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563 June 2001 10 Navy News
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Earl Jellicoe, the second
Earl, pictured on board
HMS Iron Duke.

visit HMS
Iron Duke
A LIVING link with
Naval history was made
when members of the
Jellicoe family visited the
Type 23 frigate HMS Iron
The greatest Naval engage-
ment of World War I was the
Battle of Jutland when
Admiral John Jellicoe used
the second HMS Iron Duke,
a 26.500-ton super dread-
nought, as his flagship.
The battle, on May 31,
1916, saw huge loss of life on
both sides, but the Royal
Navy's action ensured that
the German Fleet remained
in port for the rest of the War.
Almost 85 years later, the
Dreadnought's modern day
counterpart was delighted to
welcome descendants of the
Jellicoe family whose name
will for ever be associated
with Iron Duke.
During their visit to the
frigate in Portsmouth, the CO
of HMS Iron Duke, Cdr Ben
Key, presented a photo of the
current HMS Iron Duke to
the Rt Hon Earl Jellicoe
DSO, MC the second Earl.