Newbery, Francis William

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Starting with an amendment to RN records where his DoB was wrongly
recorded as 19/09/1892. His correct DoB is 19/09/1893,
a year later than

shown, a clerical error.
My Paternal Grandfather, born in Lyme Regis 19/09/1892 and moving to
Portsmouth and trained as a carpenter where he joined the Royal Navy at
the outbreak of WW1. Serving on HMS Galatea until 2/18, we have his
written account of the battle of Jutland, interesting reading. Awarded
the 3 medals (Pip, Squeak & Wilfred), he was mentioned in dispatches.

He continued to serve after WW1 as a Warrant Shipwright and later as a
Commissioned Shipwright in the 1930's. He retired from the Royal Navy at
the beginning of WW2 on health grounds but continued working for the
Admiralty, finally passing away in 1964.

He once sketched a diagram for me of a platform built over the front
turret and described the launching of a Sopwith Pup, a one shot flight
in order to counter Zeppelins and spot enemy craft. His workshop at home
was kept pristine and woe betide me if I had put any tools back in the
wrong place. A man with an eye for detail but good fun.

Albert Rattenbury is the Petty Officer with pipe, back row, third in from the right.

Alan Newbery
Battle of Jutland as seen from H.M.S. Galatea Alan Newbery
Image of FWN's marriage to Edith Hogben on 03/10/1917 in Portsmouth Alan Newbery
Image of HMS Galatea's shipwrights dept., dated 1915.
FWN is in the centre of the back row.
Note the boy piper seated in the middle.
Alan Newbery