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82 April 1961 3 Navy News
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Retires after
over 50 years
in the Service

THE retirement, last month, of
Cdr. R. T. Young, O.B.E., R.N.,
from the Service, brings to an end over
50 years continuous service.

Cdr. R. T. Young. born in I898,
joined the Royal Navy as a cadet in
1910 and was, as far as is known, the
only officer still serving who has the
Mons Star. He served at the Battle of
the Falkland Islands in H.M.S.
Canopus as a Midshipman and later
at the Battle of Jutland in H.M.S.

He qualified in gunnery at Whale
Island in 1922 and returned there to
the Experimental Department in 1934<
where he has been ever since. He was
the expert in charge of blast trials
both for conventional guns and now
guided missiles.

Cdr. Young is a keen historian,
particularly that of H.M.S. Excellent,
and in 1955 he wrote "The House that
Jack Built." a history of Whale

On his departure from the Service
Cdr. Young was dined by the officers
of H.M.S. Excellent on February 23
at which function no less than eight
Admirals and eight Captains, including
seven ex-Captains of Whale Island
and five ex-X.P. Commanders attended.

Young, Robert Travers
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82 April 1961 8 Navy News
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