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514 May 1997 4 Navy News
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Navy News Issue Month / Year Page Index
514 May 1997 7 Navy News
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FURTHER to your article in the
February issue on the sinking of
HMS Queen Mary at Jutland,
some years ago on a visit to the
UK I met a survivor.
He was a stoker in the Boiler
Room when the ship was hit.
All he remembered was a huge
flash and a terrific roar and then
he was swimming- he had been
blown right out of the ship.
He was swimming for many
hours in total darkness and com-
plete silence, for he had been
totally deafened by the blast and
his eyes were so badly damaged
that he became totally blind.
He was rescued by a Norwegian
fishing trawler and returned to a
British destroyer and taken home.
As an Intervenor for the Deaf-
Blind I was able to communicate
with him. - R.M.Green, Burnaby,
British Columbia.
There were only 20 survivors
from HMS Queen Mary's ship's
company of 1,266- Ed.
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