Men From Isle of Wight

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Men from Isle of Wight at the Battle of Jutland
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Birth towns and areas are as found in service records and may not reflect reality.
Although technically part of England there has been sufficient births identified in the Isle of Wight to create a category for this location.
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Name Birth Birth location Birth area Death Rank/Rate ON Ship -
Corney, Joseph Edwin 01/10/1888 Ryde Isle of Wight Stoker 1st Class 310951 Acasta
Joiner, Bertie 23/09/1885 Ryde Isle of Wight Able Seaman 212801 Achates
Newbery, Ernest 21/10/1873 Thorwell Isle of Wight Stoker 1st Class 174484 Achates
Salter, Albert Edward 18/09/1890 Ryde Isle of Wight Stoker 1st Class K2808 Achates
Grimes, Henry Ernest 14/06/1887 Carisbrooke Isle of Wight Able Seaman 221921 Acheron
Adams, Thomas Richard 04/06/1875 Brading Isle of Wight Sailmaker 158182 Agincourt
Cook, Arthur 15/10/1879 Thorley Isle of Wight Able Seaman 183000 Badger
Barsdell, William 02/07/1885 Ryde Isle of Wight 31/05/1916 Able Seaman 221884 Black Prince
Brooks, William Frederick 20/10/1884 Ryde Isle of Wight Able Seaman 217234 Christopher
Silvester, Harold George 17/03/1886 Ryde Hampshire Leading Stoker 225810 Christopher
Argyle, William Frederick 02/03/1899 Isle of Wight Isle of Wight 31/05/1916 Boy Telegraphist J33766 Defence
Jolliffe, Victor 07/07/1886 Shanklin Isle of Wight 31/05/1916 Gunner RMA 11539 Defence
Pragnell, Christopher 09/08/1890 Whippingham Isle of Wight Leading Seaman J1760 Garland
Searle, Charles Frederick Oxenberry 05/02/1887 Sea View Isle of Wight Leading Stoker 309731 Hydra
Jobling, Percy Gordon 29/04/1893 Cowes Isle of Wight Stoker 1st Class SS111351 Landrail
Jeffery, Frederick Henry 14/01/1887 Isle of Wight Isle of Wight Acting Stoker Petty Officer K8772 Sparrowhawk
Richards, Charles Henry 04/05/1887 Ventnor Isle of Wight Stoker Petty Officer 308953 Sparrowhawk
Davis, Stanley Hilton 21/06/1895 Seaview Isle of Wight 1987 Officer's Steward 2nd Class L8378 Tipperary