Price, James William

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Lost on the "Defence."
New Ferry Man in the Naval
Mrs. Price, of 8, Olinda-street, New
Ferry, has had a severe blow by the loss
of the "Defence." Her third son, Private
James William Prices, R.M.L.I., who was
home on leave only a fortnight ago, Re-
joined the ill-fated ship, which was en-
gaged in the greatest naval battle of
modern times. It is reported that there
were no survivors from this vessel.. This
young marine had been in the Navy for
eight years, previous to which he was em-
ployed at Messrs, Price's Candle Woks, at
Bromborough Pool. He received his edu-
cations at St. Mark's School. He was aged
24, and had been on the "Defence" for
six years.
Birkenhead News
Wednesday 07 June 1916
(The British Newspaper Archive)