McAteer, Patrick

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This is a strange case. He has turned out to be Patrick McIntyre, a known member of the crew. Alan Wyatt has found on Ancestry that his parents married in 1888 as McIntyre and McAteer

1891 census - John and Mary McAtier and daughter
1901 census - John and Mary McIntyre and 5 children
1911 census - John and Mary McAteer and 6 children
Until then we had said "Named as Stoker Patrick McAteer,

This is a strange case. He is not a known casualty (or of course survivor), nor can a service record be found for him at present which could place him on another ship. He is clearly stated by the paper to have been 20, and served in the Navy 3 years. His mother is said to have lived at 8c Northumberland Dwellings off Beaufort Street, Liverpool, and he was a Member of St Malachy's Boys Guild before joining up.

Liverpool Echo 12 June 1916