McDonald, Alexander Tyrrell

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Parkgate Doctor Safe
Dr. Alex. Macdonald, one of the partners of Menzies, Macdonald and Picken, Parkgate, joined the Navy nearly twelve months ago, and was surgeon on board H.M.S. Warrior. As is well known, the Warrior was towed for some distance before she sank. Dr. Macdonald was among those saved. His work as surgeon necessitated him remaining below deck, and so he did not see the actual fighting. Still he had a very hot time during the action. The enormous amount of surgical work, and the awful din of battle was, he says, something never to be forgotten. Even when his ship went down there much work to be done. Dr. Macdonald was one of the last to leave the ship when she was doomed and had to be abandoned. Up to leaving the ship he was engaged in caring for the gallant sailors and helping in their removal to the rescue vessel. He is now at his home in Edinburgh, little the worse for his trying experience. In fact, he is waiting to receive an appointment on some other ship. His friends and admirers will be delighted to know that he is safe.
South Yorkshire Times and Mexborough & Swinton Times - Saturday 17 June 1916
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