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49 June 1958 13 Navy News
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THE FULHAM branch is very active,
we now have over 63 members and are
increasing every week. We have just

moved to new headquarters at the
King's Arms, Fulham High Street,
S.W.6 (near Putney Bridge): we meet
on Friday evenings at 2000 hours. If
you are ever around this way. drop in
and see us. we will be very pleased to
see you. We also have a ladies’ com-
mittee who have done some very fine
work in helping us financially and
assistittg at the socials we hold once
a month.

One member we are very proud to
have, is Shipmate Bushell, who joined
the R.N. in 1904 and served on H.M.S.
Chester at the Battle of Jutland. He
helped the mortally wounded Jack
Cornwall, V.C., down to the messdeck.

May we take the opportunity of
extending a very warm welcome to all
Naval personnel who will be taking
part in the Royal Tournament at
Earls Court. We are only five minutes
away front the Stadium: ask for Put-
ney Bridge Station. on the District
line of the Underground. or a 74 bus
from outside the West Brompton
entrance passes by the door. Who
knows you may meet some “old
ships." And may I say, the very best
of luck to all the gun crews.


Bushell, Henry Walter
Officer's Cook 1st Class