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This WiKi is the on-line resource for information pertaining to the crew lists of the British fleet at the Battle of Jutland.
We have a team that is dedicated to populating this site with information about the crew lists.
Please make contact if you would like to join us. help @ (remove spaces).

Crew Lists
To the Crew Lists
In the governmental Hansards (Minutes) of 6 December 1922 it gave the number of men on His Majesty's ships at the Battle of Jutland as 61,654. Names are being added to our crew lists on a daily basis as volunteers are systematically reviewing service records. A live update on the status of the project can be found here
The Nations at the Battle of Jutland
Men born in the various nations
A wide range of nationalities were represented by those that served at the Battle of Jutland.
Aliases/Also Known As
On many occasions individuals served in the Royal Navy under names that were not their birth names. This might be due cultural reasons or that the individual did not want to be easily traced.

Battle of Jutland Memorial
Battle of Jutland Memorial
Complete list of those that were Killed in Action or Died of Wounds at the Battle of Jutland. (Photos against names where known)
Crew Photographs
Crew Photographs
Updated virtually on a daily basis, the links are to the 151 photograph galleries of the ships in the British fleet at the battle. Photo sources have been added, where known.

Battle Reports
Battle Reports
Eye witness reports from various sources on the Battle of Jutland

Register of Killed and Wounded
Register of Killed and Wounded
Transcriptions of the documents held at The National Archives
(Battle of Jutland ships only)
ADM 104/146 1915 May-1916 May (Vol 2)
ADM 104/147 1916-1917 (Vol 3)

Service Record Abbreviations
Service Record Abbreviations
Abbreviations found in Royal Navy Service Records

Navy Lists
Navy Lists
This is a transcription of the names of officers appearing in 18 Navy Lists from January 1914 to October 1918 for the 151 British ships at the Battle of Jutland.

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