.). -
Ldeut.-Cdr. Richard W. Bromley (now Cdr.). -
Lieut.-Cdr. Clarence W. E. Trelawny (now Cdr.). -
Lieut.-Cdr. Henry P. Boyd (now Cdr.). -
Lieut.-Cdr. Arthur M. Lecky (now Cdr.). -
Lieut.-Cdr. Hug'h U. Fletcher (now Cdr.). -
Lieut.-Cdr. Reginald S. Goff (now Cdr.). -
Lieut.-Cdr. Alfred B. Watts (now C'dr.). -
Lieut.-Cdr. Richard T. Down (now Cdr.). -
Lieut.-'Cdr. Robert S. Macfarlan (now Odr.). -
Lieut.-Cdr. George F. Montagu (now Cdr.). -
Lieut.-Cdr. Geoffrey Corlett (now Cdr.). -
Lieut.-Cdr. Gerald C. Wynter (now Cdr.). -
Lieut.-Cdr. Edwin A. Homan (now Cdr.). -
Lieut.-Cdr. Stephen D. Tillard (now Cdr.). -
Lieut.-Cdr. Gerald F. Longhurst, D.S.O. (now Cdr.). -
Lieut.-Cdr. Edward G. de S. Jukes-Hughes (now Cdr.). -
Lieut.-Cdr. Archibald A. Lovett-Cameron (now Cdr.). -
Lieut.-Cdr. Cecil B. Prickett (now Cdr.). -
Lieut.-Cdr. Robert P. McHardy (now Cdr.). -
Lieut.-Cdr. Percy R. Stevens (now Cdr.). -
Lieut.-Cdr. Walter N. Lapage (now Cdr.). -
Lieut.-Cdr. Errol Manners (now Cdr.). -
Lieut.-Cdr. Charles B. Dickson (now Cdr.). -
Lieut.-Cdr. Gordon A. Coles, D.S.O. (now Cdr.). -
Lieut.-Cdr. Henry I. R. Ttischler (now Cdr.). -
Lieut.-Cdr. Ralph V. Eyre (now Cdr.). -
Lieut.-Cdr. Reginald Watkins Grubb (now Cdr.). -
Lieut.-Cdr. Geoffrey P. Russell. -
Lieut.-Cdr. John K. B. Birch. -
Lieut.-Cdr. Arthur C. Petherick. -
Lieut.-Cdr. Henry M. Fothergill. -
Lieut.-Cdr. Francis E. H. G. Hobart. -
Lieut.-C'dr. Cecil H. B. Gowan. -
Lieut.-Cdr. Brian P. MacMahon. -
Lieut.-Cdr. Robert L. Jermain. -
Lieut.-Cdr. Guy If. Coleridge. -
Lieut.-Cdr. Charles A. Poignand. -
Lieut.-Cdr. Archibald C. W. Domvile. -
Lieut.-Cdr. Archibald S. May, M.V.O. -
Lieut.-C'dr. Henry P. Wilson. -
Lieut.-Cdr. the Hon. Erskine A. Nicolson. -
Lieut.-Cdr. -Stuart E. Holder. -
Lieut.-Cdr. Charles H. Neill James. -
Lieut.-Cdr. Philip W. S. King, D.S.O. -
Lieut.-Cdr. Cosmo A. O. Douglas. -
Lieut.-Cdr. Ralph F. Seymour, D.S.O. -
Lieut.-Cdr. Cuthbert P. Blake, D.S.O. -
Lieut.-Cdr. Herbert Fitzherbert. -
Lieut.-Cdr. Frederic W. Bennett. -
Lieut.-Cdr. Arthur W. Brooks. -
Lieut.-Cdr. Edward S. Graham. -
Lieut.-Cdr. Arthur D. W. Smith. -
Lieut.-Cdr. Philip A. Warre. -
Lieut.-Cdr. James B. Kitson, D.S.O. -
Lieut. Henry C. Phillips. -
Lieut. David F. Jones. -
Lieut. George R. G. Allen. -
Eng.-Cdr. John B. Hewitt. -
Eng.-Cdr. Malcolm C. Johnson. -
Eng.-Cdr. David E. Duke. -
Eng.-Cdr. Ernest F. Baker. -
Eng.-Cdr. Arthur F. Sawyer. -
Eng.-Cdr. Jonathan J. Screech. -
Eng.-Cdr. Clifford Howie. -
Eng.-Cdr. Arthur L. Picton. -
Eng.-Lieut.-Cdr. Arthur E. Shillcock. -
Eng.-Lieut.-Cdr. Thompson Gurnell. -
Eng.-Lieut.-Cdr. Ernest W. Roberts. -
Eng.-Lieut.-Cdr. Richard J. Brown. -
Staff Surg. Francis H. Gowans, M.B. -
Staff Surg. Thomas E. Blunt. -
Staff Surg. James McA. Holmes, D.S.O., M.B. -
Fit. Payr. Arthur R. Tothill. -
Staff Payr. Rowland G. Robinson. -
Staff Payr. Horace Baird. -
Payr. James M. L. Cusack (now Staff Payr.). -
Payr. Cecil A. Ward. -
Payr. John D. M. Cavanagh. -
Payr. Cunningham Prior. -
Payr. John B. Shettle. -
Payr. Harry S. Orchard. -
Payr. Raymond S. Thursfield. -
Asst. Payr. Harold C. F. Foot. -
Capt. Francis W. Home, R.M.L.I. -
Capt. Alexander G. W. Grierson, R.M L.I. -
Lieut. Edward Bamford, D.S.O., R.M.L I. (now Capt.). -
Order of St. Stanislas, 3rd Class (with Swords). -
Lieut. Charles G. Naylor (now Lieut.-Cdr.). -
Lieut. Francis G. Glossop. -
Lieut. Robert H. De'ath. -
Lieut. William S. F. MacLeod. -
Lieut. Jack E. A. Mocatta, D.S.O. -
Lieut. Henry D. C. Stanistreet. -
Lieut. Price G. C. Turner. -
Lieut. Ion B. B. Tower, D.S.C. -
Lieut. James C. F. Lewis. -
Lieut. John P. Burton. -
Lieut. Richard G. Bowyer. -
Lieut. Harold W. Fawcett. -
Lieut. Ernest R. Maycock. -
Lieut. Charles E. Hotham. -
Lieut. Louis H. K. Hamilton, D.S.O. -
Lieut. George L. M. Napier. -
Lieut. Thomas B. F. Fellowes. -
Lieut. Colin J. L. Bittleston. -
Surg.-Prob. Allan G. Bee, R.N.V.R. -
Surg.-Prob. Gilbert Blurton, R.N.V.R. -
Surg.-Prob. Walter A. Turner, R.N.V.R. -
Surg.-Prob. Walter E. Heath, R.N.V.R -
His Majesty the King has given unrestricted
permission to the Officers named to wear the
Decorations in question.