Landrail - Officers group

From Battle of Jutland Crew Lists Project
Photo source: Will Fry

Officers of HMS Landrail after the Battle of Jutland - with the many dogs who seem to have lived with them on board! If this was as common as it seems, how many went down with the ships that were sunk I wonder?

From the collection of Stoker Thomas Frederick Fry. With the Captain and Engineer Officer identified by him, those present appear to be

Back Row L - R: Lieutenant Harold Scott Gillett, Lieutenant Commander Francis Hobart (the Captain), probably one of the Surgeon Probationers - either Henry Thomas Cubbon, who had just joined, or Harold Mooney, who was about to leave the ship, Engineer Lieutenant Commander Sydney Whyham;
Front Row L - R: The Gunner (T), Mr Haycraft, Lieutenant Claude Bury.

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