Navy Lists

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Navy Lists

The NAVY LIST is compiled and published by order of the Lord Commissioners of the Admiralty for the convenience of the Service; but, as errors may occasionally occur, their Lordships must expressly reserve their right to determine the status of any Officer according to the actual circumstances of the case, independently of any Entry in the Navy List.
By command of their Lordships.

Names of officers appearing in 18 Navy Lists from January 1914 to October 1918

Ships at Jutland only
A Abdiel Acasta Achates Acheron Active Agincourt Ajax
Ambuscade Ardent Ariel Attack B Badger Barham Bellerophon
Bellona Benbow Birkenhead Birmingham Black Prince Blanche Boadicea Broke
C Calliope Canada Canterbury Caroline Castor Centurion Champion
Chester Christopher Cochrane Collingwood Colossus Comus Conqueror Constance
Contest Cordelia D Defence Defender Dublin Duke of Edinburgh E
Engadine Erin F Falmouth Faulknor Fearless Fortune G
Galatea Garland Gloucester Goshawk H Hampshire Hardy Hercules
Hydra I Inconstant Indefatigable Indomitable Inflexible Invincible Iron Duke
J K Kempenfelt King George V L Landrail Lapwing Laurel
Liberty Lion Lizard Lydiard M Maenad Magic Malaya
Mandate Manners Marksman Marlborough Marne Martial Marvel Mary Rose
Menace Michael Midge Milbrook Mindful Minion Minotaur Mischief
Monarch Mons Moon Moorsom Moresby Morning Star Morris Mounsey
Munster Mystic N Narborough Narwhal Neptune Nerissa Nessus
Nestor New Zealand Nicator Noble Nomad Nonsuch Nottingham O
Oak Obdurate Obedient Onslaught Onslow Opal Ophelia Orion
Ossory Owl P Pelican Petard Phaeton Porpoise Princess Royal
Q Queen Mary R Revenge Royal Oak Royalist S Shannon
Shark Southampton Sparrowhawk Spitfire St. Vincent Superb T Temeraire
Termagant Thunderer Tiger Tipperary Turbulent U Unity V
Valiant Vanguard W Warrior Warspite X Y Yarmouth
Z Depot Ship Hecla