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736 November 2015 41 Navy News
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Help wanted with
Jutland pictures

MEMBERS of the public
are being asked to help reunite
a number of photographs of
Royal Naval personnel
with their descendants.

A collection of pictures
of some sailors and Royal
Marines who died at Jutland
have been given to HMS
Callliope, the Royal Naval
Reserve unit at Gateshead.

Around 20 photos were
donated but only seven of
the sailors and marines were

Those identified were
WF Rowlingson, TJ Hogan,
W Fletcher, Thomas Trish,
Frederick Thomas Horsfall,
William Collins and Thomas
Edward Sutcliffe.

Calliope’s heritage officer
Lt Cdr Duncan Young is
hoping relatives of the men
will come forward before the
Battle of Jutland centenary
commemorations next year.

“Sadly, we don’t know
who left these photos at our
gatehouse and as such there
is a gap in our understanding
of who they were and indeed
if they have any family still
living in the region,” he said.

“We’d like to be able
to show the families the
photographs and invite
them to take part in HMS
Calliope’s remembrance
events for the Battle of
Jutland and wider maritime
campaign next year.”

The North East has a proud
association with the Royal
Navy. Notable examples
are Lord Collingwood from
Morpeth who fought in the
Battle of Trafalgar, the WW2
submarine base at Blyth and
the hundreds of ships built
on the Tyne, including HMS
Ark Royal, HMS King George
V and HMS Newcastle.

One hundred years ago
HMS Calliope was a light
cruiser that took part in the
sea battle at Jutland.

She received a number of
hits from the German fleet
during the battle and ten
of her crew were killed in

There has been a Royal
Naval Reserve presence on
Tyneside since 1905, when
Tyne Division of the RNVR
was formed.

For its first training
ship, the Division chose
the famous HMS Calliope,
veteran of the Samoa
Hurricane, which was
berthed at Elswick in
Newcastle upon Tyne.

In 1951, the original HMS
Calliope was replaced by
HMS Falmouth, which was
renamed Calliope. This new
ship kept the same moorings
at Elswick. The unit moved
ashore in 1968 to its current
location, retaining the name
HMS Calliope.

Anyone with information
about the photographs
is asked to email
co.uk or write to Unit
Heritage officer, HMS
Calliope, South Shore Road,
Gateshead NE10 8WH.

.Jutland Centenary plan,
see page 43
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736 November 2015 43 Navy News
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