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446 September 1991 5 Navy News
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Red carpet for Jutland 'boy'
AS A 90th birthday surprise,
Mr Wynne Thomas of War-
wickshire was invited on
board HMS Argyll, where he
could see just how much
ships have changed in the
six decades since he left the
Royal Navy.

Mr Thomas joined as a
boy seaman and by the time
he was 16 had crossed the
Atlantic three times in des-
troyers. During the First
World War he served in HMS
Warspite at the Battle of Jut-
land and also in the aircraft
carrier, HMS Eagle. He had
risen to Chief Petty Officer
Engine Room Artificer by the
time he left the Service.

He is pictured receiving
sourvenirs of his visit from
Cdr. John Bray, the Argyll's
commanding officer. Mid.
Iain Lovatt looks on.
Admin note: Unfortunately
we have not, so far
at least, been able to
confirm Mr Thomas's service
on Warspite from his Naval records.