Second Supplement To The London Gazette Of Friday, the 15th of September, 1916

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15th September, 1916.
With reference to the Despatch of Admiral Sir John Jellicoe, G.C.B., G.C.V.O., Commander-in-Chief, Grand Fleet, published in the London Gazette of Thursday, 6th July, 1916, the following awards have been approved in connection with the recommendations of the Commander-in-Chief for services rendered by Petty Officers and men of the Grand Fleet in the action in the North Sea on the 31st May-1st June, 1916.

Name Text Ship
The KING has been graciously pleased to approve the grant of the Victoria Cross to Boy, First Class, John Travers Cornwell, O.N. J.42563 (died 2nd June, 1916), for the conspicuous act of bravery specified below Mortally wounded early in the action, Boy, First Class, John Travers Cornwell remained standing alone at a most exposed post, quietly awaiting orders, until the end of the action, with the gun's crew dead and wounded all round him. His age was under sixteen and a half years. CHESTER
The following awards have also been made: —
To receive the Conspicuous Gallantry Medal.
Stoker Petty Officer William Ackerman, O.N. 301992. Stoker Petty Officer William Ackerman evidenced considerable aptitude and bravery in clearing a suction box in a damaged compartment and freeing the rods in use to keep it clear. It was necessary at one time for him to descend in a diving suit for the purpose MARLBOROUGH
Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Frederick Tinsley Birchall, O.N. 271185 Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Birchall showed great coolness and resource in removing portions of shafting from forward to enable the after steering position to be successfully operated. His work was carried out under a heavy fire and he displayed a dexterity and calmness which did him the highest credit. ONSLAUGHT
Petty Officer Frederick Adolphus Day (alias Parsons), O.N. 134670
Leading Seaman James Simpson Watson, O.N. 178876 (R.F.R., Po./B.1329)
When a shell exploded in the starboard battery of the ship in which Petty Officer Day and Leading Seaman Watson were serving, a considerable blast of flame and smoke caused a quantity of smouldering debris to fall among a hoist of cartridges in bags. Petty Officer Day showed great coolness and presence of mind in immediately jumping amongst the cartridges, removing the debris. In doing this he was assisted by Leading Seaman Watson; these two dealing with this dangerous situation promptly. MALAYA

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Name Text Ship
Stoker Petty Officer Patrick James Hogan, O.N.306261 Stoker Petty Officer Hogan remained for over eighteen hours continuously at his station, where, during the action, the fans were broken down and the temperature became almost unbearable; in order to stop leaks in cover joints: he had to take off his clothes. He showed great judgment in hurrying on salt water supply at a critical time. BARHAM
Shipwright, First Class, William Holigan, O.N.343159. Shipwright, First Class, Holigan acted with great courage when a shell burst in the canteen flat of the ship in which he was serving, killing and wounding about twenty men. He was knocked down and scorched about the head, but immediately plugged leaking pipes which had been shot away. LION
Stoker, First Class, Joseph Henry Hughes, O.N.302261 Stoker, First Class, Hughes was one of the ratings on duty in a compartment immediately above that struck by a torpedo. The deck of this compartment was distorted, and all lights save one were extinguished, and water was coming into it. Stoker Hughes at once closed a valve, and the last light going out, he proceeded on deck to obtain another, with which he returned, closing steam and exhaust valves, although there was then 5 feet of water in the compartment. The action taken by this stoker, who remained alone at his place of duty in spite of the shock and noise of the explosion, and took effective steps to ensure the continued operation of the machinery in it, exhibited great presence of mind and bravery. MARLBOROUGH
Sick Berth Steward Alfred Edward Jones, O.N.350868 Sick Berth Steward Jones showed conspicuous gallantry in bringing hoses to bear on a cordite fire in the vicinity of the midship ammunition lobby, when the supply parties had been driven away by the fumes. He performed his duties in an exemplary manner in very trying circumstances. SOUTHAMPTON
Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist Patrick McEvoy, O.N. 173198 Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist McEvoy was working on deck almost continuously throughout the action. Four times he repaired or cleared the Main Aerial under fire in a cool and efficient manner. The smoke on the Mess Deck was so intense that he had to feel his way up on deck. LION
Chief Stoker William George Pring, O.N. 161176. Although severely wounded early in the action, Chief Stoker Pring continued to carry out important duties with repair parties until the action was finished. WARSPITE
Petty Officer George Arthur Sayer, O.N. 170698. Petty Officer Sayer's leg was shot away when the turret in which he was stationed was disabled, and he thereafter set a fine example by remaining at his post and trying to get his gun into action again, PRINCESS ROYAL
Acting Stoker Petty Officer Frederick John Henry Wherry, O.N. K.5157 Acting Stoker Petty Officer Wherry, at great risk, flooded the 6-inch magazine of the ship in which he was serving, and then, until gassed, assisted to extinguish a fire in close proximity to the magazine. Subsequently, while still suffering from the effect of the fumes, he left the dressing station to unlock the secondary position for 13.5-inch flooding valves, showing great devotion to duty. TIGER
Petty Officer William John Adlam Willis, O.N. J.11010. Petty Officer Willis brought his gun into action after he himself and the whole of his gun's crew had been wounded. CALLIOPE
Name Official Number Ship
To Receive the Distinguished Service Medal
Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, John George Ashton, O.N. 268623. 268623 ERIN
Stoker, First Class, Ernest Richard Allcock, O.N. SS.110097. SS110097 MALAYA
Stoker, First Class, Charles Oscar Anderson, O.N. K.9832. K9832 LION
Chief Stoker Oliver William Barratt, O.N. 283930. 283930 IRON DUKE
Mechanician William Beecroft, O.N. 288934. 288934 NEPTUNE
Petty Officer James Clapp Bragg, O.N. 193246. 193246 ORION
Able Seaman Albert Bright, O.N. 202825. 202825 MALAYA
Chief Stoker Ronald Frank Burley, O.N. 283927. 283927 BARHAM
Chief Petty Officer Frederick Walter Bird, O.N. 161259. 161259 SHANNON
Shipwright, First Class, Martin Bray, O.N. 343524. 343524 WARRIOR
Able Seaman Herbert James Boutell, O.N. J. 14121. J14121 CALLIOPE
Leading Stoker Charles Edgar Blagdon, O.N. K.1227. K1227 LION
Able Seaman George Charles Bowers, O.N. 215063. 215063 PRINCESS ROYAL
Engine Room Artificer, First Class, John Robert Barss, O.N. 270499. 270499 INDOMITABLE
Leading Seaman William John Barrow, O.N. 217137. 217137 SOUTHAMPTON
Chief Yeoman of Signals Sydney Charles Burgess, O.N. 192892. 192892 BENBOW
Chief Stoker Joseph Brudnell, O.N. 277829. 277829 ONSLOW
Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Joseph Bentley, O.N. 269229. 269229 PETARD
Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Alfred Leonard Burgess, O.N. 269498. 269498 ACASTA
Stoker Petty Officer Walter Henry Carne, O.N. 302549. 302549 MARLBOROUGH
Chief Petty Officer James Coughlan, O.N. 138894. 138894 KING GEORGE V
Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Nicholas Cawrse, O.N. 268673. 268673 CONQUEROR
Chief Armourer Thomas Chivers, O.N. 175631. 175631 BELLEROPHON
Leading Seaman Malcolm John Cooper, O.N. 238690. 238690 CALLIOPE
Leading Signalman Frederick George Chesters, O.N. 228254. 228254 LION
Officer's Cook, First Class, Henry Francis Carter, O.N. L.3366. L3366 SOUTHAMPTON
Chief Petty Officer Albert Edwaid Cleife, O.N. 160883. 160883 ONSLOW
Stoker Petty Officer Timothy Crowley, O.N. 286289. 286289 MOORSOM
Leading Seaman Maurice Howard Cox, O.N. J.9747. J9747 GARLAND
Leading Seaman Percy Curtis, O.N. 218912. 218912 SPITFIRE
Yeoman of Signals Arthur John Colyer, O.N.. 186278 186278 KEMPENFELT

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Name Official Number Ship
Stoker Petty Officer Maurice Connell, O.N. 290110. 290110 MAENAD
Shipwright, First Class, Edward James Dunn, O.N. 345577. 345577 MARLBOROUGH
Petty Officer Robert George Dycer, O.N. 175501. 175501 ST.VINCENT
Chief Petty Officer William Demellweek, O.N. 171809. 171809 TEMERAIRE
Chief Yeoman of Signals Thomas John Dalton, O.N. 177318. 177318 TEMERAIRE
Petty Officer, First Class, Harry Willie Dudman, O.N. 160453. 160453 BARHAM
Stoker, First Class, Alfred Thomas Dunn, O.N. SS.114406. SS114406 BARHAM
Able Seaman, R.N.V.R., Ernest William Dicker, O.N. Sussex Z/272. Sussex Z/272 TIGER
Chief Stoker Percy William Dennis, O.N. 285011. 285011 MORNING STAR
Petty Officer Arthur Mark Eagland, O.N. 215990. 215990 MALAYA
Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Ernest Francis Edge, O.N. 268684. 268684 COCHRANE
Wireman, Second Class, George John Ellisdon, O.N. M.13438. M13438 TIGER
Stoker William Frederick Elvins, O.N. K.6281. K6281 SPITFIRE
Stoker, First Class, Jeremiah Flynn, O.N. 303126. 303126 MARLBOROUGH
Sergeant Walter Henry Fairs, O.N. R.M.A. 6281. 6281 MARLBOROUGH
Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Fredrick Thomas Farmer, O.N. 269442. 269442 CENTURION
Yeoman of Signals Frank William Foster, O.N. 226416 (now Acting Signal Boatswain). 226416 SUPERB
Stoker, First Class, Alfred James Fane, O.N. SS.110817. SS110817 LION
Chief Petty Officer Edward Fitzgerald, O.N. 171331. 171331 NEW ZEALAND
Petty Officer Michael Fitepatrick, O.N. 233771. 233771 TIGER
Able Seaman George Frank French, O.N. J.7216. J7216 TIGER
Yeoman of Signals Henry James Fisher, O.N. 221677. 221677 DUBLIN
Chief Petty Officer Harry Ernest Fox, O.N. 165514. 165514 FALMOUTH
Chief Petty Officer Ernest George Fry, O.N. 163313. 163313 MOON
Chief Petty Officer Hugh Latimer Greenhill, O.N. 139532. 139532 IRON DUKE
Chief Electrical Artificer, Second Class, Edmund Ernest Grace, O.N. 345257. 345257 IRON DUKE
Chief Sick Berth Steward Albert Ernest Gregson, O.N. 350371. 350371 MARLBOROUGH
Petty Officer Bertie Walter Richardson Gardiner, O.N. 211325. 211325 MALAYA
Chief Petty Officer James John Greenland, O.N. 161574. 161574 BARHAM
Petty Officer Malcolm Durrant Gooding, O.N. 191486. 191486 VANGUARD
Chief Petty Officer William Henry Graves, O.N. 181281. 181281 MORESBY
Chief Petty Officer George Gates, O.N. 156638. 156638 NICATOR
Petty Officer William Charles Richard Griffin, O.N. 201404. 201404 SHARK
Leading Seaman John Hiram, O.N. 237985. 237985 COLLINGWOOD
Chief Yeoman of Signals Alfred William Hogger, O.N. 179580. 179580 KING GEORGE V
Chief Petty Officer William Worden Higman, O.N. 173132. 173132 AJAX
Mechanician John George Hicks, O.N. 300582. 300582 AJAX
Chief Petty Officer William Harris, O.N. 158446. 158446 MONARCH
Chief Petty Officer John Daniel Hatherley, O.N. 155178. 155178 BELLEROPHON
Chief Stoker Arthur Harbour, O.N. 280561. 280561 SUPERB
Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Augustus Frederick William Hughes, O.N. 268737. 268737 DUKE OF EDINBURGH
Able Seaman James Edwin Hines, O.N. J.38370. J38370 CALLIOPE
Leading Stoker Ellis James Hignett, O.N. K.8919. K8919 LION
Leading Signalman George Headley, O.N. J.9237. J9237 LION
Stoker Petty Officer Thomas Heard, O.N. 311330. 311330 TIGER
Stoker Petty Officer Charles Gerard Hawkins, O.N. 295754 (R.F.R., Po./B.5423). 295754 PRINCESS ROYAL
Petty Officer William John Harvey, O.N 189340. 189340 NEW ZEALAND
Able Seaman George Hanson, O.N. J. 19999. J19999 CHESTER
Petty Officer Walter Halliwell, O.N. 215287. 215287 GARLAND
Petty Officer, First Class, Walter Hooper, O.N. 173080. 173080 OBEDIENT
Petty Officer Ernest Irving, O.N. 235267. 235267 WARRIOR
Chief Stoker William Johns, O.N. 281415. 281415 MARLBOROUGH
Stoker, First Class, Sidney Jackson, O.N. SS.114967. SS114967 MARLBOROUGH
Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Ronald Glinu Jefferson, O.N. 271692. 271692 BENBOW
Petty Officer Arthur Edward James, O.N. 197468. 197468 NICATOR
Boy, First Class, Samuel James Keen, O.N. J.38215. J38215 VALIANT
Able Seaman Percy Frederick Knapman, O.N. J.17156. J17156 CASTOR
Chief Petty Officer William Ernest Kent, O.N. 163354. 163354 HERCULES
Petty Officer Edward Kerry, O.N. 187385. 187385 FAULKNOR
Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Herbert Henry Lake, O.N. 268421. 268421 AGINCOURT
Chief Petty Officer Charles Lovell, O.N. 165127. 165127 COLLINGWOOD
Petty Officer, First Class, Edmund Luckham, O.N. 125741 (R.F.R., Po./A.2027). 125741 MALAYA
Stoker Petty Officer Walter Long, O.N. 177396. 177396 MINOTAUR
Chief Stoker John Lyons, O.N. 297747. 297747 NESSUS
Able Seaman John Cripps Leathers, O.N. 196529.
(Service record only
shows Diligence as ship)
Chief Petty Officer John Matthews, O.N. 162478 162478 IRON DUKE
Chief Armourer William Henry Martin, O.N. 342428. 342428 HERCULES
Stoker Petty Officer George Henry Manning, O.N. K.2849. K2849 COLOSSUS
Petty Officer Samuel Christopher Ash Medway, O.N. 186757. 186757 TIGER
Acting Bombardier John Mulraney, O.K. R.M.A./13725. 13725 ORION
Armourer Ivon Mitchell, O.N. 346563. 346563 BOADICEA
Chief Petty Officer Horace Minns, O.N. 172441. 172441
Yeoman of Signals Horace Richard Mason4 O.N. 220511 (now Acting Signal Boatswain). 220511
Engine Room Artificer, Third Class, James Monro, O.N. M.1666.- M1666
Stoker, R.N.R., George McConnell, O.N. 777V. 777V LION
Stoker Petty Officer John McCoy, O.N. 277696. 227696 LION
Engine Room Artificer, First Class, James Souter Marr, O.N. 268169. 268169 PRINCESS ROYAL
Engine Room Artificer, Third Class, Murdo Macleod, O.N. M.4219. M4219 PRINCESS ROYAL
Able Seaman Charles Mitchell, O.N. SS.3361. SS3361 SPITFIRE
Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Frederick Moore, O.N. 345488. 345488 MYSTIC
Chief Petty Officer Herbert George Newman, O.N. 152148 152148 AGINCOURT

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Name Official Number Ship
Stoker Petty Officer William Norman, O.N. 133012 (R.F.R., PO./A2142). 133012 BARHAM
Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Christopher Ham Nichols, O.N. 271516. 271516 OBEDIENT
Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, William Mark Oldreive, O.N. 269807. 269807 MONARCH
Stoker, R.N.R., James Orton, O.N. S.5094. S5094 CALLIOPE
Leading Telegraphist Percival James Olding, O.N. J.8127.
(Service record shows Blake (Cameleon))
Second Sick Bertih Steward Harry Charles Pridmore, O.N. M1677. M1677 BROKE
Chief Petty Officer Charles Pengelly, O.N. 177274. 177274 MARLBOROUGH
Chief Petty Officer Thomas Prebble, O.N. 157368. 157368 COCHRANE
Chief Yeoman of Signals George Harry Pink, O.N. 179101 (R F.R., Po./B3091). 179101 REVENGE
Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, John Lewis Cornelius Payne, O.N. 268314. 268314 THUNDERER
Chief Petty Officer Charles Percy Peckham, O.N. 169822. 169822 SUPERB
Petty Officer, First Class, George James Plummer, O.N. 158186. 158186 CANADA
Able Seaman William Perrow, O.N. 234297. 234297 WARRIOR
Signal Boy John Postles, O.N. J.38265. J38265 LION
Chief Shipwright James Pascoe, O.N. 342917. 342917 TIGER
Shipwright, R.N.V.R., Harry Peel, O.N. Tyneside, 3/83. 3/83 PRINCESS ROYAL
Sick Berth Steward Charles Purchase, O.N. 355019. . 355019 CALLIOPE
Chief Armourer Henry Philhs Pike, O.N. 341628. 341628 DUBLIN
Chief Petty Officer Joseph Edwin Profitt, O.N. 159669. 159669 MORRIS
Petty Officer -Alfred Henry Potterill, O.N. 183141. 183141 BROKE
Yeoman of Signals William Henry Parker, O.N. 220008.. 220008 LION
Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Frederick Rendall, O.N. 26925~6. 269256 ORION
Chief Petty Officer John Henry Reeves, O.N. 160690. 160690 THUNDERER
Chief Armourer Hartley Kirby Rounthwaite, O.N. 342127. 342127 VANGUARD
Petty Officer William Rennie, O.N. 209340. 209340 MALAYA
Serjeant Henry Ross, R.M.L.I. O.N. Po./9467. 9467 UNKNOWN SHIP
Mechanician Arthur Miles Stuart, O.N. 284435. 284435 KING GEORGE V
Chief Yeoman of Signals John Simmons, O.N. 151525. 151525 CANADA
Petty Officer Charles Edgar Siffleet, O.N. 228573. 228573 BARHAM
Petty Officer Joseph Saddler, O.N. 211444. 211444 DUKE OF EDINBURGH
Leading Signalman Thomas Shannon, O.N. 221129. 221129 WARRIOR
Petty Officer Dan Sheppard, O.N. 196176. 196176 LION
Stoker, First Class, Reginald Albert Smith, O.N. K.22739. K22739 LION
Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, John Searle, O.N. 268620. 268620 TIGER
Stoker Petty Officer William Robert Seaborne, O.N. K.2840. K2840 PRINCESS ROYAL
Stoker, First Class, William John Sibley, O.N. K.22879. K22879 PRINCESS ROYAL
Chief Petty Officer Robert Charles Smith, O.N. 158092. 158092 PRINCESS ROYAL
Petty Officer Mike Sliney, O.N. 191103. 191103 MOORSOM
Petty Officer George Ernest Smith, O.N. 203789. 203789 SPITFIRE
Chief Stoker Frederick Charles Smith, O.N. 281187. 281187 PORPOISE
Petty Officer Henry Swales, O.N. 238189. 238189 CASTOR
Chief Petty Officer Thomas Sargent, O.N 166132. 166132 MARVEL
Petty Officer Telegraphist Harry Francis Thomas, O.N. 231174. 231174 CENTURION
Chief Petty Officer Ernest George Temlett, O.N. 162765. 162765 ERIN
Chief Stoker Ralph Turner, O.N. 279317. 279317 BENBOW
Ordinary Signalman Alec Saville Tempest, O.N. J29133. J29133 LION
Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Stanley Shopland Tozer, O.N. 271453. 271453 NEW ZEALAND
Chief Stoker Albert Edwin Thurston, O.N. 276442. 276442 SHANNON
Able Seaman Joseph John Thompson, O.N. J.10104. J10104 TIGER
Chief Stoker Frederick Arthur Truscott, O.N. 284217. 284217 INFLEXIBLE
Shipwright, Second Class, William Samson Walters, O.N. 344927. 344927 MARLBOROUGH
Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist George Joseph Ward, O.N. 189028. 189028 COLOSSUS
Serjeant Edward Wesley Weston, O.N. R.M.A.5148. R.M.A.5148 MONARCH
Chief Petty Officer Thomas Edward Ward, O.N. 183781. 183781 CONQUERER
Engine Room Artificer, Third Class, Edward Williams, O.N. M.5149. M5149 BELLEROPHON
Boy, First Class, John Ernest William Worn, O.N. J.41882. J41882 MALAYA
Shipwright, Second Class, Henry Edward Webley, O.N. M.8960. M8960 BARHAM
Telegraphist David Wyllie, O.N. J.46874. J46874 VALIANT
Acting Chief Petty Officer John Webster, O.N. 181723. 181723 VALIANT
Petty Officer Horace Edward Winchester, O.N. 201037. 201037 MINOTAUR
Stoker, First Class, Thomas Arthur Woolley, O.N. SS.115633. SS115653 LION
Yeoman of Signals Joseph Victor Wagstaff, O.N. 194702. 194702 PRINCESS ROYAL
Lance-Serjeant Alfred Henry Waterloo, R.M.L.I., O.N. Po./10602. PO./10602 PRINCESS ROYAL
Leading Cook's Mate Harry George Walters, O.N. M.586. M586 CASTOR
Petty Officer John Westlake, O.N. 218922. 218922 MARNE

The undermentioned rating has been awarded a Bar to his Distinguished Service Medal for an act of gallantry performed subsequent to that for which the Medal was awarded: —
Chief Writer Samuel George White, O.N. 340597.

(The award of the Distinguished Service Medal was notified in Gazette dated 3rd March, 1915, page 2214.)

The following Petty Officers and men are commended for good services in action on the occasion above referred to: —

Name Official Number Ship
Stoker Petty Officer Herbert Allen, O.N. 309891. 309891 CHESTER
Petty Officer Telegraphist David Allen, O.N. 238656. 238656 WARRIOR
Chief Stoker Frederick Aldred, O.N. 296182. 296182 SOUTHAMPTON
Sick Berth Steward Charles Robert Allwright, O.N. 351201. 351201 CHESTER
Chief Petty Officer William Alfred Attwood, O.N. 170923. 170923 ONSLOW
Petty Officer Telegraphist. Edward Ashdown, O.N. 218097. 218097 FAULKNOR
Sergeant Archer William Balcombe, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ch./E/15620 (killed m action May 31st, 1916). Ch./E/15620 CALLIOPE
Corporal William Broadbridge, O.N. R.M.A. 7401. R.M.A.7401 IRON DUKE
Chief Stoker Absalom Lewis Bond, O.N 288599. 288599 MARLBOROUGH

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Name Official Number Ship
Shipwright, First Glass, George Harold Brown, O.N. 343438. 343438 MARLBOROUGH
Chief Electrical Artificer, Second Class, Sidney Harcourt Burchell, O.N. 347118. 347118 AGINCOURT
Chief Petty Officer Charles Frederick Samuel Billing, O.N. 171648. 171648 CENTURION
Stoker Petty Officer Charles Broadbridge, O.N. 302139. 302139 CANADA
Stoker Petty Officer Francis William Baglin, O.N. 170880. 170880 WARSPITE
Chief Yeoman of Signals Samuel Alfred Brooks, O.N. 202192. 202192 VALIANT
Chief Stoker John Dormer Brunsdon, O.N. 282475. 282475 VALIANT
Petty Officer George Brummage, O.N. 189177. 189177 MORESBY
Chief • Engine Boom Artificer, First Class, Thomas Abraham Bacon, O.N. 268208. 268208 SHANNON
Able Seaman Frederick Barnett, O.N. J.22583. J22583 LION
Boy Telegraphist William Barrett, O.N. J.32800. J32800 LION
Acting Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Sydney Bentley, O.N. 271441. 271441 TIGER
Petty Officer, First Class, Albert Richard Brotherton, O.N. 184902. 184902 PRINCESS ROYAL
Leading Stoker Thomas Blythin, O.N. 311671. 311671 PRINCESS ROYAL
Acting Leading Stoker Albert Bignell, O.N. K.10416. K10416 PRINCESS ROYAL
Stoker, First Class, James Henry Bignell, O.N. K.16875. K16875 PRINCESS ROYAL
Able Seaman Hubert Samuel Bevis, O.N. 214513. 214513 PRINCESS ROYAL
Able Seaman Alfred Godbee Butt, O.N. J.22698. J22698 PRINCESS ROYAL
Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Harry Bickerton, O.N. 271534. 271534 NEW ZEALAND
Sergeant Harry Clement Barlow, O.N. R.M.A./5729. R.M.A./5729 UNKNOWN SHIP
Petty Officer Fred Barber, O.N. 234028. 234028 ONSLOW
Able Seaman Cyril Bernard Brown, O.N. J.13135. J13135 NICATOR
Ordinary Seaman Frederick Baker, O.N. J.43073. J43073 PETARD
Chief Petty Officer Henry Bolton, O.N. 169563. 169563 MOORSOM
Leading Seaman Percy Thomas Belsey, O.N. 207845. 207845 BROKE
Chief Stoker James Breen, O.N. 285044. 285044 OBEDIENT
Acting Chief Petty Officer Samuel Lucas Baily, O.N. 179142. 179142 ABDIEL
Sergeant John Clerk, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ply./ 12415. Ply/12415 CONQUERER
Mechanician John Cutlan, O.N. 277102. 277102 THUNDERER
Chief Electrical Artificer, Second Class, Alfred Charles Cornhill, O.N. 346923. 346923 VALIANT
Chief Yeoman of Signals Edgar Crompton, O.N. 167762. 167762 BARHAM
Ship's Corporal, First Class, Godfrey Maxwell Cunningham, O.N. 230562. 230562 DUKE OF EDINBURGH
Yeoman of Signals William Henry John Campin, O.N. 188438. 188438 COMUS
Petty Officer, First Class, Alfred Ernest Coulson, O.N. 169119. 169119 COMUS
Chief Petty Officer Alexander George Clarke, O.N. 187324. 187324 ROYALIST
Engine Room Artificer, Third Class, George William Coy, O.N. M.5765. M5765 LION
Chief Sick Berth Steward Arthur George Camm, O.N. 350316. 350316 TIGER
Gunner Edward Andrew Crawley, O.N. R.M.A./11620 (R.F.R.). R.M.A./11620 PRINCESS ROYAL
Chief Stoker James David Cousins, O.N. 55819. 355819 PRINCESS ROYAL
Petty Officer Telegraphist Ernest Henry Cox, O.N. 204575. 204575 PRINCESS ROYAL
Able Seaman Andrew Anderson Campbell, O.N. J.4337. J4337 NEW ZEALAND
Sergeant Frederick Cox, O.N. R.M.A./6668. R.M.A./6668 UNKNOWN SHIP
Leading Signalman William Cassin, O.N. 230273. 230273 ONSLOW
Leading Telegraphist Frederick Castell, O.N. 239676. 239676 ONSLOW
Acting Chief Petty Officer Robert George Carson, O.N. 188419. 188419 CANTERBURY
Stoker, First Class, William Curling Cox, O.N. K.20131. K20131 MANNERS
Ship's Steward Albert Edward Dannan, O.N. 341777. 341777 ST. VINCENT
Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Frank Dymond, O.N. 268895. 268895 TEMERAIRE
Stoker, First Class, Edward Dolphin, O.N. S3.102049 (R.F.R., Po./B.3976). SS102049 MALAYA
Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, William Alexander Dobbie, O.N. 269503. 269503 BARHAM
Carpenter's Crew Edward Dexter, O.N. M.4280. M4280 LION
Petty Officer John Deacon, O.N. 188544. 188544 TIGER
Leading Stoker William Dane, O.N. 302668. 302668 TIGER
Chief Petty Officer John Edward Dudley, O.N. 155360. 155360 NEW ZEALAND
Chief Petty Officer Amos George Dixey, O.N. 157189. 157189 NERISSA
Able Seaman Patrick Driscoll, O.N. 187409.
(Service record shows as Blake(Nereide))
Able Seaman Sidney Thomas Ellis, O.N. J. 19903 (died 3rd June, 1916). J19903 CALLIOPE
Chief Yeoman of Signals Sydney Frank England, O.N. 166534. 166534 COLLINGWOOD
Acting Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Edwin Cecil Evans, O.N. 271169. 271169 CAROLINE
Chief Stoker William John Emery, O.N. 276411. 276411 ROYALIST
Ordinary Telegraphist Alfred Herbert Gordon English, O.N. J. 29219. J29219 LION
Chief Petty Officer William Ewart, O.N. 158259. 158259 TIGER
Chief Petty Officer Grigg William Epsly, O.N. 158931. 158931 INDOMITABLE
Musician Arthur George Sylvester Flippence, O.N. R.M.B./1240. R.M.B./1240 KING GEORGE V
Mechanician David Finney, O.N. 296786. 296786 WARSPITE
Officer's Steward, First Class, Herbert Foley, O.N. L12. L12 TIGER
Leading Telegraphist Edwin Vaughan Fossick, O.N. J.6580. J6580 NEW ZEALAND
Stoker Petty Officer Edward John Farley, O.N. 311433. 311433 INDOMITABLE
Acting Chief Ship's Cook Stephen George Frampton, O.N. 346935. 346935 INDOMITABLE
Able Seaman Richard Fitzgerald, O.N, J.14910. J14910 CHESTER
Stoker, Second Class, James Flynn, O.N, K.30357. K30357 CHESTER
Colour Serjeant William Walter Finnigati, R.M.L.I., O.N. Po./9428. Po./9428 UNKNOWN SHIP
Officer's Steward, First Class, Charles Alfred Gravatt, O.N. L.7991. L7991 MARLBOROUGH
Petty Officer George Grace, O.N. 183231. 183231 HERCULES
Chief Yeoman of Signals William Henry Gorman, O.N. 155156. 155156 THUNDERER
Mechanician William Henry Getheridge, O.N. 283060. 283060 BELLEROPHON
Petty Officer, First Class, Michael Gardiner, O.N. 157529. 157529 BELLEROPHON
Able Seaman Archibald Garden, O.N. J.11838. J11838 WARSPITE
Sick Berth Steward William Gardner, O.N. 350833. 350833 PRINCESS ROYAL
Chief Shipwright Frederick Ernest Glew, O.N. 343870. 343870 SOUTHAMPTON
Private George William Green, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ch./17270. Ch./17270 CHESTER
Second Sick Berth Steward Lewis Henry Ger-.bert, O.N. M.656. M656 ENGADINE

Page 9090
Name Official Number Ship
Stoker Petty Officer Edward James Gardener, O.N. 293566. 293566 SPITFIRE
Chief Yeoman of Signals Walter Gregg, O.N. 172902. 172902 FAULKNER
Leading Seaman Joshua Joseph Hunt, O.N. 193455. 193455 MARLBOROUGH
Leading Seaman Albert Leopold Hill, O.N. 198728. 198728 COLOSSUS
Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Bertie Walter Hooper, O.N. 270359. 270359 AJAX
Chief Stoker Robert Howard, O.N. 278884. 278884 CENTURION
Petty Officer Charles Reginald Hoskin, O.N. 216764. 216764 ORION
Petty Officer William Henry Hoyle, O.N. 231577. 231577 NARWHAL
Chief Stoker Prank Jesse Hooker, O.N. 168847. 168847 CANADA
Mechanician Edwin George Hayter, O.N. 280715. 280715 SUPERB
Petty Officer Daniel Harrington, O.N. 204239. 204239 SUPERB
Chief Petty Officer Albert Edward Harry, O.N. 168336. 168336 BENBOW
Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, George Harvey Heal, O.N. 269110. 269110 VALIANT
Chief Electrical Artificer, Second Class, Jonas Haigh, O.N. 347174. 347174 SHANNON
Stoker Petty Officer Edward Thomas Hinds, O.N. 312358. 312358 PRINCESS ROYAL
Armourer George William Hey wood, O.N. 215881. 215881 NEW ZEALAND
Chief Stoker Walter Thomas Hooker, O.N. 296038. 296038 INFLEXIBLE
Second Sick Berth Steward Percy Claud Harvey, O.N. M.873. M873 SOUTHAMPTON
Shipwright, First Class, John Thomas Theodore Honey, O.N. 342962. 342962 DUBLIN
Sick Berth Steward Titus Slater Howarth, O.N. 350832. 350832 DUBLIN
Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Gregory Gill Hill, O.N. 268572. 268572 FALMOUTH
Serjeant William Thomas Hunt, R.M.L.I., 9-N. Ply./13865. Ply/13865 UNKNOWN SHIP
Private William Arthur Hamilton, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ch./17164. Ch/17164 CHESTER
Stoker Petty Officer Francis Frederick Hills, O.N. 282981. 282981 ONSLOW
Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Thomas William Hole, O.N. 271026. 271026 MORESBY
Ship's Corporal, First Class, Edgar John Highams, O.N. 180760. 180760 CANTERBURY
Petty Officer Charles William Ives, O.N. 208356. 208356 INFLEXIBLE
Chief Petty Officer Harold Jones, O.N. 174722. 174722 KING GEORGE V
Chief Petty Officer Harry Thomas Jones, O.N167522. 167522 AJAX
Leading Stoker Leonard James Jordan, O.N. K.2243. K2243 TIGER
Chief Ship's Cook Tom Jupp, O.N. 343350. 343350 PRINCESS ROYAL
Shipwright, First Class, William Gregory Jeanes, O.N. 342690. 342690 SOUTHAMPTON
Private Albert John Jenner, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ply./13882. Ply/13882 DUBLIN
Petty Officer James Keane, O.N. 200142. 200142 COLOSSUS
Chief Petty Officer Robert Kelly, O.N. 168607. 168607 CONQUEROR
Lance-Serjeant Thomas Keirby, R.M.L.I., O.N. Po./14045. Po/14045 UNKNOWN SHIP
Stoker Petty Officer Richard Kennedy, O.N. 306205. 306205 WARRIOR
Leading Seaman Dennis Joseph Keogh (alias Kough), O.N. 177615. 177615 PRINCESS ROYAL
Engine Room Artificer, Third Class, Thomas Canniford Kingswell, O.N. 271972. 271972 NEW ZEALAND
Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Ernest Kerkin, O.N. 269940. 269940 INFLEXIBLE
Ship's Steward George Kingsford, O.N. 342214. 342214 SOUTHAMPTON
Lance-Serjeant John Richard King, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ch./16673. Ch/16673 CHESTER
Chief Petty Officer Thomas Knight, O.N. 165128. 165128 PETARD
Acting Engine Room Artificer, Fourth Class, Richard John Keating, O.N. M. 13499. M13499 ACASTA
Chief Writer Ernest Alfred Lillicrap, O.N. 345836. 345836 MARLBOROUGH
Bandmaster Henry Lodge, O.N. R.M.B./236. R.M.B/236 MARLBOROUGH
Chief Stoker John William Lockhart, O.N. 161342. 161342 NEPTUNE
Serjeant Frank Lefevre, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ply./7574. Ply/7574 COLLINGWOOD
Chief Yeoman of Signals Albert Large, O.N. 173079. 173079 ST. VINCENT
Ship's Steward Arthur James Litton, O.N. 158887. 158887 AJAX
Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Robert Charles Lee, O.N. 270022. 270022 BARHAM
Serjeant Harry Richard Lucas, O.N. R.M.A./8139. R.M.A/8139 MINOTAUR
Chief Armourer William John Lewis, O.N. 173464. 173464 COCHRANE
Leading Seaman Ivor Lovell, O.N. 227762. 227762 LION
Shipwright, First Class, Bertie Lucas, O.N. 342958. 342958 LION
Able Seaman Percy Lawless, O.N. 204601 (R.F.R.,. Ch./B9282). 204601 CHESTER
Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Thomas Henry Love, O.N. 268833. 268833 MORRIS
Leading Stoker Matthew Lawson, O.N. 303088 (R.F.R., Ch./B5783). 303088 BROKE
Petty Officer Henry John Elliot Maxey, O.N. 200237. 200237 MARLBOROUGH
Chief Petty Officer Frederick Lewis Marshall, O.N. 177751. 177751 AGINCOURT
Chief Armourer Robert Daniel Mansell, O.N. 340456. 340456 ERIN
Petty Officer T'omson Matthews, O.N. 194798. 194798 LION
Leading Seaman Reginald Victor Ralph Morris, O.N. 234466. 234466 LION
Leading Stoker Thomas McGovern, O.N. K.5606. K5606 LION
Corporal John Mulligan, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ply./12809. Ply/12809 LION
Sick Berth Attendant Stanley Russell Mortimore, O.N. M.4039. M4039 TIGER
Colour-Serjeant Richard Magson, O.N. R.M.A./7323. R.M.A/7323 UKNOWN SHIP
Officer's Steward, First Class, John Miles, O.N. 111435. 111435 PRINCESS ROYAL
Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Alfred McDowall, O.N. 268308. 268308 CASTOR
Petty Officer John Murray, O.N. 227816. 227816 NEW ZEALAND
Able Seaman Arthur Oglesby Mudd, O.N. J.1649. J1649 NEW ZEALAND
Serjeant Albert Ernest Murrell, R.M.L.I., O.N. Po./9785. Po/9785 SOUTHAMPTON
Leading Seaman Luke Martin, O.N. 231088. 231088 ONSLAUGHT
Serjeant Edwin John Nichol, O.N. R.M.A./7449. R.M.A./7449 UNKNOWN SHIP
Chief Sick Berth Steward John Andrew Neal, O.N. 150394. 150394 MALAYA
Chief Petty Officer Richard Oliver, O.N. 173710. 173710 NEW ZEALAND
Chief Armourer Thomas Van Orden, O.N. 344837. 344837 SOUTHAMPTON
Shipwright, First Class, Charles Arthur Osborne, O.N. 341137. 341137 PRINCESS ROYAL
Able Seaman Edwin Bourne Ollivant, O.N 239302. 239302 PETARD
Able Seaman John Edward Potts, O.N. J.27056. J27056 MARLBOROUGH

Page 9091
Name Official Number Ship
Boy, First Class, Percy Poyner, O.N. J.32778. J32778 MARLBOROUGH
Chief Petty Officer Williafcn Henry Palmer, O.N. 159159. 159159 COLOSSUS
Chief Stoker William Parkinson, O.N. 283984. 283984 MONARCH
Stoker Petty Officer George Parmenter, O.N. 231316. 231316 BLANCHE
Colour-Serjeant William Haddon Potter, O.N. R.M.A./6669. R.M.A./6669 UNKNOWN SHIP
Siecond Sick Berth Steward William Henry Peard, O.N. 350676. 350676 MALAYA
Chief Petty Officer Frederick William Pilcher, O.N. 166196. 166196 BARHAM
Leading Seaman John Harry Pedrick, O.N. 230402. 230402 LION
Stoker, First Class, Reginald Prout, O.N. K. 13285. K13285 LION
Officer Steward, First Class,- Albert Richard Poor, O.N. 355862. 355862 TIGER
Officer's Steward, First Class, Rodger Pisani, O.N. 356464. 356464 TIGER
Leading Seaman Reuben William Pearce, O.N. 155869. 155869 TIGER
Petty Officer Arthur Edwin Painter, O.N. 207636. 207636 NEW ZEALAND
Leading Seaman Ernest Swinton Jubilee Pooley, O.N. 226131. 226131 DUBLIN
Private William John Patterson, R.M.L.I., O.N. Po./10319 (killed in action, 31st May, 1916). Po/10319 CHESTER
Officer's Steward, Second Class, Frank Pook, O.N. 364787. 364787 ONSLOW
Petty Officer Henry Francis Pearce, O.N. 186833. 186833 NICATOR
Stoker Petty Officer George Harry Pragnell, O.N. 309127. 309127 PORPOISE
Able Seaman Albert Edward Pethybridge, O.N. J.10961. J10961 MICHAEL
Chief Petty Officer James Rye, O.N. 181413. 181413 BOADICEA
Able Seaman William Reid, O.N. 226628. 226628 VANGUARD
Colour-Serjeant Leonard Daw Roberts, R.M.L.I., O.N. Po./10345. Po/10345 SUPERB
Petty Officer Telegraphist Richard Ernest Rendle, O.N. 232535. 232535 VALIANT
Serjeant John Reid, R.M.L.I., O.N. Po./9096. Po/9096 UNKNOWN SHIP
Chief Petty Officer Walter Reed, O.N. 166190. 166190 PETARD
Shipwright, First Class, Albert Victor Revans, O.N. 343752. 343752 LION
Chief Armourer Edward Thomas. Reeve, O.N. 285401. 285401 FALMOUTH
Engine Room Artificer, Third Class, Edward Frank Roser, O.N. M.2331. M2331 BROKE
Acting Engine Room Artificer, Fourth Class, Alexander Daniel Reid, O.N. M. 17544. M17544 ACASTA
Acting Yeoman of Signals Percy Frederick Redfern, O.N. 213400. 213400 CASTOR
Stoker, First Class, William Roberts, O.N. K.1715. K1715 MARNE
Chief Petty Officer James Henry Leaker Rundle, O.N. 174753. 174753 MAENAD
Master-at-Arms William Henry Scott, O.N. 150134. 150134 KING GEORGE V
Petty Officer Telegraphist Mark Skinner, O.N. 236888. 236888 ERIN
Chief Shipwright Richard James Seymour, O.N. 340108. 340108 MONARCH
Serjeant Arthur Edward Stevens, O.N. R.M.A./5461. R.M.A/5461
Chief Writer William Henry Sleep, O.N. 341815. 341815 MALAYA
Ship's Steward Albert John Sutton, O.N. 340487. 340487 MALAYA
Petty Officer Lewis Silvers, O.N. 217782 217783? BARHAM
Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Percival Samuel Smith, O.N. 270763. 270763 DUKE OF EDINBURGH
Colour-Serjeant Abraham Spooner, O.N. R.M.A./4980. R.M.A./4980 WARRIOR
Serjeant. Walter Edward Shaw, O.N. R.M.A./ 9887. 9887 WARRIOR
Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Charles John Stobart, O.N. 268939. 268939 CALLIOPE
Able Seaman Charles Joseph Skelsey, O.N. 216707. 216707 TIGER
Stoker Petty Officer Clarence Sadgrove, O.N. K.4424. K4424 PRINCESS ROYAL
Petty Officer John Lloyd Strevens, O.N. 196607. 196607 INDOMITABLE
Chief Petty Officer Charles Smith, O.N. 192159. 192159 INFLEXIBLE
Boy, First Class, Herbert Stanley Sears, O.N. J.44436. J44436 CHESTER
Leading -Signalman Douglas Smith, O.N. 228073. 228073 UNKNOWN SHIP
Private William Smith, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ch./14230 (killed in action 31st May, 1916). Ch/14230 CHESTER
Chief Petty Officer Albert Edward Smith, O.N. 158152. 158152 SPITFIRE
Engine Room Artificer, Third Class, John Vincent Shaw, O.N. M.113. M113 ACASTA
Chief Stoker Arthur Josiah Smith, O.N. 175369. 175369 FAULKNOR
Chief Petty Officer William John Stacey, O.N. 160655. 160655 NESSUS
Chief Stoker William Tink, O.N. 279464. 279464 TEMERAIRE
Chief Stoker William Henry Trowell, O.N. 284236. 284236 INFLEXIBLE
Acting Engine Room Artificer, Fourth Class, Richard Thornton, M. 16481. M16481 LION
Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Ernest Alfred Turner, O.N. 268429. 268429
Serjeant Henry Lynall Vale, O.N. R.M.A./ 9604. R.M.A./9604
Chief Yeoman of Signals George Whitby, O.N. 182090. 182090 IRON DUKE
Petty Officer Telegraphist John Richard Wolley, O.N. J.966. J966 HERCULES
Chief Yeoman of Signals Thomas White, O.N. 188436. 188436 ORION
Chief Writer Lewis John Watkins, O.N. 342728. 342728 BENBOW
Leading Telegraphist Edward John Weller, O.N. J.18942. J18942 BENBOW
Stoker Petty Officer Robert Whiting, O.N. 284996. 284996 MALAYA
Stoker, First Class, Patrick Walsh, O.N. 307219. 307219 MALAYA
Chief Petty Officer William Williams, O.N. 175098. 175098 MINOTAUR
Master-at-Arms Ernest Warnes, O.N. 176845. 176845 MINOTAUR
Petty Officer James Weddick, O.N. 193944. 193944 CAROLINE
Yeonian of Signals Henry Samuel Wilmot, O.N. 188508. 188508 CONSTANCE
Private Harry Willows, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ply./ 13761. Ply/13761 LION
Ordinary Seaman Reginald Alfred Wise, O.N. J.31511. J31511 TIGER
Private Albert Victor Whatley, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ply./14500. Ply/14500 UNKNOWN SHIP
Stoker, First Class, James White, O.N. 293750. 293750 PRINCESS ROYAL
Master-at-Arms Abel Thomas Woodcock, O.N. 156942. 156942 PRINCESS ROYAL
Chief Electrical Artificer, Second Class, George Walmsley, O.N. 344920. 344920 NEW ZEALAND
Mechanician Henry Augustus Woodman, O.N. 299053. 299053 INDOMITABLE
Chief Stoker Samuel Thomas Wade, O.N 279953. 279953 INDOMITABLE
Leading Seaman Wilfred Walmsley, O.N. J.3765. J3765 INFLEXIBLE

Page 9092
Name Official Number Ship
Chief Yeoman of Signals Henry Wood, O.N. 160143. 160143 INFLEXIBLE
Ship's Steward Assistant Walter Wesley Wallace, O.N. M.9336. M9336 SOUTHAMPTON
Lance-Serjeant George Richard Westlake, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ply./10190. 10190 DUBLIN
Able Seaman Cyril John Woodhouse, O.N. J.14446. J14446 ONSLOW
Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Sydney Arthur Webber, O.N. 269544. 269544 MOORSOM
Stoker Petty Officer John Watson, O.N. 286751. 286751 UNKNOWN SHIP
(Difficult to determine name of ship on service record)
Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, James Benjamin Yarrell, O.N. 270083. 270083 CONSTANCE
Canteen Assistant Frank Percival.
Canteen Assistant Walter Rutt.

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