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63 September 1959 12 Navy News
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Jutland Day ceremony made
new members

OVER 150 paraded in Johannes-
burg on May 31 when the branch
standard was dedicated at St. Mary's
Church, Rossettenville. Prior to the
service of dedication, the branch
paraded through the streets, with the
Johannesburg Sea Cadet band in the
lead. There was it good turnout from
the branch, followed by the
M.O.T.H.s (Memorable Order of the
Tin Hats), R.A.F. Association, Scouts
and Sea Rangers.

The dedication coincided with the
anniversary of the Battle of Jutland
and through the Press and the South
African Broadcasting Corporation
this fact was given a lot of publicity,
to the extent that the branch gained
a number of new members, some of
whom had actually served at the

The service was attended by the
Deputy Mayor of Johannesberg and
the dedication ceremony was con-
ducted by the Reverend H. Willson,
Chaplian of the branch. The salute
at the march past was taken by
Commander C.G. Buckley, Com-
manding Officer of the South African
Naval Base and incidentally he is now
a new member of the branch

The jungle telegraph at Johannes-
burg reports the likelihood of a new
branch starting at Gwelo, in Rhodesia
and also one at Welkom, Orange Free
State. It is expected that there will
be a few Shipmates from Johannes-
burg who will make the journey down
to the O.F.S. for the inaugural meet-

The branch held a very enjoyable,
social evening on July 10. There
were three bands and artistes including
a magician, two tap dancers and a
Kwela dancer. When midnight came
no one wanted to go home so that
the dance carried on for a further
half an hour. Preparations are well
under way for the Trafalgar Day
dance and already this occasion has
the makings of a really big affair.
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