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Gun Capt H. ROBERTS, of Stockport (Killed.)
Mr Hugh Roberts, sen., of 75 Tork-street, Ridgeley, Stockport, has received information that his son, Hugh Roberts, who was captain of a gun on H.M.S. Tipperary, was killed in the Jutland sea battle. The Tipperary was one of the British destroyers which was lost in the battle. Mr Hugh Roberts has three other sons serving, these being Thos. Roberts, A.B., H.M.S. Monitor Severn, Ernest Roberts, in the Cheshire Yeomanry, and Joe Roberts, in the 6th Cheshires. He was himself an old seaman in the Merchant Service. In 1878 he went to through the Dardanelles. He also witnessed the bombing of Alexandria. Hugh Roberts, jun., was 29 years of age, and as a boy went to St.Matthew's School, Edgeley, and in 1902 joined the Royal Navy. After a course of training on H.M.S. Boscawen he was transferred to H.M.S. Wanderer, a sea-going training ship, and from her he went to H.M.S. Minotaur for a gunnery course, after which he was on the Australian Station on H.M.S. Euryalus, returning home to England in January 1906. His next ship was H.M.S. Kale, a torpedo boat destroyer, and he remained in her for two years. Volunteering for foreign service again, he went to H.M.S. Sealark on surveying service round the South Sea Islands, visiting some of the remotest places in the world, and is some of which the white man had not been seen before. Returning home, he joined H.M.S. Duke of Edinburgh and saw service in this ship during the Balkan Wars, visiting various parts of the Aegean Sea, etc. Returning home again, he passed the highest qualifications, and was drafted to H.M.S. Tipperary. He was home in Stockport six weeks before the battle of Jutland, and, like other British tars, was looking anxiously for "the day." His ship was in the early engagement of the fight.
The Advertiser 30th June 1916 via Spike Sheldon
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