Le Mottee, Douglas Balfour

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Commander Balfour Le Mottee, as Rear Admiral

He was always known as Balfour in the family (information courtesy of great nephew Ed Stone)

Ed Stone recalls “When I met my uncle Balfour c1956 at his house in Lyme Regis he showed me a huge ‘shell’ on his mantlepiece which was probably about 4 foot long and 8” in diameter (at least that is how I remember it). He told me it had landed on his bridge and did not explode! As the only time I believe he took fire was on the "Princess Royal”, this must have been when he was Commander of Navigation. He’d obviously had the explosives removed before placing it above the fireplace in his house “The Lawn”, Lyme Regis."

His brother Edward, a Major in the Gloucestershire Regiment, was killed, as a staff officer in the 9th Division, in the battle of Loos, September 1915. (Courtesy of Ed Stone)
National Portrait Gallery, Walter Stoneman, bromide print 1933, NPG x168907