Lydall, Cecil Wykeham

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To Have Married a Nottingham Lady Today.
News has reached Nottingham that the naval chaplain of H.M.S. Lion, Sir David Beatty's flagship, was killed in the course of Thursday's naval engagement in the North Sea. The chaplain, the Rev. C. W. Lydall, M.A., who was formerly curate at St. Peter's, Battersea, was engaged to be married to Miss Grace Clark, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Clarke, of Newcastle House, Park-terrace, Nottingham, and the wedding was to have taken place in London to-day (5th June 1916). All the arrangements had been completed and many notable guests had been invited. The wedding was to have been a most fashionable one, for the deceased gentleman was nephew of Viscount French, and was well known both in London and the provinces. The news to hand is that Mr. Lydall was killed on Thursday. He was in the middle turret with the turret-major at the time, and was killed as the result of a shell. The vessel has returned to port.
Photograph from The Graphic June 10 1916
Newspaper report published 5th June 1916 in the Nottingham Daily Express via Spike Sheldon