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448 November 1991 33 Navy News
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SHIPMATE Fred "Darby"
Allen, aged 94, oldest member
of Peterborough branch, shares
some embarrassing memories
of the Battle of Jutland in his
800 page autobiography.

As a young sailor he served
in HMS Dominion of the Third
Battle Squadron {the "Wobbly
Eight") when the order came to
raise steam, join the Fleet and
engage the enemy at Jutland.
"We hadn't a hope", says
Fred. "Our speed was ridicu-
lous. All we could raise was 15
knots and the fastest ships with
speeds of 25 to 30 knots were
miles away."
The nearest Fred got to the
action was seeing an intercept-
ed wireless signal from Admi-
rals Beatly to Jellico slating:
"Am engaging the enemy at
31,000 yards".
If Fred missed one of the
great sea battles, there was free
beer for all and a band playing
"See the Conquering hero
Comes", when the Dominion
returned to Portsmouth.
"It was very embarrassing,"
says Fred. "W e knew we
weren't heroes. But no one
would believe us."
After leaving the Navy. Fred
was a policeman in Peterbor-
ough for 25 years.