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38 July 1957 13 Navy News
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ON WHIT SUNDAY members of
the Horley Branch made their annual
journey to Chatham- to attend the
Jutland and Dunkirk Rally in very
good weather. The coach left at 0900
and arrived at the Royal Sailors'
Home Club at 1130. Lunch was
served at the Home and was

thoroughly enjoyed by all. It was
learned with regret that this was the
last time the amenities of the Home
could be enjoyed as it was shortly
closing down. The Rally took place in
the R.N. Barracks, Chatham, with
twenty-eight branches and standards
present. The service took place in the
R.N. Barracks Church of St. George
and was conducted by the Very Rev.
T. Crick, Chaplain, R.N.A., and Dean
of Rochester. in the presence of the
Commander-in-Chief The Nore. Ad-
miral Sir Frederick R. Parham. who
also read the lesson.

After the service the parade re-
formed and marched past the Com-
mander-in-Chief, who afterwards in-
spected the branches, and talked to
many present. After dispersal the
Horley Branch returned to the Royal
Sailors' Home for tea, and left Chat-
ham at 7 p.m. for the homeward
journey, which was very pleasant.
Horley was reached at 11.30 p.m.,after
a most successful and enjoyable day.