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425 December 1989 3 Navy News
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Vanguard bell goes

back to Barrow
THE BELL from a famous Barrow-built battleship,
HMS Vanguard, has been returned to the town 80
years after the ship's launch.
Vickers Shipbuilding and
Engineering Ltd bought the
bell at a maritime auction
and it will be placed on
permanent display In The
Dock, a new Cumbria
museum project which will
tell the story of steel
Until the Dock complex
is open to visitors in the
Spring of 1991, the bell will
be on show at the Furness
Museum in Ramsden
Square, Barrow.
The 19,250-ton Van-
guard was launched at
Barrow on February 22,
1909 and saw action at the
battle of Jutland. On July 9,
1917 she was destroyed
by an internal explosion at
Scapa Flow with a loss of
804 members of the ship's
company.The ship's bell
was recovered from the
wreck in 1956.
Vickers are currently
building the Royal Navy's
tenth HMS Vanguard - the
first of the new Trident-
missile nuclear submar-
ines - at Barrow in the gi-
ant Devonshire Dock hall.

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425 December 1989 20 Navy News
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He does not overlook the

price paid in loss and grief.
"A stricken town"said the
newspaper headlines after
Jutland. And the loss of HMS
Sheffield with 21 of her
ship's company off the Falk-
lands in 1982 was as great a
loss of the city as it was to
the Task Force.