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Second Supplement To The London Gazette Of Friday, the 15th of September, 1916
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The following Petty Officers and men are commended for good services in action on the occasion above referred to: —
Name Official Number Ship
Boy, First Class, Percy Poyner, O.N. J.32778. J32778 MARLBOROUGH
Chief Petty Officer Williafcn Henry Palmer, O.N. 159159. 159159 COLOSSUS
Chief Stoker William Parkinson, O.N. 283984. 283984 MONARCH
Stoker Petty Officer George Parmenter, O.N. 231316. 231316 BLANCHE
Colour-Serjeant William Haddon Potter, O.N. R.M.A./6669. R.M.A./6669 CANADA
Siecond Sick Berth Steward William Henry Peard, O.N. 350676. 350676 MALAYA
Chief Petty Officer Frederick William Pilcher, O.N. 166196. 166196 BARHAM
Leading Seaman John Harry Pedrick, O.N. 230402. 230402 LION
Stoker, First Class, Reginald Prout, O.N. K. 13285. K13285 LION
Officer Steward, First Class,- Albert Richard Poor, O.N. 355862. 355862 TIGER
Officer's Steward, First Class, Rodger Pisani, O.N. 356464. 356464 TIGER
Leading Seaman Reuben William Pearce, O.N. 155869. 155869 TIGER
Petty Officer Arthur Edwin Painter, O.N. 207636. 207636 NEW ZEALAND
Leading Seaman Ernest Swinton Jubilee Pooley, O.N. 226131. 226131 DUBLIN
Private William John Patterson, R.M.L.I., O.N. Po./10319 (killed in action, 31st May, 1916). Po/10319 CHESTER
Officer's Steward, Second Class, Frank Pook, O.N. 364787. 364787 ONSLOW
Petty Officer Henry Francis Pearce, O.N. 186833. 186833 NICATOR
Stoker Petty Officer George Harry Pragnell, O.N. 309127. 309127 PORPOISE
Able Seaman Albert Edward Pethybridge, O.N. J.10961. J10961 MICHAEL
Chief Petty Officer James Rye, O.N. 181413. 181413 BOADICEA
Able Seaman William Reid, O.N. 226628. 226628 VANGUARD
Colour-Serjeant Leonard Daw Roberts, R.M.L.I., O.N. Po./10345. Po/10345 SUPERB
Petty Officer Telegraphist Richard Ernest Rendle, O.N. 232535. 232535 VALIANT
Serjeant John Reid, R.M.L.I., O.N. Po./9096. Po/9096 COCHRANE
Chief Petty Officer Walter Reed, O.N. 166190. 166190 PETARD
Shipwright, First Class, Albert Victor Revans, O.N. 343752. 343752 LION
Chief Armourer Edward Thomas. Reeve, O.N. 285401. 285401 FALMOUTH
Engine Room Artificer, Third Class, Edward Frank Roser, O.N. M.2331. M2331 BROKE
Acting Engine Room Artificer, Fourth Class, Alexander Daniel Reid, O.N. M. 17544. M17544 ACASTA
Acting Yeoman of Signals Percy Frederick Redfern, O.N. 213400. 213400 CASTOR
Stoker, First Class, William Roberts, O.N. K.1715. K1715 MARNE
Chief Petty Officer James Henry Leaker Rundle, O.N. 174753. 174753 MAENAD
Master-at-Arms William Henry Scott, O.N. 150134. 150134 KING GEORGE V
Petty Officer Telegraphist Mark Skinner, O.N. 236888. 236888 ERIN
Chief Shipwright Richard James Seymour, O.N. 340108. 340108 MONARCH
Serjeant Arthur Edward Stevens, O.N. R.M.A./5461. R.M.A/5461 VANGUARD
Chief Writer William Henry Sleep, O.N. 341815. 341815 MALAYA
Ship's Steward Albert John Sutton, O.N. 340487. 340487 MALAYA
Petty Officer Lewis Silvers, O.N. 217782 217783? BARHAM
Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Percival Samuel Smith, O.N. 270763. 270763 DUKE OF EDINBURGH
Colour-Serjeant Abraham Spooner, O.N. R.M.A./4980. R.M.A./4980 WARRIOR
Serjeant. Walter Edward Shaw, O.N. R.M.A./ 9887. 9887 WARRIOR
Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Charles John Stobart, O.N. 268939. 268939 CALLIOPE
Able Seaman Charles Joseph Skelsey, O.N. 216707. 216707 TIGER
Stoker Petty Officer Clarence Sadgrove, O.N. K.4424. K4424 PRINCESS ROYAL
Petty Officer John Lloyd Strevens, O.N. 196607. 196607 INDOMITABLE
Chief Petty Officer Charles Smith, O.N. 192159. 192159 INFLEXIBLE
Boy, First Class, Herbert Stanley Sears, O.N. J.44436. J44436 CHESTER
Leading -Signalman Douglas Smith, O.N. 228073. 228073 UNKNOWN SHIP
Service record does not show
on a Jutland Ship but
does state commended for good
services in North Sea
31 May- 1 June 1916
Private William Smith, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ch./14230 (killed in action 31st May, 1916). Ch/14230 CHESTER
Chief Petty Officer Albert Edward Smith, O.N. 158152. 158152 SPITFIRE
Engine Room Artificer, Third Class, John Vincent Shaw, O.N. M.113. M113 ACASTA
Chief Stoker Arthur Josiah Smith, O.N. 175369. 175369 FAULKNOR
Chief Petty Officer William John Stacey, O.N. 160655. 160655 NESSUS
Chief Stoker William Tink, O.N. 279464. 279464 TEMERAIRE
Chief Stoker William Henry Trowell, O.N. 284236. 284236 INFLEXIBLE
Acting Engine Room Artificer, Fourth Class, Richard Thornton, M. 16481. M16481 LION
Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Ernest Alfred Turner, O.N. 268429. 268429 MONS
Serjeant Henry Lynall Vale, O.N. R.M.A./ 9604. R.M.A./9604
Chief Yeoman of Signals George Whitby, O.N. 182090. 182090 IRON DUKE
Petty Officer Telegraphist John Richard Wolley, O.N. J.966. J966 HERCULES
Chief Yeoman of Signals Thomas White, O.N. 188436. 188436 ORION
Chief Writer Lewis John Watkins, O.N. 342728. 342728 BENBOW
Leading Telegraphist Edward John Weller, O.N. J.18942. J18942 BENBOW
Stoker Petty Officer Robert Whiting, O.N. 284996. 284996 MALAYA
Stoker, First Class, Patrick Walsh, O.N. 307219. 307219 MALAYA
Chief Petty Officer William Williams, O.N. 175098. 175098 MINOTAUR
Master-at-Arms Ernest Warnes, O.N. 176845. 176845 MINOTAUR
Petty Officer James Weddick, O.N. 193944. 193944 CAROLINE
Yeonian of Signals Henry Samuel Wilmot, O.N. 188508. 188508 CONSTANCE
Private Harry Willows, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ply./ 13761. Ply/13761 LION
Ordinary Seaman Reginald Alfred Wise, O.N. J.31511. J31511 TIGER
Private Albert Victor Whatley, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ply./14500. Ply/14500 UNKNOWN SHIP
Stoker, First Class, James White, O.N. 293750. 293750 PRINCESS ROYAL
Master-at-Arms Abel Thomas Woodcock, O.N. 156942. 156942 PRINCESS ROYAL
Chief Electrical Artificer, Second Class, George Walmsley, O.N. 344920. 344920 NEW ZEALAND
Mechanician Henry Augustus Woodman, O.N. 299053. 299053 INDOMITABLE
Chief Stoker Samuel Thomas Wade, O.N 279953. 279953 INDOMITABLE
Leading Seaman Wilfred Walmsley, O.N. J.3765. J3765 INFLEXIBLE