Lamnea, John

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This book tells the amazing true story of Jack Lemm, a renowned Strongman in the Music Halls and Fairgrounds of the last century. It follows him from the docks of Swansea to the Battle of Jutland in WW1 and back to Swansea for the blitz of WW2. Along the way it tells the story of a family man trying to keep afloat despite opposition from his authoritarian father and chronicles the changes in entertainment over the decades.

Two chapters of the book deal with Jack's training at HMS Vivid and his subsequent deployment to HMS Lion, the ship he was on at Jutland. (Jack Lemm was his stage name - he's on the crewlist as John Lamnea, a Stoker).

Steven Blockley, co-author in this enterprise, is the great grandson of Jack Lemm. Both authors are based in Glasgow, Scotland.

David J Thacker and Steven Blockley
- authors
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