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143 May 1966 5
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To commemorate the 50th
anniversary of the Battle of
Jutland, the Admiralty Board
intends to hold a service in the
church of St. Martin-in-the-
Fields, at noon on May 31.
Wreaths on behalf of the
Admiralty Board will be placed
at the busts of Earl Jellicoe and
Earl Beatty.
The wreath-laying will be
informal and, after the official
wreaths have been laid there
will be an opportunity for
others to do so.
Navy News Issue Month / Year Page
143 May 1966 9
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Warning on

the R.A.F.
MARSHALL of the Royal
Air Force Sir Arthur
Harris, writing to the Daily
Telegraph in the correspon-
dence concerning the Battle
of Jutland, said that there
was an aircraft carrier with
the Grand Fleet (he had for-
gotten the name), and it had
just completed successful
She was forgotten when the
Fleet put to sea, but went out
on her own initiative. She was
overtaking the Fleet, and would
have been with it before the
battle. when her absence gave
rise to an exchange of signals
as to where she was. She was
told to return to harbour.
Marshall Harris continued:
"As the decisive nature, and
indeed near loss, of the battle
was due to Jellicoe's lack of
knowledge of the whereabouts
of the German Fleet, the mis-
handling of the available air
reconnaissance facilities by
those responsible was largely to
"I still assert that this country
will neglect the Navy at its