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I am trying to research about my grandfather - HMS Tiger - Battle of Jutland.
The problem is that he was NAAFI employed, although my mother seems to
think that if 'in battle' they became employed by the navy, I have to date been unable
to find out anything more than we already have.  Really I would like to find out
more about the ships he worked on and any more concerning his contribution
to what happened on HMS Tiger on 31 May 1916.
Anyway, he was on HMS Tiger and was mentioned in despatches
and officially commended by the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty. 
This was as he formed one of the medical officer's party at "Action Stations"
and his mention was due to - on 31 May 1916 'carried out his
.....difficult duties with such courage, zeal and ability that he was mentioned in despatches......John R ?Muir.....Fleet surgeon.
Really I would like to view the log that was written at that time,
naming my grandfather and his best friend.....W Rudd.....they were
both mentioned in despatches.....but both listed as canteen assistants.
I have copies of paperwork regarding this mention in despatches. 
They have him joining HMS Tiger in July 1915. 
He would have been about 20 at that time. 
Mentioned in despatches - which I have copy of - 15/09/1916.
Ann Lowe via email 29 April 2018 [[]]
My grandfather, Frank Percival, was born Francis Edward Percival 5 11 1894.

He was married, as Francis George Percival, to Amy Davey, 26 February 1916,
and listed his profession as a Steward RR HMS Tiger.  I think he was quite
good at stretching the truth!  He died - as Francis Edward Percival 25 2 1977
at St Michaels Hospital, Enfield.  He was living with my mother
at that time after the death of his wife, Amy.
Unfortunately, although his daughter (my mother) is still alive (98 years)
her memory is not so good.  But we have always been told that he was
in the battle of jutland, on HMS Tiger and he was mentioned in despatches. 
The paperwork that I have scanned for you is attached and shows
HMS Tiger headed paper.  I couldn't read the handwritten signature
of the Fleet Surgeon or find him on the list for HMS Tiger but I assume
there would have been a report from the surgeons on HMS Tiger and
then the overall Fleet Surgeon wrote out the letter re my grandfather's
actions and commendation.

Unfortunately some of the paperwork has been folded for a very long time
so is hard to decipher in places.  It seems to indicate that he had been on
HMS Tiger from July 1915.  I don't think he used to talk very much about
what happened in the battle although I do remember him saying about
one ship (Queen Mary?) sinking almost immediately after it
was struck - the thought of all those men drowning.

If there is anything else that I can forward then please let  me know. 
I have a feeling we have a medal in a box somewhere but I don't think
it was to do with Jutland or first world war.  Unfortunately we do
not have any details regarding Walter Rutt.  But he was my grandfather's
best friend - although we heard his name - I never met him and I
can only assume that they were in the same medical officer's
party and so mentioned in despatches together.

I hope that this enables you to add a little bit more to the history of
HMS Tiger.  I have always felt that there's a piece of paper that
recorded a little bit more about that particular action that he was
part of - the report from the surgeons? re 31 May 1916.

Ann Lowe via email 30 April 2018 [[]]
H.M.S. Tiger
To whom it may concern, this is
to certify that Frank Percival has
served as Canteen Assistant on this
ship for a considerable period,
He performed his duties in a most
efficient manner and was
trustworthy and industrious.

(Lapage, Walter Neville)
Ann Lowe via
email 2 May 2018
9th Oct. 1916.
This is to certify that Frank Percival
has served as Canteen Assistant on board
this ship since Feby 1915.
During the whole of this time he has
formed one of the Medical Officer's party
at "Action Stations". He has a high
degree of ability and during the action
of 31st May 1916 carried out his exceedingly
difficult duties with such courage,
zeal, and ability that he was mentioned
in despatches officially commended
by the Lords Commissioners of the

John R Muir
Fleet Surgeon
Ann Lowe via email
2 May 2018
The War of 1914-1918.
The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty
hereby certify that

Canteen Assistant. Frank Percival.

was mentioned in Despatches in recognition of distinguished
services during the War and that his name was published
in the London Gazette date 15th September 1916.
The King has commanded that His high appreciation of
the services rendered shall be recorded on this certificate.

By Command of Their Lordships

Whitehall S.W.7.
Ann Lowe via email
2 May 2018
Yes you may use the information that I have passed onto you to add to the project.

born Francis Edward Percival 5 11 1894   6 Montem Street   Upper Holloway    Islington (I have his birth certificate if you want a copy)

married, as Francis George Percival, to Amy Davey, 26 February 1916, and listed his profession as a Steward RR HMS Tiger.  He lived then in upper holloway, middx but the marriage took place in the parish church of Fakenham.  (again I have a copy of this certificate if you want a copy).

He died - as Francis Edward Percival 25 2 1977 at St Michaels Hospital, Enfield  (again I have his death certificate - interestingly my mother recorded his date of birth as 5 11 1893 but definitely 1894 on his birth certificate)

Sorry I muddled the dates - it gets quite busy at home.  This research and contacting you all came about because I went to a family history group run by the local U3A and I thought - long time since I've looked up crew lists and battle of jutland etc etc.  I did go to the Imperial War Museum in London and took some notes of what happened when.  It sounds as though, as part of the medical team he would have taken the wounded back to the doctors.  He didn't have a very good word to say of  Beatty and Jellicoe.

I assume you only want information about his life up until 1918.  We may have a photo of his wedding or him as a youngster.  Plus I know that a friend of ours has done some family history - my grandparents met whilst in service and they used to work for Elgar - the composer - but not sure that we have anything written.  I will ask around in the family as some of these things get split up from time to time.

There are a few stories told about his life and he definitely was a bit of a "character" so it is nice to think that he has been added to the HMS Tiger list of men who unfortunately had to witness such a tragedy at such a young age.

Anything else that I find or think may be of interest, then I will forward to you.

Ann Lowe via email
3 May 2018
Just looking up some more information regarding my grandfather....known as Percy......always drank his tea out of a saucer (he was too impatient to wait for it to cool down) and looking at some scribbled notes on his family tree for his siblings and noticed that - not sure where I got the information from that I have written.....Frank's friend  Walter Rutt....Mrs Rutt, 8 Pemberton Gdns - Holloway N  on HMS Tiger, Battle of Jutland.  I spoke to my mother.....her memory is not very reliable....she said that they were school friends? Ann Lowe via email
9 May 2018 (abridged)
Hi.  Thanks for your email.  I only know the name Walter Rutt.  A name that my grandfather would have mentioned to us - so when I saw that they were both listed in despatches......just clicked that this was where they would have been together.  My grandfather lived in Norwich for quite a long time and perhaps that's where they lost contact?

On my list of things to do is to try and see if anyone else knew of first world war 'stories'.  I will try and ask my mother again - sometimes things said 'trigger' her memories.  My grandfather was also on Curlew? ship in 2nd world war and he also was on ships in China, Malta, Bermuda - he also was in Canada for a period.  Got around a bit.  The story goes that when Curlew was 'sunk' or hit or whatever - I thought he was Chief Petty Officer - he was asked if he managed to bring out any monies - he said he didn't (but he did).  He used to have police escorts through Liverpool docks - so that the police could have 'supplies' that he was able to sell!  Not sure that the Naafi actually managed to deal with people like him - he always said that the police were the biggest rogues out!

So it is doubtful that I can firmly confirm that Walter Rutt was on HMS Tiger but they were definitely friends and the name was known to me - so feel likely that he was.

Interestingly I cannot find my grandfather on the 1939 census.  He lived for some period at our family home in Enfield but was also living in Ilford.  I am seeing my sister this weekend so will ask her if she has any recollections to pass on.  Thanks.


Ann Lowe via email
9 May 2018