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719 June 2014 18 Navy News
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Book of

letters to
help fund
AN ebook based on the letters of
a World War 1 sailor is to benefit
the RNRMC, which will receive
a donation from the profits.
War Letters 1914-1918, Vol.
2: Philip Malet de Carteret was
penned by Mark Tanner as part
of a three-book series exploring
the lives of military personnel
who died in the conflict.
Volume two in the series is
based on the letters of 16-year-
old Philip Malet de Carteret, a
midshipman with the Royal Navy
who sailed with pre-Dreadnought
battleship HMS Canopus.
Philip’s letters describe his
experience of the Battles of
Coronel and the Falklands and
his time at the Dardanelles/
Gallipoli before his death at the
Battle of Jutland aboard HMS
Queen Mary. “Despite his young age, his
letters demonstrate a remarkable
maturity, and give a fascinating
insight into what life was like for
the young men who played such
an important part in the major
Naval encounters of the First
World War,” said the author.
At the request of Philip’s
family, profits from this book are
being donated to the RNRMC.
The book is available for
download at www. amazon.
co.uk for £2.99.

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719 June 2014 28 Navy News
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A trademark pose from Admiral of the Fleet Sir David Beatty –

cap at a rakish angle, hands partly in pockets – on the quarterdeck
of his flagship HMS Queen Elizabeth, the barrels of her 15in main
guns plugged by ornate tampions