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12 May 1955 4 Navy News
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Royal Naval

MR. R.G. EVANS was elected Chair-
man of the Havant Branch on April 5.
He was presented with the Chairman's
Badge of Office at the same meeting.

Chief Petty Officer A. G. Humby,
RN. (Retired) died on April 2 after
a long illness. He was one of the
earlier members of Havant Branch
and kept up a keen interest even when
too ill to attend meetings.

Details of the Annual Jutland and
Dunkirk Rally, which is to take place
on May 29, have been promulgated
in the Branch. The Royal Naval Asso-
ciation, Chatham, are making all
arrangements and have invited the
Chief and Petty Officers' Messes to
attend the social meeting, which will
follow in the evening.

Darts is a popular game in this
branch. Matches against The Royal
Naval Association (Portsmouth) have
taken place, both home and away,
since the last publication.