From Battle of Jutland Crew Lists Project
Second Supplement To The London Gazette Of Friday, the 15th of September, 1916
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The following Petty Officers and men are commended for good services in action on the occasion above referred to: —
Name Official Number Ship
Stoker Petty Officer Edward James Gardener, O.N. 293566. 293566 SPITFIRE
Chief Yeoman of Signals Walter Gregg, O.N. 172902. 172902 FAULKNER
Leading Seaman Joshua Joseph Hunt, O.N. 193455. 193455 MARLBOROUGH
Leading Seaman Albert Leopold Hill, O.N. 198728. 198728 COLOSSUS
Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Bertie Walter Hooper, O.N. 270359. 270359 AJAX
Chief Stoker Robert Howard, O.N. 278884. 278884 CENTURION
Petty Officer Charles Reginald Hoskin, O.N. 216764. 216764 ORION
Petty Officer William Henry Hoyle, O.N. 231577. 231577 NARWHAL
Chief Stoker Prank Jesse Hooker, O.N. 168847. 168847 CANADA
Mechanician Edwin George Hayter, O.N. 280715. 280715 SUPERB
Petty Officer Daniel Harrington, O.N. 204239. 204239 SUPERB
Chief Petty Officer Albert Edward Harry, O.N. 168336. 168336 BENBOW
Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, George Harvey Heal, O.N. 269110. 269110 VALIANT
Chief Electrical Artificer, Second Class, Jonas Haigh, O.N. 347174. 347174 SHANNON
Stoker Petty Officer Edward Thomas Hinds, O.N. 312358. 312358 PRINCESS ROYAL
Armourer George William Hey wood, O.N. 215881. 215881 NEW ZEALAND
Chief Stoker Walter Thomas Hooker, O.N. 296038. 296038 INFLEXIBLE
Second Sick Berth Steward Percy Claud Harvey, O.N. M.873. M873 SOUTHAMPTON
Shipwright, First Class, John Thomas Theodore Honey, O.N. 342962. 342962 DUBLIN
Sick Berth Steward Titus Slater Howarth, O.N. 350832. 350832 DUBLIN
Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Gregory Gill Hill, O.N. 268572. 268572 FALMOUTH
Serjeant William Thomas Hunt, R.M.L.I., 9-N. Ply./13865. Ply/13865 TEMERAIRE
Private William Arthur Hamilton, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ch./17164. Ch/17164 CHESTER
Stoker Petty Officer Francis Frederick Hills, O.N. 282981. 282981 ONSLOW
Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Thomas William Hole, O.N. 271026. 271026 MORESBY
Ship's Corporal, First Class, Edgar John Highams, O.N. 180760. 180760 CANTERBURY
Petty Officer Charles William Ives, O.N. 208356. 208356 INFLEXIBLE
Chief Petty Officer Harold Jones, O.N. 174722. 174722 KING GEORGE V
Chief Petty Officer Harry Thomas Jones, O.N167522. 167522 AJAX
Leading Stoker Leonard James Jordan, O.N. K.2243. K2243 TIGER
Chief Ship's Cook Tom Jupp, O.N. 343350. 343350 PRINCESS ROYAL
Shipwright, First Class, William Gregory Jeanes, O.N. 342690. 342690 SOUTHAMPTON
Private Albert John Jenner, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ply./13882. Ply/13882 DUBLIN
Petty Officer James Keane, O.N. 200142. 200142 COLOSSUS
Chief Petty Officer Robert Kelly, O.N. 168607. 168607 CONQUEROR
Lance-Serjeant Thomas Keirby, R.M.L.I., O.N. Po./14045. Po/14045 UNKNOWN SHIP
Stoker Petty Officer Richard Kennedy, O.N. 306205. 306205 WARRIOR
Leading Seaman Dennis Joseph Keogh (alias Kough), O.N. 177615. 177615 PRINCESS ROYAL
Engine Room Artificer, Third Class, Thomas Canniford Kingswell, O.N. 271972. 271972 NEW ZEALAND
Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Ernest Kerkin, O.N. 269940. 269940 INFLEXIBLE
Ship's Steward George Kingsford, O.N. 342214. 342214 SOUTHAMPTON
Lance-Serjeant John Richard King, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ch./16673. Ch/16673 CHESTER
Chief Petty Officer Thomas Knight, O.N. 165128. 165128 PETARD
Acting Engine Room Artificer, Fourth Class, Richard John Keating, O.N. M. 13499. M13499 ACASTA
Chief Writer Ernest Alfred Lillicrap, O.N. 345836. 345836 MARLBOROUGH
Bandmaster Henry Lodge, O.N. R.M.B./236. R.M.B/236 MARLBOROUGH
Chief Stoker John William Lockhart, O.N. 161342. 161342 NEPTUNE
Serjeant Frank Lefevre, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ply./7574. Ply/7574 COLLINGWOOD
Chief Yeoman of Signals Albert Large, O.N. 173079. 173079 ST. VINCENT
Ship's Steward Arthur James Litton, O.N. 158887. 158887 AJAX
Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Robert Charles Lee, O.N. 270022. 270022 BARHAM
Serjeant Harry Richard Lucas, O.N. R.M.A./8139. R.M.A/8139 MINOTAUR
Chief Armourer William John Lewis, O.N. 173464. 173464 COCHRANE
Leading Seaman Ivor Lovell, O.N. 227762. 227762 LION
Shipwright, First Class, Bertie Lucas, O.N. 342958. 342958 LION
Able Seaman Percy Lawless, O.N. 204601 (R.F.R.,. Ch./B9282). 204601 CHESTER
Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Thomas Henry Love, O.N. 268833. 268833 MORRIS
Leading Stoker Matthew Lawson, O.N. 303088 (R.F.R., Ch./B5783). 303088 BROKE
Petty Officer Henry John Elliot Maxey, O.N. 200237. 200237 MARLBOROUGH
Chief Petty Officer Frederick Lewis Marshall, O.N. 177751. 177751 AGINCOURT
Chief Armourer Robert Daniel Mansell, O.N. 340456. 340456 ERIN
Petty Officer T'omson Matthews, O.N. 194798. 194798 LION
Leading Seaman Reginald Victor Ralph Morris, O.N. 234466. 234466 LION
Leading Stoker Thomas McGovern, O.N. K.5606. K5606 LION
Corporal John Mulligan, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ply./12809. Ply/12809 LION
Sick Berth Attendant Stanley Russell Mortimore, O.N. M.4039. M4039 TIGER
Colour-Serjeant Richard Magson, O.N. R.M.A./7323. R.M.A/7323 UKNOWN SHIP
Officer's Steward, First Class, John Miles, O.N. 111435. 111435 PRINCESS ROYAL
Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Alfred McDowall, O.N. 268308. 268308 CASTOR
Petty Officer John Murray, O.N. 227816. 227816 NEW ZEALAND
Able Seaman Arthur Oglesby Mudd, O.N. J.1649. J1649 NEW ZEALAND
Serjeant Albert Ernest Murrell, R.M.L.I., O.N. Po./9785. Po/9785 SOUTHAMPTON
Leading Seaman Luke Martin, O.N. 231088. 231088 ONSLAUGHT
Serjeant Edwin John Nichol, O.N. R.M.A./7449. R.M.A./7449 UNKNOWN SHIP
Chief Sick Berth Steward John Andrew Neal, O.N. 150394. 150394 MALAYA
Chief Petty Officer Richard Oliver, O.N. 173710. 173710 NEW ZEALAND
Chief Armourer Thomas Van Orden, O.N. 344837. 344837 SOUTHAMPTON
Shipwright, First Class, Charles Arthur Osborne, O.N. 341137. 341137 PRINCESS ROYAL
Able Seaman Edwin Bourne Ollivant, O.N 239302. 239302 PETARD
Able Seaman John Edward Potts, O.N. J.27056. J27056 MARLBOROUGH