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171 September 1968 7 Navy News
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I receive "Navy News" regularly from a pal of mine, and
reading your boxing notes I wondered if any old-timers
remember me?
As an ordinary signalman in H.M.S. Bellerophon, I
fought aboard the Emperor of India for the 4th B.S. cham-
pionship, meeting Stoker Brown, Seaman Milligan, and
finally Seaman Lampard.
Leaving the Navy in April, 1918, I came to New Zealand
two years later, fighting as a professional until 1924 when
I got married. I am 70 - a bit too old to box now! - but I
enjoy reading "Navy News."
As a Jutland veteran I am convenor for a Jutland reunion
each year here. There are only 10 of us, but with wives and
guests we get together a party of about 30. Our patron is
Vice-Admiral Sir Peter Phipps. My ship at Jutland was the
torpedo-boat destroyer Faulknor.

Frank Brown
Wellington. N.Z.,