Lewis, Edward John

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Presentation at the Guild Hall.

There was a crowded audience at the Brecon
Guild Hall on Tuesday night, when presentations
were made to Leading Seaman E J Lewis, of Mill
Street, Brecon, who was on board the "Warrior"
in the recent naval battle.
The Mayor (Mr G T Jones) occupied the chair,
and supporting him were Seaman Lewis, the Town Clerk (MR Hyatt Williams), Miss Phillip
Morgan, Mesers J W Hedger, C W Best, W F
Parry deWinton, E M Meredith and Wm Williams,
Lewis had an enthusiastic reception when he
entered the hall.
The Mayor, in making the presentations, said
that on behalf of the burge? of that ancient
borough he welcomed in his native town one who
participated in the great North Sea Battle. (Loud
applause). They were proud that Brecon was
represented by two Brecon boys and by the house
Brecon County Times
22 June 1916
via Spike Sheldon
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