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456 July 1992 11 Navy News
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LIEUT.-Cdr. Douglas Williams,who
as a Boy Seamen was one of the last
to train in sail, has joined St Dun-
stan's, the organisation for blinded
servicemen and women, a week after
his 103rd birthday.

He served in the Royal Navy for 43
years, coming through two world wars
only to lose the sight in one eye in an
accident during gunnery trials.
Douglas joined the family of St Dun-
stan's after the sight failed in his other
eye. Welcoming him to the organisation
and presenting him with his badge
was Admiral of the Fleet Sir Henry Leach,
chairman of St Dunstan's, who made the
journey to the centenarian's home near
Both gunners, the two men had much
to chat over before Admiral Leach left
carrying a gift from Douglas (right in pic-
ture), a book on the Grand Fleet and the
Battle of Jutland, in which he fought in
HMS Royal Sovereign.